Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have twice taken driving personality tests that say I am a aggressive but safe driver. Most of the people at work who have ridden with me or followed me, are of the opinion that I drive like a nut. The least unfavorable comment from a co-worker about my driving is that you have to be an ex-cop to ride with me - and that guy used to be the Police.

I maintain that I do what I have to do to maintain my right of way and the structural integrity and uprightness of my car. A couple of days ago, my Darling Wife was riding shotgun with me and (as usual) people did stupid things with their cars in rapid succession and in near proximity to our car. She put on her surprised face and used her surprised voice and declared that I must be "a magnet" for stupid drivers.

I told you so!!!

Parenting Pro Tip

Do not let a two-and-a-half year-old boy watch Kung Fu Panda. Trust me on this.

Your Music Really Stinks.

My drive home is usually accompanied by the rice crispies sound of AM talk radio. My preferred station is turned down after sundown . . . and as it is winter, this coincides with "right before end of business" for me these days. So I went to the other station I sometimes listen to. . . inanity. Then another station. Vanity. Okay fine, I'll take a chance at some music.

I had known but blocked from my memory how crappy is most of the music on the radio these days. Start with a song that is musically inept with meaningless lyrics, overproduce it to cover the lack of artistic talent, and then compress it so it gets the bass and treble through a cheap car speaker. This ends up sounding like so much jangling noise on a decent audio setup such as the one in my hot rod. Next station. Next station. Next. Next. Finally I ended up on one of the local black music stations where they were playing "My Chick Bad" by Ludacris. I cranked the loudness, volume, and bass controls. It is still a mediocre (at best) piece of music, but it wasn't over-produced, and it was also not over-compressed for broadcast. Plus, it has a decent bass line and it made me think happy thoughts about my special lady-friend.

I usually don't turn up the music in my car to the point that it shakes its mirrors in disapproval because by then the interior is also rattling. This time the rattles matched the music so I toin'd it up to 11. I've got to get the CDs out. How can you people listen to the junk coming down the FM dial? Is this what happens when we cut music out of the government school curricula?

Monday, November 29, 2010

All Hail The Victor Triumphant!

I just burned my finger. I burned it on a transistor. The transistor is being used as a switch. The switch is part of a heater control that looks like a pile of junk. I designed it. And it controls to a set temperature. And apparently this transistor needs a heat sink.

I designed a solid-state thermostatic controller for a heater. It is part of a larger project I have been working on between family/work/school/etc. for the last seven years.

Finally I have a working protoype of something new on this project. I had previously constructed a precision voltage source, but now it is dead and needs to be repaired. The main event was at one time partially-working, but I managed to blow it up also. It still needs to be fixed and have the design finalized and constructed, but I think I have all the proper parts for it.

It WORKS. I designed and made this thing and it frikken works!!! w00t!

Armed Response Saves The Day In Wisconsin

When the Police showed up, the "suspect" shot himself. If there had been an armed teacher or school security guard, this could have taken n fewer minutes to happen. Time and again experience shows that the best way to get a gun-wielding Bad Person to stop wielding their guns in a "gun-free zone" is for someone else to show up with a gun.

Tell me why, again, we disarm the Good People in schools in America?

That school will be out and mental health councilors will be in tomorrow is a sign of mental frailty on a tragic scale - and I'm not talking about the students.

And I've Got A Bridge For Sale.

Further proof that you don't have to be smart to be the owner of important stuff: a Spanish woman has claimed ownership of the Sun. Yes, that the Sun. She wants to raise money for her bankrupt nation by charging royalties.

  • Good luck collecting on that
  • Good luck proving ownership in court if you try collecting on that
  • I'll be joining the class-action lawsuit for damages from sun burns, but I expect the people dying of melanoma will probably beat me to the payments.
  • You, Senora, are an idiot.
  • No Smoke, Just Mirrors.

    President Obama hiked the baseline federal budget to a couple trillion MORE dollars in the red, then started making insignificant mentions of cutting spending and being fiscally responsible. Part of that newfound "fiscal responsibility" is cutting out future increases in federal employee pay . . . after federal employees are reported as already being paid way more on average than private employees. The MSM is reporting this as being tough on spending.

    Okay, then. Way to go there chief. I've cut back on spending to pre-recession levels and then some. When the .gov starts doing the same, talk to me again about fiscal responsibility.

    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    Nothing, That's What.

    "I've prayed for my family and friends, because obviously if someone was deliberate to do this, what's to stop them from coming to our homes and our schools?" said Mohamed Alyagouri, who worships at the same mosque as a dude who tried to wage Jihad in Portland.

    The entire article -which includes quotes from multiple people who worship at this mosque- fails to mention any public statement of condemnation of the anti-human activities of Mohamed Mohamud, who was recently arrested when his atempt to be a good muslim landed him in jail.

    They are upset that someone set their islamic center on fire. That is proper. What would also be proper is for their imam to be all over the news saying he's against blowing up innocent Americans over religious differences. Here's a hint: if you don't want to be associated with a terrorist, make a very big public effort to come out and say you're against him. Otherwise (note I am not advocating, only mentioning) don't be surprised when you are lumped in with your co-religionist and your mosque is set on fire.

    But VFD, they HAVE condemned the bombing plot! lookit here! (.doc file warning) they're part of the religion of peace! There's no reason to try to burn down this Islamic Center!

    Uh-huh. I'll allow for the sake of the current discussion that the general falsehoods in that condemnation don't make the whole thing a farce. Then we are left with (at least) three other obvious possible explanations:

  • shades of reichstagbrand
  • random act of violence, or
  • shot across the muslim world's collective bow

    A lot of nominal moslims who were not participating in Jihad were killed in the crusades. The crusades were not started because there was nothing else to do that Tuesday.

    I'm just sayin'.
  • Saturday, November 27, 2010

    Technical Difficulties

    Busy with computer troubles. Spent two days trying to get up to date and 100% backed-up. I hate dealing with computer security junk. I wish people wouldn't be jerks and write malicious code so I could just USE my PC.

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    Update: Temporary (?) Good News!

    You may recall that we were losing a lovely little section of woods behind our house. I noted that the workmen didn't come back after the weekend to finish the job. There was a note on our door that they were not going to continue the clearing until further notice. One of the neighbors said something about destroying wildlife habitat and that was enough to kill the project, for now.

    I'm happier to have coons, 'possums, pigeons, cardinals, and mosquitos than I am to have a view of the neighbors, so whatever. I guess my tax dollars are going to be used for an environmental impact study here shortly, if the City wants to keep clearing out the ditch. I hope not - I hope they decide to just leave it. It's not hurting anybody and not clearing it saves the city probably a few thousand bucks. We'll see.

    Gun Porn: The Original Marlin Goose Gun

    It's not every day that you see a detachable box magazine-fed bolt-action 12 gauge shotgun with a 3-foot barrel. I have been around guns since before it was a good idea for a child so young to be handling them unsupervised, and I had never until this day been exposed to such a thing.

    As always, click any image to see a somewhat better version.

    It's in good cosmetic condition overall


    The stock really looks nice when it's rubbed with oil, from a few feet away. Figured, even.


    This was a field gun. It shows honest wear from use, and has the "bonus feature" of either unscrewed or ripped-out sling swivel stud holes.



    The action operates pretty smoothly, as one would expect of a working piece. The cocking indicator is a nice touch. Bolt action. Huh! A FAT bolt action.


    With a detachable box. A FAT detachable box. Ooookay. Remember the scale: 3-plus inches long by over an inch wide. Three rounds of 2-3/4" 12 gauge.


