Work in progress. Sites are listed in the order of "frequency of trolling by VFD." Please report any dead links.

"you are known by the company you keep"

Daily if possible:
Say Uncle for liberty and gun related news
Global Economic Analysis by Michael Shedlock
The Firearm Blog (guns, not politics)

When I have extra time:
Calculated Risk
Naked Capitalism
View From The Porch
Sipsey Street Irregulars
The Things Worth Believing In
Atlas Shrugs (Pamela Gellar)
Spartan Cops - Aiming to help Cops
Les Jones Blog
Straight Forward in a Crooked World (high quality but very seldom posts)
The War On Guns: Notes from the Resistance
Xavier Thoughts
Watts Up With That? Climate news with real science.
Officer "Smith": Thoughts From Behind the Badge

Non-blog Type Sites:
RD The BEST 1996-2001 (J2/RC/RD platform) Hyundai car enthusiast website. :( Swallowed up in a merger with Hyundai Aftermarket
DIY Audio
World Net Daily for ad-heavy news you won't find elsewhere, with a tilt to the Right.
The Heritage Foundation in case World Net Daily isn't level-headed enough for you
Michael in case World Net Daily isn't far-right enough for you
Survivor's SKS Boards SKS-specific message board
The Kel-Tec Range Kel-Tec brand specific message board
Rimfire Central .22LR lover's message board.
Nothing To Do WIth Abroath Odd news
Instapundit All the news. Yes, all of it.