Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Modest Prediction

The next week and month will be a good time for a downward slide in "the stock markets" to begin, if it will in the very short term future. This quarter has been a good one for traders and fund managers. The end-of-quarter is upon us, however, and they may not be able to trade the "what else should I do with it?" money* as well as they have been doing, for much longer. . . seeing we're still looking at an increasingly-obvious "dead-cat bounce."

*This is the money they have to have invested in something or else they won't make commissions on it as part of their portfolio. This money buying stocks, bonds, and equities has softened the blow that would have been dealt to our economy by people managing their own money directly.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics:

If you see a survey** with a result split somewhere in the 66% vs. 33% range, know this:

The 66% side is "normal people" almost all the time, unless the question was worded to get the result the poll sponsor wanted.* These are the people you know personally. They have half a clue, and can generally tell the difference between their asshole and a hole in the ground.

The 33% people are the lunatic fringe. You would be surprised to know somebody who answered on this side of the survey. People who are approximately as dumb as a box of rocks fall on this side of the question.

VFD, how can you say this with such confidence?

Because I know people, and I know surveys. Normal people hate taking surveys. They are a hassle, an intrusion into your schedule, and a really good one will have annoying, repetitive-sounding questions. You don't answer surveys. Nobody you know answers surveys. Mail surveys will go straight to the trash. Phone surveys get hung-up on. The people who answer surveys
1) have land lines,
2) have nothing better to do with their time,
3) probably have no job, because survey callers call more during the day, or
4) are super-helpful, willing to participate even though it's a hassle.
That narrows your respondent pool to people are either elderly, homemakers, or Democrat Lifetime Voters (read: welfare recipients). Your average homemaker is too busy for a survey. Your average old person will tell the survey taker to get off their lawn phone. So you're left with people mostly sucking off the public teat. Even most of THEM don't want to take the survey. So your pool is reduced to the very most helpful (willing to take a survey regardless) and the most feckless, willing to put up with the same amount of hassle as they are used to going through at the welfare office.

After postulating all that, you need to know that most of these people are still mostly-normal folks. They want the government to leave them alone (except for "_______" that they take from the government). They want to do what they want, within reason, and they want you to be able to do what you want, too (except keeping your own money). They want a reasonable amount of risk and security for themselves, businessmen, and their country. If you get a minority of THESE type of people on one side of an issue, rest assured that it is a very small fringe of the population feeling that way. For example: when President Obama's approval rating is tanking amongst this lot, his approval rating in the population at large is very low indeed.

This is also the reason you should completely disregard polling results when making important decisions. The sample is skewed right off the bat, regardless of how good or bad the poll itself is.


*Survey Question: would you rather have women raped and murdered, or beaten by their husbands?
Published Survey Result: 66% of survey respondants want women beaten by their husbands!

**Unless the survey is about some "popular culture" theme. Sports, Celebrities, TV shows, movies, etc., which can cause unreasonable levels of emotional involvement in otherwise normal people.

Parenting FAIL.

From the WSB 870AM radio news:

A baby was taken to an Atlanta area hospital and the Police are treating the injuries as an accident (for now).

The apartment has no hot water *cough* so the "mother" was boiling water for a bath.
She didn't know *cough* her "friend" had already put the baby in the bath.
She didn't look *cough* when she poured the hot water into the tub
Directly onto the poor baby.
Which was then rushed to the Emergency Department with severe burns.

WTF people!

I told this to one of the men here at work, and he summarized my opinion quite nicely:

"No, that's okay, you just go back home. We'll keep the baby."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Selling Baby Parts: Sure, Why Not?

This is something I have known about for quite some time, but I never saw a PRICE LIST until it popped up on Moonbattery.

When a baby is murdered without cause before it is born, the ovum donor usually pays to have it done. Then the parts of the dead child are sold.

After all, it's just so much dead tissue, right?

Weep, Sarah Brady, Weep!