    Well, at least the business end is in good condition.


    The one, the only, the ORIGINAL . . .


    Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    What Happens When An Education Bubble Bursts?

    I think they made a movie about it, called "Idiocracy."

    The poor, poor, pitiful poor people who happened to be dark-skinded couldn't get a home mortgage. Not because they couldn't afford it and 100% for-sure would default on the note, but just because those rotten ol' banks were racist and greedy! So the Democrats in Congress passed laws to make it easy for race hustlers like Al Sharpy-sharp to pressure banks into making loans to poor people who would never be able to repay them, in the name of racial equality. Those people and a few others were not economically literate enough to realize they were being screwed and they went out and got houses they couldn't afford. Now they are in foreclosure and the economy is in the tank.

    Why bring up old stuff, VFD?

    Because this story just reminded me of it. Here we have the poor, poor, pitiful poor stupid children whose parents won't force them to study and get good grades, and who are non-white, not getting into advanced courses in high school. The obvious solution: take away the courses because it's not fair for the white kids to be educated. Spread the mediocrity around.

    How is it not obvious that this only makes Evanston, Illinois a city with less well-educated citizens? What good is it to deny intelligent students an exceptional education? Oh wait, I forgot . . . it's for equality.

    Not everyone can excel, but everyone is capable of sitting on their ass and failing at life. If you insist on making everyone the same, you have to enforce the lowest possible standard. Then when everyone is declared to be special, nobody is special. To a Socialist/Communist, that is the stated goal . . .

    Economy To Fall Along With Unemployment

    Either they will get off their asses and find jobs after two years of drawing unemployment checks, or they will draw savings down further, or they will stop contributing to the economy almost entirely when two Million people get their last unemployment checks in the next two months. That's in addition to the last 1.5M from the month just past.

    Millions. Unemployed for two years, and soon to have no income at all. All hail the great recovery from the Great Recession! Soon they will no longer be counted as unemployed, and all will be well with the economy!

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    Gun Porn: New England Firearms SB2 Handi Rifle .22 Hornet

    Those who are into this sort of thing will really enjoy this one. This rifle is in at least Good, possibly Very Good cosmetic condition. The overall view is Very Good from just a few feet away.

    As always, click any image to see it without blogger messing up the image quality



    Look a bit closer and you see it is definitely, but lightly, used. The muzzle end has some slight wear in the bluing, and the stocks have rub marks on the high parts of the deeply contoured (almost sculpted) wood.



    The breech face looks great, the breech end of the barrel less so. Ho do you ding the chamber end of the barrel without damaging the other parts of a rifle? It's a good thing the barrel has a stepped crown. The false crown has scratches and faded finish . . . the true crown, as is the case with the rifling, is in great shape.


    The scope was, apparently, installed by a poorly-trained gorilla. If I saw this rifle in a private sale, I would likely pass on it for this reason if I otherwise wanted it: If you can't use a frikken turnscrew to mount a scope without chewing up the rings, you can't do anything good with the rest of the gun, either. This is an extremely bad sign when you are evaluating a used firearm! The rear lens of the scope is in great shape, but the front lens is scratched. NEVER use anything but the proper cleaning cloths on a coated lens. This is another red flag.

    AETEC - marketing hype or merely an excuse for a pretty logo?


    How "Handi" that all the roll marks and stampings on this rifle are in the same spot . . . one shot and you've got it all! Photographic efficiency WIN!


    Neither single-shot rifles nor the .22 Hornet caliber really float my boat, but -aside from the scope issues I mentioned- this is a pretty nice used example of the type.

    We Say Bad Things About Each Other . . .

    When it is about to be time for a new national leader in the USA, half the country starts saying nasty things about the other half. It is hoped that, in this case, the North Koreans start killing just a few South Koreans to show that the new dictator leader of North Korea isn't afraid of the USA.

    It is hoped they are not trying to egg South Korea into a war. Especially because we are BFFs with South Korea and we're not big fans of letting the NorKs take over without a fight.

    It is regrettable that we have Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama when this is taking place, but I give even this lot better than even odds of managing to not get us into a nuclear war with North Korea. Conventional war, even odds or better also.

    Perhaps we should be praying about this . . . .

    FN Makes Creating My Dream Home That Much Easier.

    FN Herstal, makers of fine arms for worldwide military and civilian use, have made it that much easier to fabricate my fantasy home. You know, the one with a hundred fifty yards' clear space around the house, then woods for a few miles before we start to run into other peoples' property? That one. Part of the planned security system has always been sentry guns that pop up out of the roof when somebody approaches without authorization. Make that, a pair of M2s on each end of the house. Trespassers VERY not welcome.

    Well, FN has come up with a handy ready-made part for me. I'm afraid it's not M2s and only a single piece, but really how many heavy machine gun rounds can one . . . er, one deer or racoon take?

    Click here for a video of the FN deFNder remote operated machine gun. Very nice. Do want, x2, when my house is being built. That will be shortly after the credit card is paid off, which will be just after my flying pig farm gets off the ground. But still, do want.

    Hat tip: Uncle

    Monday, November 22, 2010

    Really? Yahoo?

    I can't write about the big news today, so instead I'll nip at the small stuff from Yahoo! News:

    The head of the Theatre Securite Americain TSA prays to vishnu that you please oh for the love of god please don't [deleted] up his life by refusing a full-body scan when you go home for Thanksgiving. I found high comedy in this bit:
    Ricky D. McCoy, a TSA screener and president of a union local in Illinois and Wisconsin, said the atmosphere has changed in the past two weeks for officers in his region. Since word of the pat-downs hit the headlines, officers have been punched, pushed or shoved six times after they explained what would be happening, McCoy said. "We have major problems because basically TSA never educated the public on what was going on," he said. "Our agency pretty much just threw the new search techniques out there."

    The problem is not that you don't want your little children strip-searched, it's that you didn't know it was coming. The aftermath of this Thanksgiving flying season will be . . . interesting. I hope we at least get a couple of TSA firings, a few lawsuits, and a good Congressional Oversight Hearing out of it.

    Apparently the only person who wants to see the law carried out in Alaska is the guy who (barely, maybe) lost an election. Everyone else is apparently happy to ignore misspelled and fraudulent write-in ballots for the apparent winner. At least they did manage to find a judge who would stay the contested results, unlike what happened with the clown from Illinois a while back.

    The next bugbear you can't do anything about but we'll be happy to take your money to try and affect: methane from the permafrost! It's going to kill us all! Surrender your national sovereignty and your luxurious lifestyle before it's too late!

    Sunday, November 21, 2010

    Huge Surprise News!

    Astonishing no-one who has been paying attention, but perhaps very surprising if you only watch what news comes out of the idiot box, two stories we very much hope you won't notice, so we'll publish them on the weekend while you are busy with sports:

    Ireland takes an IMF bailout (instead of taking the bitter pill they, like the USA, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc. all need)

    Even The Obama can't bring peace to the Middle East when one side insists the other refrain from utilizing their nation's capital city.

    The Club Is Full.

    In the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare greeted Alice by hollering at her "No room! No room!" and tried to shoo her away from their mostly-empty table.

    Well, that's us. North Korea and Iran have every right as sovereign nations to use nuclear power generation facilities for peaceful purposes. They are both apparently well on the way to doing so. And

    - here's the sticky wicket -

    both nations are governed by human rights-violating tyrants who wish in public that they had more power and/or fewer neighbors. Oh, and the same technology they are looking to start using has the potential to be turned into the most destructive device ever invented.

