Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thanks, Lorax

"A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean, kid." -the Lorax

As I lay awake it occurs to me that this idea has ominous implications for America because half of us pay no income tax. Fortunately that is the half less-inclined to vote but the margin is shrinking. This is why I'm not blogging as much any more. President Obama has cost me my hope. The country is doomed, whether Romney or Obama goes in, and if Romney goes in you can argue it will get worse FASTER. I already told you don't be surprised at anything that happens after they elect a socialist to the whitehouse. Rage against it all you like, Obama is an idealogue and he'll do what he "thinks" is "fair". If Mittens gets in I think I'll pick it up more, because there is hope that he can be persuaded. Okay, it is certain he can be persuaded and if you keep his phone ringing he'll do what is right. That is, after all, his platform: "you like that oh I like that too!" But Democrats have phones to call him also.

Romney: for big government, for gun control, and just came out and said he would KEEP parts of obamacare. Of course, we can't call it Romneycare because they already call in Massachusetts the bankrupt system he set up there as Governor. All we need is this guy with a compliant House and Senate. At least Obama would likely face four years of gridlock.

Also: waking up to noises and smells of a dog having messed the bed is not great, especially when you've just finished sleeping enough to not be sleepy any more, three hours before time to wake up at the start of a long day.

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