Here are a few photos of the future of our nation:

#3 Field Stripping a Glock

Child Playing With Gun

#3 reassembling the same piece:

Child Playing With Gun

The blue thing in the bottom of the frame is my blue jeans-clad leg. I was right there, watching like a hawk the whole time. Rule #2 training begins in year #2.

Yes, my baby likes him some guns already. This is not a Good Thing, if you ask my Darling Wife, but forgiveness is easier to obtain than permission.

Note to people who are hyperventilating right now: You are looking at a child playing with something made of plastic and metal, the same materials that comprise a rather large Tonka dump truck we have in the backyard. An adult was present during this activity. No ammunition was even close to the gun. This is as dangerous as crossing the street or playing in the bathtub. If you do not think so, you have a phobia (specifically hoplophobia) and should consider seeking professional psychiatric counseling.


Oh, and here is the result of a recent streetfight my boy got into:

(The street won)


Another Skeleton In The White House Closet?

So it comes out that a former ACORN big-wig is now working for The Obama.


Nepotism is the Chicago way! You're upset that one of the good old boys is in there, but you're not upset about tax-cheat Geithner?


Elections have consequences. The consequence of this last one is also the price of Liberty. History majors and my shipmates from VQ2 should know what that is.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Roman Polanski: Git A Rope!

A 44 year-old male gets a 13 year-old girl drunk and high, then rapes her. He believes so strongly in the righteousness of his actions that he flees the country for the next 30+ years.

Now he's been arrested and Poland and France are crying foul. The victim forgives him after all, and it was such a long time ago! Screw 'em. He did that crime and he needs to do the time. Let him rot to death in prison. You don't get to rape little girls and go off without punishment.

The main reason for protesting Polanski's arrest is that some people think raping little girls is okay. The think raping little boys is okay, also. Maybe this should post should have been titled: People Who Should Be Shot: One More (plus a few reporters).

Break out Your Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Gear

That's right folks, once again you are a member of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, as designated by President Clinton this weekend. Long-time Rush Limbaugh fans may have coffee mugs and shirts informing the world that they are members of this conspiracy. It is time to break them out again!

Note: there is no conspiracy, right or left . . . it is a 'conspiracy' of common cause. There is nobody pulling strings behind President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, et. al. They are all leftists and think the same way. There is nobody pulling strings behind Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity; they all have similar inclinations.

The American Heritage Dictionary (which all American English speakers should be using, by the way) defines conspiracy as follows:
"An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act"

This requires a conference and agreement. If you and I did not sit down to conspire, but still both agree that 2+2=4, we are not co-conspirators, we are in agreement.


Car Crash Test Videos: "!!!"

With apologies to those folks behind firewalls blocking YouTube (like the one where I work). . .

By now you may have seen this crashworthiness comparison: 1959 Chevy Bel Air vs. 2009 Chevy malibu. Watch until at least 1:02 when the Malibu film starts playing. They don't make 'em like they used to. The Bel Air basically disappears all the way back to the driver, who would be quite dead. The malibu driver has a rumpled shirt from the airbag.

Mercedes C300 vs. Smart ForTwo The Smart got pwn't, and the driver wasn't having a good day either. Watch that video and consider that it's a 40MPH test against a midsized sedan. Then consider a 55-75MPH crash with a fullsize pickup or a tractor/trailer truck.


VW Bus vs. Wall: Click & Clack, The Tappet Brothers, refer to the front bumper of these things as "the driver's legs" and it appears they were being optimistic. More like "the rear passengers' legs." Ouch.

Picking on VW for a minute, here is an old Beetle and a rabbit, vs. a wall: Note: both drivers almost kiss the wall, with a bit of compressed car between them and it.

BUT let's not be too hard on the krauts . . . those older German cars stood up like tanks, compared to these newer Chinese cars which appear to be made of old soda cans:
You buy Chinese car!
You like! Very high quality!

"It's Not Sexual! It's Nice!"

From Yahoo! News

Iran test-fires a surface-to-surface missile that can reach into Russia and Southern Europe. Israel is well inside that envelope. That is, the same Iran that was just discovered to have another nuclear weapons material manufacturing plant. Exposed (in part) by our guy who is still saying we want to put daisies down their rifle barrels.