    It's an interesting question: does the guy who threatens everyone on his street with knife violence get to have kitchen knives? How threatening does he have to get before you go in and take all his knives away? And then what does he use to cut his tomatoes for his sammiches?

    Well anyway, apparently high technology for nuclear power is more important than feeding the people of North Korea or getting them electrical power . . . it turns out that the NorKs have a couple thousand uranium enrichment centrifuges going and we "didn't" know about it.

    . . . strictly for peaceful purposes, of course . . . .

    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    One Final Traipse

    Our house is across a greenbelt from another row of homes. The rear-facing windows in the living room show only our back fence and the trees growing behind it. Living here feels rather like living in the middle of nowhere, thanks to this view. Thanks to the City (my the City), this is going to change drastically.

    Every once in a while, I would take one or two of the older children on a hike through the woods behind our house. Today is the last time that will happen, at least with the woods as they knew them. I took #2 and #3 out and broke the news as easily as I could by starting from our usual stopping point: our back fence. Usually, we'll start at the street and work our way 'home' through the woods, concluding in a bravery-inducing (read: scary) jump over the fence.

    Our trailhead today:


    A little creek usually runs back here, except in times of severest drought. This is the reason we will be losing our woods. When a heavy rain comes, this rises about ten or twelve feet, and flow is greatly restricted because it's a jungle where there really ought to be a drainage culvert. This is what happens when you don't clean your drainage for 25 years: people get to be fond of the 50-foot tall weeds!


    Sorry these pictures aren't the greatest, they were taken on the fly as we tramped through the woods.


    It was right about here that I started explaining to #2 why this would be our last "exploring". At first he didn't get what I was driving at, when I asked him what happened to the trees. He said they were laying down, without understanding they were laying down because they had been felled.


    The road is the end of the road. I tried to keep #2's mind on fun things by telling him that they were using a machine like the one on "Swamp Loggers" or whatever it's called on the Discovery Channel, to pull the felled timber out.


    And here is a look back at what used to be our usual trailhead. It used to look almost exactly like the first three shots, solid trees with a hillside to go down to get to the passable sections of, if not regular trail, at least walkable woods.

    Now look. They squished the river's course all flat with their machines in the course of clearing out the timber. I suppose the men will have to go in with a Bobcat and clear out all the clay to make a watercourse run down the middle again. I hope they will leave the trees on the sides at least, but it's a faint hope.


    Oh well, it was quite nice while it lasted. I guess we'll have to plant trees on our side of the fence now to get some privacy back. Mmmm. . . maybe pecan trees, and fig trees, and peach trees! Maybe the next place we live will have some honest woods that won't be considered a hazard by the local authorities, where we can romp and camp and do whatever the heck we want.

    Oh, and perhaps there will be fewer mosquitos . . . did I mention the creek is more of a swamp between the times when it's running and the times it's dry?

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    I'm Psychic, I Knew It.

    The National Ammunition Day website is closed. Therefore it is no surprise that both Uncle and I forgot about it. I knew it was coming, but I may have been confusing the date with some other made-up holiday coming up soon. Oh well.

    . . . I guess I'll have to celebrate tomorrow, then.

    Gun Porn: Ruger 10/22 Beater

    If you ever wondered what somebody means when they say "truck gun" this is it for a .22. Small, cheap, and beat-to-heck looking, you can throw it in the back of your truck (or trunk of your car) and never worry about it being beaten up. This gun looks like was rode hard and put away wet, literally.

    As always, Blogger kills the image quality. Click any image to see it a bit clearer.


    From a few feet away, it looks like something is wrong.


    Look closer, and it is wrong. It's rusted from one end to the other. The stock is all dinged up. The paint is scratched up. It's rough. This is about the epitome of a truck gun, cosmetically speaking.


    There used to be a scope. A long time ago. It used to be clean, too, but that was also a while back


    The bore is surprisingly bright, with sharp rifling. Judging from the neglect evident on the rest of the rifle, probably the only thing that saved this bore is that modern .22LR factory ammunition is almost a bore cleaner in every shot.


    Note the vintage of the serial number:


    The serial number says it's almost as old as I am. Hmm.

    Missile Defense: Good For . . . Most Countries

    The President is talking about a new missile defense shield in Europe. I have mixed feelings about it being owned by Europeans (who are infamous for having the odd rebellion every once in a while) but that's not the point of this post. I am suspicious about the timing of this subject, coinciding as it does with talks about New Start, and I have the creepy feeling he'll try to bundle the new missiles in with the new treaty should he (God forbid!) ever get it through the Senate; but that's not the subject of this post.

    No, my point today is to remember what President Obama is NOT doing. He is not going to try to put missiles in Poland. This is yet another jab in the eye of the Polish people, but at least it didn't come on September 17 (this year).

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Gun Porn: Winchester Model 1400 MKII 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Shotgun

    This was somebody's field piece and it was NOT properly cared for. From a yard away it looks okay:

    (as always, Blogger kills the image quality. Click any image to see a better version)



    Then you take a closer look. There is RUST sprinkled here and there, especially by the gas ports and the muzzle end of the barrel. And the forearm has a CRACK in it. The forearm on the 1400 Mark 2 is a cosmetic piece, but you never like to see cracked wood furniture on a gun. Plus, the gas valve has caked-on fouling. I'd hate to think what will happen in a few more years (decades?) when the next owner ALSO does not clean the action, and the barrel mounting ring welds finally get eaten through by rust . . .


    The action cycles smoothly and shows surprisingly little wear for the amount of fouling there was in the gas valve.


    The exterior was either poorly finished to begin with, or it was cleaned with the wrong types of solvents . . . there are THREE colors of metal within a couple of inches, at the joint and transition between the barrel and the receiver.


    The choke is a screw-in type, in this case a Modified.


    The barrel is mirror-bright, except at the gas ports and inside the choke.

    The business end:


    It bears all the usual markings, plus the fancy molded picture of a bird of some sort taking off from sci-fi scenery on the Taiwanese "Upland Game" recoil pad


    I Sure Am Glad I Got Sick

    I'll spare you the disgusting details but I missed work this morning due to personal illness. I dragged myself in for the 2nd half of my shift and glad I did because my Darling Wife's everyday life is insane taking care of the Zoo. Then I came home and crashed on the couch until bed time, when I went to bed.

    Anywho, as I lay there miserable on my bed I was thinking how glad I am that it was me and not her who got sick. . . my hair is already thin enough without having to care for all the children and nurse a sick wife so thanks God for that!

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Gun Porn: Stevens/Savage 62 .22LR Self-Loading Rifle

    This is a squirrel gun if ever there were one. It' not my bag, but if you're into this sort of thing, here's another one just for you.

    As always, blogger kills the image quality. Click images to embiggen.


    It's a low-dollar rifle mounted with a correspondingly low-end Tasco scope, which is in better condition than the rifle itself:


    The rifle is obviously used, and has probably been carried "over the river and through the woods" quite a few times. Note the "grab the barrel to pick up the rifle" wear on the barrel and "stand it up on the buttplate" wear on the buttplate.


    The Savage Arms indian head medallion is on the stock, but the barrel is roll-marked Stevens.


    .22LR only. No magnums, shorts, or CBs as is the case with most self-loading .22s I've seen. The main redeeming quality (aside from the inherent nature of the beast): The bore is mirror-bright with sharp rifling. The muzzle isn't exactly 100% but I haven't seen a bore on a used gun this bright since the Uzi came through my hands.

    The action was filthy when I got it and it didn't get much cleaner because cleaning a little baby chamber like that is a hassle, and this'n h'y'er a'int mine.


    Thinking Of You

    I heard a girl call in to a show on the radio who had the same name as and sounded a little like the girl I used to go with

    . . . and it hurt. It is sometimes a surprise how such deep, old emotions are still there, waiting to be invoked in a moment.

    No, you don't get details. Some things are classified.

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    People Who Should Be Shot: Two More . . .

    A bum who pushed an old lady off a train platform to her death, for no reason. Here is another fine example of the need in America for a possible jury verdict of Guilty AND Insane. Crazy and dead is much less dangerous to the innocent members of society than crazy and alive walking the streets.

    A drunk who killed a boy who was riding on his bicycle. The boy was not wearing a helmet, and this led to his death. Therefore this asshat is suing the parents of the child, because they did not require their son to wear a helmet. Nevermind the bit about his FIVE prior DUI arrests, or that he was driving 83MPH in a 45MPH zone when he ran into the kid. Sure, right it's a countersuit. He should have been in jail already.

    Thanks again x2 legal system!

    Gun Porn: Mossberg 500A 12 Gauge Shotty

    This is a workhorse. Self-defense, patrol, hunting, it does it all. It is: the American-style pump 12GA shotgun. This particular example is a Mossberg Model 500A. It's typical of the breed.

    As always, Blogger kills the image quality. Click an image to see a slightly better version.

    From a few feet away, it looks quite nice.


    Get a little closer and it still looks nice, but there is normal minor wear evident, as well as a bit of minor freckling.


    The pitted face of the bolt caught me by surprise


    . . . as did the QD sling swivel studs.


    There it is


    It's nothing special, but it will go BOOM every time you pull the trigger, and the power and utility of a 12 gauge is indisputible. No to mention that a 3/4' bore tends to give Goblins pause, when they stare down the business end of it.

    "Don't Touch My Junk"

    Don't you love it when another woman slips a probing finger into your warm, dry vagina? How about when it is a stranger? Isn't it just so exciting? You know how hot it makes you when a stranger carresses your plump, full busoms? Oh, just WOW.

    What? You mean that's not the sort of thing you like to have done TO you by a government agent in front of a witness and a camera? Then what are you doing trying to go on an airplane without going through the look-at-you-naked full body backscatter imaging scanner? You silly goose! You are going to be naked or you are going to be naked and masturbated by a TSA "agent" with the authority to put you in jail if you refuse in the wrong way. No you don't get to know what the wrong way is in advance.

    You know it's okay, because it's someone of your same sex touching your erogenous zones and fondling your reproductive organs. I mean, for me personally, it makes it all better that a dude is grabbing my scrotum and penis. Who wants a WOMAN doing that? Of COURSE it's just fine to be searched by someone of the same sex!

    What? You're not a criminal? You just wanted to go visit your sick Aunt Janice in Peoria? No, you are mistaken. You are a criminal. You are a potential terrorist*. You fucking WILL be searched down to your skin, whether you like it or not. Or you can drive, like I do.


    *You are a terrorist, unless you're a muslim. THEN you can go in with a garment you could hide a bomb or rifle in, and they can't search you. Because that would be offensive. Also because your co-religionists murder people.


    Late breaking news:

    If a girl starts kissing a boy, she has to let him fuck her up the anus, because she can't stop once a make-out session starts, even when you come to something along the line to which she objects. Oh, wait, I mean a man refused to allow a security screening to continue when it became clear his penis would be touched by a total stranger as a precondition for his flying on a vacation trip. This apparently is a violation of Federal law. Even though he was escorted out of the terminal by TSA "agents" they want to try to nail him for $11k. Nice.

    This is not the way. Israel is a juicier and nearer target, and you know how they prevent airline terrorism? Face to face, and with profiling PLUS random screening. Grille people and see how they squirm as they are questioned by a Hard Person. You don't need to engage in sex acts with children to ensure proper airline security. I shake my head that this is even a question.

    Monday, November 15, 2010

    Nothing. I Got Nothing.

    I got nothing here. Well, here here, I have a mild case of gas/bloating from an ill-advised choice of supper menu items. Here on the blog, I got nothing. I started 3 or 5 posts in my head but the snark just isn't there and you can read the news elsewhere. Sorry folks, check back tomorrow.

    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Australia: Party's Over, Mates

    I am not surprised, but some people will be. Those people have not been paying attention. Mish calls the housing bubble "over."

    Canada is on the backside of the peak, now joined by Australia. Soon, China and various other smaller nations. Then we'll see what a global depression looks like.

    Ford Motor Company went bankrupt when they could still get financing from the global market. They trimmed some of the fat and they are on their way to the top. GM and Chrysler went bankrupt when it was too late to get financing. They are zombies now. In this analogy, the USA is Ford, having been first to the crash after Peak Credit struck. China, Australia, and Canada are GM and Chrysler. Let us hope all together that the Freshman Republicans in Congress will trim some fat so that, when everyone else is clearly losing their shirts, pants, and drawers, we will merely lose our shoe laces.

    Note: if we can't get the Senate and Congress to have a budget-slashing veto-proof majority (or coalition) in 2012, we will be losing our shirts, pants, and drawers -again- when everyone else joins us in the coming Double Dip.

    Not A Threat, A Premonition.

    More people are falling on hard times these days, which means more people are falling back on what they assumed was a reasonable fall-back position: Social Security. Then they find out that this 'sure thing' turns out to be not so sure, and that it can take a .long. time to get your claim paid out, if you ever do.

    So, as more people are getting trapped in the red tape required to (as they thought) get what is rightfully theirs, there are more people getting mad about it. This means there will be more, and worse, threats against the administrative law judges in charge of disputed claims cases. Yahoo! brings the unsurprising news.

    Well if you think that's bad, yer honor, just wait.

    People can live without money. You can move in with a relative or even go to a homeless shelter if Social Security won't pay out. If you can't get medical treatment, you're dead and there is no fallback position. According to the new Obamacare mess system, there will soon be administrators in charge of deciding whether or not you have enough quality-adjusted life years remaining to qualify for a hip replacement or just a wheel chair. They will decide for you if your life-saving cancer drugs are too expensive.

    So, presumably in the next few years in America (because I hold out scant hope that the Republicrats will do anything about it) there will be a man or woman denied medical treatment or equipment which would save their life. That patient will have literally nothing to lose. That person will have a face and a name to hate: the one who signed the form denying his life-saving care. That patient might have military or hunting or police training and experience in the use of arms, or be able to drive a car (which is just as deadly) or will have access to a butcher knife (which is more deadly) AND a person to hate AND the prospect of DEATH because of this person.

    At least one judge on the "death panel" is going to be killed.

    It will be covered up and/or spiked in the press, but the remaining death panel judges will get the message. Then, treatments that would be deemed too expensive or otherwise disqualified under Obamacare will be approved - out of fear of a patient with nothing to lose. The costs will continue to skyrocket, and Obamacare spending will increase faster than anticipated. It is even possible the "death panels" will turn into rubber stamps approving treatment, and we will have to steal more money from our grandchildren to give liver replacements to alcoholics. Or we could see an attempt to shield the judges from public scrutiny, and you would then have anonymous decisions from faceless bureaucrats ending peoples' lives . . . leading to more generalized anger and the possibility of downright terrorism on the part of people condemned by the System.

    Not that I'm for it, but remember you ought not to be surprised when it eventually happens.

    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    What Is Quantitative Easing? QE2 Explained!

    If you want to understand exactly what the Fed is proposing/planning to do, click here and watch a 6-minute cartoon on the subject. Seriously, it does a better job and is much more entertaining than a solid page of single-spaced text.

    Overheard @ My House

    At lunch/nap/potty time, I made my Darling Wife stop cleaning the house. Fast forward to a couple of hours later, and #2 and I came in from the garage. To the smell of fresh cookies! I kissed her, and she gave me a moue of discontent and said:

    DW: You didn't let me finish my cleaning.
    VFD: You don't let me finish my projects, either . . . and at least, with my projects there is an end when they are completed.
    DW: There isn't an end to my cleaning?
    VFD: (gives a significant look)
    DW: well . . .
    VFD: LOL!

    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Saudi Arabia, Womens' Rights Champion

    In a move that will only surprise those who were not paying attention, Saudi Arabia has been seated on the panel in the United Nations where they get all high-and-mighty about Womens' Rights.

    Yes, that Saudi Arabia.

    But the UN is still a relevant and worthwhile place to spend $6B+/year and drop our national sovereignty. Right.

    VFD Says: Duh?

    Apparently some people have never heard "the sea is a harsh mistress," and they think that sailing is a fun thing to do with somebody else (hopefully) worrying about the safety of a ship underway. Personally, I've been inside a small metal room with a fire hose and put out a controlled fire that was supposed to simulate a fire on a ship at sea. You know, where YOU are the fire department. I've no desire to live through the real thing, especially on a stranger's ship. Plus, I'm not a big fan of having gastroenteritis, either. Cruises for fun: you can keep 'em.

    But like I said, some people are apparently shocked to realize for themselves that shipboard life is potentially more dangerous than sitting on the sofa at home. I suppose that these are the people for whom the light poles in London have been padded.

    News Flash: the world is a dangerous place. Intentionally isolating yourself DAYS away from help with 4,000 other people just so you can play golf on top, eat in the cafeteria with them, and hit the same vacation spots at the same time, is a BAD idea.

    What Do You Say To A Veteran On Veteran's Day?

    Veterans Day is a national holiday, but it is not a "happy" day. It is a day to remember, not to rejoice. Some of the vets you will encounter are not exactly happy about what they had to do. They did it because it needed to be done, and they did not shirk their duty. But when you remember being gory with what used to be your best friend, it is not a "happy" day for you. When you remember being on watch for eight hours after working for eight hours, it is not "happy." When you remember spending a year at sea or in the sand box, it is not "happy."

    It's remember. Preferably, remember with gratitude. Somebody asked me what is the appropriate thing to say to a veteran on Veterans Day. He would usually say "Happy Veterans Day" but he always felt weird about it. I told him: say "Thank you."

    He said, "Thank you for your service."
    I said, "You're welcome."

    That's all you need to say. If you want do something nice for a vet, do it. If you can pick up their tab at the restaurant, or mow their grass, or whatever, that's great. But don't "happy" at them. It is not always so happy a thing to be a veteran. Maybe we are happy to be alive, but that is every day not just Veterans Day.

    We know what day it is. You don't have to remind us what it's called. Just acknowledge it.

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Can't Blog Low. Living.

    So I went up in the attic, and unless it's in the foot of pipe I can't reach because it's in the WALL, the dryer vent line turned out to be unclogged. a good 1/2" of lint deposits all around, sure, but not clogged. The lint took an hour to remove.

    That included waiting for the family below to find the wasp poison, so I could spray the 5" diameter red wasp nest with "Sudden Death" brand aerosol poison. Let me tell you, the stuff lives up to its name.

    Anyhow, I stopped for supper, then finished the repairs on the dryer. Yes, that would be 2 days after I ordered the parts, they are installed. Huge props and kudos, 5 stars and two thumbs WAY up, for Appliance Parts Pros. They not only have a sweet parts website, complete with illustrated parts breakdowns and "this fits your model" lists integrated in the product pages, they also have a Repair Forum, where you will be able to learn just why your appliance won't work, and how to fix it, and where to get the parts . . . for a competitive price, no less! Thanks God, my parts were on sale. Seriously, if you need parts or advice for your appliances, go to www.appliancepartspros.com. I did, and paid full retail. Two days later, with their standard shipping, the part they advertised as "in stock" was installed in my dryer.


    I asked my Darling Wife to vacuum out the dryer vent line from the bottom while I was clambering around the attic. The vacuum decided to start expelling dirty air just then. Great. I used the other vacuum (thanks Jesus for a spare) and got the job done, then troubleshot the primary vacuum. Clogged hose. two pints of lint later, I found that a piece of a child's set of paper 3-D glasses had got tangled with a power outlet socket cover (child safe, vacuum dangerous) and a bunch of hair got up in it and clogged her solid.

    So now I'm off to put the vacuum back together. As the song says: "That's life . . . thaaat's what they say . . . "

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    Hannity is being dumb.

    The new Deficit Reduction Commission recommendations are for higher retirement age and means-testing for social security recipients. Hannity is coming out on the record against this. He is being dumb. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Dept. of Defense are the HUGE CASH-SUCKING BLACK HOLES nobody will talk about reducing (except Michael Shedlock). The retirement age when Social Security was first enacted was high enough that most people dropped dead before they could retire. Now they suck down SS money for DECADES. This is not good. The retirement age needs to be increased to around EIGHTY YEARS OLD to receive full benefits, in order to be the equivalent of when it was first enacted. You were supposed to go on Social Security when you were decrepit and enfeebled beyond all hope of work. In the 1930s that was 65. Now it's 85.

    Yes, I know by saying this I have likely killed my chance to be elected to high public office. It is hoped that people will realize that social security needs this reform (and that the reform will have been enacted) by the time I get to the Presidential campaign trail.

    Of course, Hannity's point is we can grow out of the depression. Yes, but we can't grow out of a Ponzi scheme as an excuse for a national retirement plan. Especially when Congress ALWAYS spends 100% of the money they were supposed to put toward our retirement accounts, on re-election campaigns/vote-buying pet projects (a.k.a. pork). Your retirement was spent on pork, and you re-elected your Elected Heroes. Now you need to get retirement benefits either never or much, much later in your life. Congratulations.

    Evolution: Not Complicated!

    This Isn't Rocket Surgery people. Scientists have just figured out that some animals didn't evolve from other ones which were previously thought to be common ancestors. Okay, fail right? But then this Wired article goes on about how the evolution researchers twist themselves in knots trying to figure out how something that plainly didn't happen, happened.

    God made the hagfish, the lamprey, and the sea squirt. He made them like they are. If you went back to the century the world was made, you'd likely recognize the direct ancestors of all three of these, and find zero "transitionary forms" because there was never any transition. God made these animals. If you can accept the reality of a God to whom you are accountable, this is simple. If you can't* then you get to spend millions of dollars sequencing the genomes of slugs trying to figure out how they are related to chickens.

    *can't means won't. This they willingly are ignorant of . . .

    Happy Birthday, USMC!

    Uncle Sam's Misguided Children: kicking muslim ass for 235 years and still going strong.


    Yes really. Go do some research into the religion of the Barbary pirates and the origins of the U.S.M.C.

    If You Drive Like This, You STINK!

    Today I almost saw a pretty bad wreck. Coming out of my undivided two lane 30MPH neighborhood, there is a stop sign and the street dumps out into a divided four lane road where traffic is pretty reliably 50MPH. There is a left turning lane available, but people have a blind spot there or something and hardly anyone uses it. It is customary to wait minutes for someone to feel comfortable with a huuuuge gap on both sides of the street before they will go.

    This morning I pulled up behind an old Eldorado with an old lady in it, and my spidey senses went off and said not to honk at her. She looked . . . looked . . . looked . . . looked . . . looked . . . then started looking back and forth faster, looklooklooklooklook and she was off like a shot . . . and almost smack into a t-bone with a RED F-150. Facepalm action would have ensued were I not hot on her tail driving down the road.

    Look, I'm for cautious driving. I'm for waiting until you are comfortable with the gaps in traffic. But please, how about you don't go and spoil my morning commute by making me a first-responder/witness to your fatal wreck because you missed a HUGE RED TRUCK coming your way. Please? Kthanks.

    Tuesday, November 9, 2010

    3 Signs You Suck At Life

    If police respond to a burglary call and find you high on mushrooms on the homeowner's entryway floor, then have to beat the snot out of you to take you into custody, and the hospital staff notice you have a mouse shoved up your bunghole, you suck and need to be in jail.

    If you were the inspiration for a law prohibiting you from collecting urine and get prosecuted under it, you suck and need a good psychiatrist*.

    If your aunt finds you passed out (high) on the floor and your two week-old baby dead from being run with a load of clothes through the washing machine, you suck and should be killed.

    *this statement is a hate-crime in the United Kingdom. Because the UK also sucks.

    When It Rains, The Gutter Is Probably Clogged

    Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours of quality family time with . . . my kitchen sink. The sink with a clogged drain, which backed up as the dishwasher was running, spilling dirty water on the kitchen floor when my Darling Wife was home with four children and no husband? Yes, that one. Bonus points: it's a double sink, so TWO plungers were put into service. Lots of hot water and dish soap, lots of plunger action . . . and up from the non-garbage disposal side of the sink comes: a popsicle stick. Thanks kids. It had likely been there a while, because it was totally water-logged. Several sinks-full of steaming water (with lots of dish soap) later, and the sinks both drain properly, and the dishwasher runs fine.

    Plumbing pro tip: when you need to run gallons of hot water down the sinks, instead of boiling the skin off your hands pulling the drain plug, you can (last time) tie the drain plugs together with a long string and pull the string, which will pull both drains at the same time, or (this time) use a plunger over each drain opening and pull the plungers from a nice safe non-burn-you distance.

    Aaaaaand today, I figured that I need one of these so that the clothes dryer will work again. Of course, that means I also need to crawl around in my attic and check the vent line for clogs, but at least it's cheaper than a new heater, which was what failed the last time the dryer went out.

    Thanks GOD for making me so handy. I couldn't afford to be a homeowner if I couldn't fix the home when it breaks.

    Monday, November 8, 2010

    You Stay Classy, Mrs. Obama

    This woman is married to the most powerful man in the world.

    The bottom half of the image is straight mockery, from moonbattery.

    If I were President, you would never catch me outside without a suit (read: tie AND coat). As for my Darling Wife, she'd just have to put off gyrating in an extremely unflattering house dress for a couple of years.

    Dignity: the Obamas don't have it.

    Instant Customers For Life! Only $0.01! Click For Details!

    I had the parking lot patrol duty at church yesterday. I was feeling tired and hungry, so before my watch I went to the stop & rob next door to get a Snickers. Last time I went to this store, I looked for two minutes before asking if they had any Snickers, only to see them just as I was asking the woman behind the counter. The lady behind the counter was nice about it, and I was on my way. Fast forward a couple of months, and I went in for another Snickers. I went straight for them this time, and the lady saw me from behind her counter, remembered, smiled, and greeted me cheerfully. The dude that works there (her husband?) was also behind the counter. He picked up on her vibe and rang me up . . . Price: $0.89. Total with tax: $0.96. Tendered: $1. Change given: $0.05. Words said: 0.

    This guy just gave me a 1% discount for no good reason, beside that his wife liked to see me. I was going to drop the nickel into their 'need/take a penny' box but I didn't see one. I decided right then & there to instead always prefer them over the other gas stations on that strip of street, because they were cool to me.

    Be nice to your customers. Maybe even cut the repeat customers some slack on a penny here and there . . . you never know, you just might generate a customer-for-life. They did.

    Sunday, November 7, 2010

    Quote of The Day 11/07/2010


    So said I, with a complete lack of any other (obscene or otherwise) commentary, in an admirable display of oral self-restraint on my part.

    At an intersection with a left turn-or-straight lane and a straight-only lane. Some individual driving in the straight-only lane decided they just have to right now! turn left when my Darling Wife's minivan containing four children and me was in the left/straight lane 1/4 car length behind on their left. Making an illegal lane change, in an intersection, without using their turn signal, when ANOTHER CAR IS IN THE SPACE WHERE THEY ARE ABOUT TO PUT THEIR CAR. Violating not only Texas traffic laws and the law of common sense*, but they almost failed in an attempt to violate the laws of physics**!

    Clue: you're in a straight-only lane at this intersection, turning is illegal
    Clue: It's illegal because you're next to a left turn-or-straight lane where other cars might be
    Clue: If you want to turn left, be in the left-turning-optional lane
    Clue: AND GET OFF THE [deleted] phone you [deleted]!

    Fortunately (thanks God!) my reflexes are lightning-quick and I was able to leave at least a yard of clear air between our cars. Then they stopped in such a position that I was able to continue through the intersection by going around them a little. I was so pissed at their stupidity I made a point to squeal the tires as I left. I wish I'd had a camera so I could report them to their employer (it was a private security company's patrol truck***) but oh well.

    *Rule: before you do something illegal, look around.
    **Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.
    ***Way to be on the look-out. I wish I could remember the company name so I could tell you never to hire them because their patrol drivers suck at driving.

    There's A Joke Here Somewhere

    Vice President Joe "Gaffe Machine" Biden's motorcade is involved in an unusually high number of car crashes, including with itself. It's both a serious problem and a source of ironic humor. I mean, at the same time I am thinking we really need to get these drivers into some intensive remedial training, I am chuckling to myself that it just happens to be HIS motorcade . . .

    Hat tip: Instapundit

    Parentin' Is Hard.

    If I ever end up in a job with lots of off-hours duties I'll be prepared. Ditto for a job that robs me of sleep I was sure to get. I'm tired up to my eyeballs right now and it's normal, because you just can't dictate sleeping schedules to two children with a combined total age of three years. ::sigh::

    It gets better, but if you have a child on the way, stand by for some "it builds character" months. And be sure to snag a nap whenever you safely can, as there is no guarantee of a good night's rest for about the next three years.

    Saturday, November 6, 2010

    November 2nd, 2010 Travi County, Texas Election results an analyses

    Here are the results of the Travis County elections that mattered to me and on which I could vote, as well as the interesting other ones I mentioned before. These numbers are edited (for clarity, not result) from the unofficial results at the Travis County web site, put out the day after the vote was cast. A couple of the totals changed in the subsequent days, and they are noted as such, below. Statewide election results (in blue) are from the Secretary of the State's web site,

    In the race for Texas House District 48, before the absentee votes are counted, the difference is 15 votes. Do you still think your piddly one vote won't make a difference?

    Total Travis County Registered Voters: 603,964
    Total Ballots Cast: 240,399
    % of Total Registered Voters who voted this time: 39.80%

    Republican (REP) 39.56%
    Democratic (DEM) 58.79%
    Libertarian (LIB) 1.37%
    Green (GRN) 0.28%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 118,364

    Michael McCaul (REP) 43.88% 64.68%
    Ted Ankrum (DEM) 52.56% 33.03%
    Jeremiah "JP" Perkins (LIB) 3.56% 2.27%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 76,113 223,799
    McCaul won it. Good. The anti-Democrat sentiment in the House races carried him in with a crushing majority . . . no thanks to Travis County!

    Rick Perry (REP) 36.75% 54.97%
    Bill White (DEM) 59.77% 42.28%
    Kathie Glass (LIB) 2.94% 2.19%
    Deb Shafto (GRN) 0.51% 0.39%
    Andy Barron 0.03% 0.16%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 237,825 4,972,895
    King Perry wins again, what a surprise. This year, with the huge anti-incumbent sentiment, was probably the best chance anyone had against him. It would astonish me if he loses next time.

    David Dewhurst (REP) 42.97% 61.79%
    Linda Chavez-Thompson (DEM) 51.33% 34.82%
    Scott Jameson (LIB) 4.22% 2.47%
    Herb Gonzales, Jr. (GRN) 1.49% 0.90%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 236,331 4,927,225

    Greg Abbott (REP) 45.97% 64.16%
    Barbara Ann Radnofsky (DEM) 50.27% 33.55%
    Jon Roland (LIB) 3.76% 2.27%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 235,852 4,923,496

    Susan Combs (REP) 65.72% 83.16%
    Mary J. Ruwart (LIB) 16.33% 10.49%
    Edward Lindsay (GRN) 17.95% 6.34%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 187,658 3,971,006
    If the Democrats won't even run a candidate, good luck third and fourth party candidates . . . you'll need it.

    Jerry Patterson (REP) 42.15% 61.67%
    Hector Uribe (DEM) 53.24% 35.27%
    James L. Holdar (LIB) 4.60% 3.04%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 232,981 4,858,942
    . . . starting to see a trend in the Republican/Democrat split yet?

    Todd Staples (REP) 41.72% 60.83%
    Hank Gilbert (DEM) 53.25% 35.78%
    Rick Donaldson (LIB) 5.03% 3.37%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 232,086 4,847,313
    . . . I think I see a trend . . .

    David Porter (REP) 38.84% 59.41%
    Jeff Weems (DEM) 54.05% 36.23%
    Roger Gary (LIB) 4.45% 2.86%
    Art Browning (GRN) 2.66% 1.49%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 231,484 4,840,219

    Debra Lehrmann (REP) 41.80% 59.88%
    Jim Sharp (DEM) 53.68% 37.25%
    William Bryan Strange, III (LIB) 4.52% 2.85%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 232,390 4,847,409

    Paul Green (REP) 39.88% 60.02%
    Bill Moody (DEM) 55.39% 36.98%
    Tom Oxford (LIB) 4.73% 2.98%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 231,374 4,828,531

    Eva Guzman (REP) 40.86% 60.31%
    Blake Bailey (DEM) 53.44% 35.60%
    Jack Armstrong (LIB) 5.70% 4.08%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 231,164 4,837,579

    Lawrence "Larry" Meyers (REP) 64.84% 82.79%
    J. Randell Stevens (LIB) 35.16% 17.20%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 172,071 3,967,405
    80:20 . . . remember that ratio as you look at all the Libertarian-vs-anyone else 2-way races.

    Cheryl Johnson (REP) 66.32% 82.91%
    Dave Howard (LIB) 33.68% 17.08%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 174,468 3,862,042
    See note for Place 2, above.

    Michael E. Keasler (REP) 39.93% 60.46%
    Keith Hampton (DEM) 55.25% 36.57%
    Robert Ravee Virasin (LIB) 4.82% 2.96%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 229,445 4,800,834

    Marsha Farney (REP) 36.92% 55.85%
    Judy Jennings (DEM) 58.18% 40.02%
    Jessica Dreesen (LIB) 4.91% 4.11%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 132,952 457,711

    Pat McGuinness (REP) 41.71%
    Mark Strama (DEM) 54.86%
    Emily Cowan (LIB) 3.43%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 43,179
    What a surprise, Travis County re-elects an incumbent Democrat.

    Melissa Goodwin (REP) 42.47% 57.13%
    Kurt Kuhn (DEM) 57.53% 42.86%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 230,217 549,007
    Negative campaign ads against Goodwin: good for only 3% of the vote.

    Jeff Rose (REP) 43.13%
    Tim Sulak (DEM) 56.87%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 228,778

    Mike McNamara (REP) 38.76%
    Sam Biscoe (DEM) 56.27%
    Mark Tippetts (LIB) 4.97%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 230,922

    Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza (DEM) 79.13%
    Arlo J. Pignotti (LIB) 20.87%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 181,766

    Dana DeBeauvoir (DEM) 80.14%
    Gillian Dreesen (LIB) 19.86%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 185,433

    Dolores Ortega Carter (DEM) 78.07%
    Mike Burris (LIB) 21.93%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 182,705

    David A. Buttross II (REP) 36.35%
    Sarah Eckhardt (DEM) 58.98%
    Matthew Finkel (LIB) 4.67%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 64,273

    Glenn Bass (REP) 49.92%
    Karin Crump (DEM) 45.00%
    Jaclyn Finkel (LIB) 5.08%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 72,816

    FOR 91,721 56.31%
    AGAINST 71,154 43.69%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 162,875

    As predicted, this passed. I don't want to hear any of you non-voters down there bellyaching about your taxes for the next thirty years. All of FIFTEEN PERCENT of the registered voters turned out against this bond measure. The other 85% of you and the about-half-of-the-city-who-can't-be-bothered-to-even-register-to-vote can go and shut up about taxes being too high, because you volunteered for it.

    FOR 43.41%
    AGAINST 56.59%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 14,077

    FOR 38.48%
    AGAINST 61.52%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 14,049

    FOR 34.35%
    AGAINST 65.65%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 14,045

    Good for you, Eanes ISD voters. Now, before you sit down and forget again, call your local authorities and tell them to draft a plan for what you actually need.

    PROP. 1, TCESD No. 4
    FOR 495 45.00%
    AGAINST 605 55.00%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 1,100

    Good for you, ESD No. 4 voters. 110 of you made the difference.

    PROP. 1, TCESD No. 5
    FOR 1,764 59.00%
    AGAINST 1,226 41.00%
    Total Votes Counted in this Race: 2,990

    This is a gobsmacker. By a margin of 18% the people of ESD #5 voted directly for higher taxes! This just beggars belief. Wow. Just wow is all I can say about this - and that's "wow" in a bad way, as I shake my head in the general direction of ESD #5.

    FOR 61%
    Votes: 4061

    FOR 59%
    Total Votes: 11,225

    Well there it is. The people in Elgin and Hays Counties like the idea of paying higher taxes so their children can get a junior college degree with an in-district tuition rate. These numbers come from the ACC web site.


    What's the point of all this, VFD?

    I wanted to see the results. If I'm doing the work, why not share it? You're welcome.

    Friday, November 5, 2010

    Vaccines Make Babies Hurt

    This makes them cranky. #4 got four vaccines today. I'm going to try to turn in early . . . this looks like it may be a long night at chez VFD

    Okay, I Can Take A Hint!

    You may recall that the National Rifle Association lost me as a dues-paying member during the recent political campaigning season. Today in the mails I found NRA membership renewal letters for my Darling Wife and me. I mentioned to her that the NRA had got the boot and I wanted to put that money into the Second Amendment Foundation instead.

    Then I hit up Uncle like I do every day, and he says the SAF asked if he would link to them from his blog. Then Uncle dropped a hint even I could pick up. If you can spare some change, please donate to the SAF by clicking their logo on the right sidebar.

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Used Diapers For Sale At Amazon.com?

    The prices you will find on Amazon.com for diapers are about what you will pay in the brick and mortar stores in your city.

    Except for the used ones. The used ones come at a discount. Click the following image to see it much bigger. It's a screenshot off my computer from about 20 minutes ago.


    A Matter of Perspective

    When I left for work this morning, the house was a mess. My Darling Wife called and said she was feeling down because it was tough to look at.

    When I got home, she felt bad because she hadn't cooked supper. "All" she had managed to do was clean two kids' bedrooms, supervise two kids' school days, feed the baby, entertain the older baby, put away a HUGE pile of laundry, clean the living room, and clean the dining room. But no supper. I walked into the kitchen and found remnants of a home-cooked breakfast AND a home-cooked lunch.

    I think I'll let the lack of supper slide. Just this once. You should be so lucky to have a wife like I've got.

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    I'm A Toy's R Us Employee . . .

    A little piece of fun died today. I agreed to stop doing things that are safe for me to do, for the sake of being a good example for the n00bs where I work in case they turn out to be dumbasses. I mean, Sure I can ride a pallet jack and ram into stuff to make it stop without hurting anything or anyone. Sure I can climb on a rolling table to get a good angle for a picture without falling and breaking my head. I can also walk around London and not need the padded light poles . . . but some people should not be encouraged to do things that would be safe if done by a non-dumbass. So, okay. For the sake of being a good example I told the Pit Boss (my manager) I'd stop doing dangerous-looking things so much.

    I did, however, poke at him a little. We're in transition from a junkyard/garage sale to being all safe and compliant with ISO standards so we can attract the Big Dawg Customers. This is generally known around here, but no official announcements have been made yet. So before I told him I'd calm down, I put on a fairly straight face and told him

    VFD: Look, nobody's told me to stop riding pallet jacks & climbing on sh!t yet, so until that happens . . .
    PB: (thinking I'm serious) ::groan:: . . .

    I considered the situation for a couple of minutes and came up with a good analogy. I think it explains a lot of changes we're going to have to make where I work:

    VFD: We can't have 100 people riding pallet jacks, somebody'd get hurt!
    PB: LOL

    SRSLY Moonbeam??!?!?!?!11//

    The morons on California's coast prevailed, and they have guaranteed the entire economic collapse of their State. If you voted for Jerry Brown, you are a fool. If you didn't, I very strongly recommend trying to relocate to Arizona or someplace ORTHER than California, because your economic life is about to start sucking even worse. Just do the people wherever you go a favor: leave your moonbattery in California okay?

    This Is Why We Should Elect Judges

    Iowans tossed three judges out on their ears yesterday. That would be, the same three who over-ruled the will of the people and allowed same-sex "marriage" at the supreme Court of the State.

    Much bellyaching ensues. Too bad. If you refuse to do what is both right AND popular, be prepared to lose your elected position.

    Kids Do The Darnedest Things

    Just now, two hours after lights-out, #3 having never fallen asleep yet:

    #3: DAAADEEEEE!!!
    VFD: (enters room with flashlight) What.
    #3: My bank it (tugs on blankets)

    #3 needed help covering himself with his blankets. He needed help because he was out of position. His usual sleeping position was occupied by a DRY diaper and a PISSED-ON pillow and blanket. SRSLY? WHY would you take off your diaper and piss the bed? If he was old enough for logical thought I would be mad. Instead I spanked his bare bottom once, put the diaper back on it, recovered his bed while telling him not to pee in it ("that's icky" was said at least once) and told him to go to sleep. I put a blanket on him and left the room.

    . . . and now he's humming. Again.

    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    Can't Make Outrageous Spending Like This Up

    The President and a few THOUSAND of his BFFs are heading to India to skulk in shame and like their wounds after their trouncing at the polls tonight. The President is fond of saying his enemies opponents have no specific ideas as to how to cut federal spending. Hey here's one: How about we don't spend $200,000,000 PER DAY on your State trip to India?

    Insanity, I know. I mean, when I was president $200M/day was considered chump change. Who cares that it's the total tax burden of 20,000 U.S. American families blown per day? It's not like anybody actually pays that money, right? Can't we just tax the rich for it?

    Disrepect Is Rarely So Much Fun.

    That this meme started with a woman in a bra & panties doesn't make it any better. The white suit and red scarf were a nice touch, I thought . . . but to use a photo-realistic face . . . that's just wrong. Fun, but wrong.

    Monday, November 1, 2010

    Will Women Take A Blow Tomorrow?

    Feminists are concerned that we are likely to see another decline in the number of U.S. Representatives with ovaries. To them I say: You ma'am are a sexist. What, because I don't have functional nipples I don't understand what it takes to run a country? Get over yourself and your internal-only genitalia. That you are upset enough about this to mention it disqualifies you from participation in public debate on the subject. If you think this is "disastrous" you should leave the serious thinking to serious thinkers* and get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich.

    *Did I say men? You read and understood men, but I didn't write it. There are women who understand politics isn't about their bewbs, but you aren't one. What you are is a lamer.

    Madness @ Work

    RB was feeling froggy today. Throwing things. Light things, but still throwing things. I was walking along minding my own [deleted] business when I caught the hard (binding-edge) corner of a notepad to the back of my forearm. RB, previously jovial and walking gaily a few paces behind me, stopped dead in his tracks. I could almost hear his been-in-prison-before brains start saying "ohshitIjustpeggedhimwiththatanditlookedlikeithurtohshitwhat'sVFDgonnadoaboutitohshitohshitohshit"

    Fortunately for RB, I am a daddy and cannot be annoyed by mere tomfoolery. I picked up his pad and slung it right back at him. Its pages flared out like he was probably expecting when he threw it at me, and the flapping bundle of paper splatted harmlessly against his belly. I said "Don't throw shit at people, RB!" and resumed my original course.

    Hint: if you aren't at least 95% sure somebody isn't going to stick something pointy into your brains via your sphenoid bone, it is probably best not to throw things at them, if there is a remote possibility of said thing impacting that somebody's body in painful fashion. Just FYI.


    Oh, wait this happened at work! Where's my lawyer? Where's my camera? It almost left a mark! I'll be rich!

    Just Words, Just Speeches.

    1. Choice and use of words in speech or writing.

    President Obama famously made a Big Deal about the words people used in making political speeches. Later, he said that some Americans are the enemies of other Americans, solely on the basis of their political opinions. Now he says "er, hum, uh, what I meant to say, uhm, uh, was that, (idea finally forms) we are opponents. Yeah, that's it, opponents. Right.*"

    News flash: When you call someone your enemy, they might tend to think, e.g., that you consider them to be an ENEMY. As the President of the United States, that means you think the people of your nation are enemies of the State. In case you forgot, this is what one does with an enemy in the common use of the word.

    n. pl. en·e·mies
    1. One who feels hatred toward, intends injury to, or opposes the interests of another; a foe.

    One that opposes another or others in a battle, contest, controversy, or debate. See Synonyms at enemy.

    Are they synonymous? Yes. Are both appropriate for the President to use in this context? No, which is why he backpedaled when the news finally reached him that the People were offended. Is it his fault anyway? No, of course not. Ol' Tennis Match was merely reading what someone else wrote for him to read off a TelePrompTer. The leader of the free world can hardly be expected to be held accountable for his "just" words, after all!

    *this may not be a direct quote
    Definitions from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Ed., emphasis mine.