That would be the same Iran whose President Ahmadinacrazyguy repeatedly has come right out and said he'd like to see Israel wiped off the map.

You remember when Michael Jackson testified(!) that "It's not sexual?" Here comes ahmadinejad with the "It's for peaceful purposes!"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chronic Tardiness: Don't.

Very few things irritate me more than people who always show up late. You know, or should know:

  • how long you take to get ready
  • how long it takes to get there
  • what time you are expected

    so WHY are you always late? It's because you are either

  • lazy
  • a procrastinator
  • incompetent generally, or
  • expressing passive aggression

    It is rude and disrespectful to be late ONCE. You are all grown up; a big boy/girl should be ON TIME. Those who were in the U.S.M.C. will know that on-time is late and fifteen minutes early is on-time. You can always burn up 10 of your minutes walking up and down the sidewalk outside, if you only want to be a couple minutes early. You can't get those same minutes back from me when you show up late.

    A side note for the current tough job market: if you were to come to me for a job interview, and you didn't have a really good story, and you were late showing up? When you leave, your C.V. hits the recycle bin without further consideration.
  • Friday, September 25, 2009

    DIY: "Thirty-Ought-Switch" Shell Casing Switch Operator

    Part of my job is photographing stuff we are going to sell. I have a small light for G.P. over my bench, and a BUNCH of lights for when I take pictures of stuff on the bench. The switch for the shooting lights is under the bench on a power strip. The toggle for the switch was inconveniently small.


    Light Switch Shell Casing .30-06

    It's a regular light switch like you might have on your wall at home; you could probably do this to any power or light switch, but it's not something most women would be okay with. It does require scraping a little material off the corners of the switch operator, so a return to "pretty enough for a woman" would require replacement of the switch. This might be better suited for a hunting lodge or workshop light than, say, a living room light.

    .30-06, in case you were wondering. 7.62x39mm should work but it would be shorter (I wanted something easy to operate without looking down). Ditto for 7.62x25, 7.62x54R, and 7.62x51.

    I've been using this for a couple of days and I really, really like it.

    Madness @ Work

    Overheard where I work the other day:

    Man1: Hey, are these precision optics supposed to rattle when shaken?
    Man2: LOL

    . . . 30 seconds later . . .

    Man1: Hey, is somebody burning something?
    Man2: One of his (the newbie's) switches caught fire.
    Man1: Oh, ok.

    "Unrelated" Terrorist Plots: 100% Related.

    New York

    At LEAST 5 plots against Americans, foiled by our intelligence services in one month, described in the news as "unrelated." They are described as unrelated by those afraid of giving offense to the people who wish you to die in a fire. The common denominator in all these plots (and almost 100% of the other violence around the world today) is . . .



    Take careful note: these plots were to blow you up AFTER barack HUSSEIN obama got into office. Also pay attention to how many "prominent muslim clerics" you see in the news this week denouncing the terrorists' plans (hint: zero).

    Kudos to the FBI et. al.

    Hawaiians: Happy Fake Made-Up Religion Day!

    I got all confused and missed the celebration!

    In Hawaii yesterday, it was Islam Day. They would have done more for world peace if they recognized the THC Ministry instead. You can quote me on this:

    "Islam is a fake, made-up religion. It was invented by a raping lying thieving murdering pedophile for his own profit. It was propogated from the beginning by the sword. The violence perpetrated around the world by muslims today is only a continuation of what their false prophet began. There is no such thing as a "moderate muslim."

    ^ That paragraph is nothing but facts. If you don't understand why I would say such things, you have not studied islam. I have done. If you want to understand it, instead of the soundbyte hype you get from the television, you should start with this book.

    Thursday, September 24, 2009

    Second-Hand Smoke: Not So Bad, Akshully!

    From BMJ, hat tip to Synthstuff:

    In a paper entitled "Environmental tobacco smoke and tobacco related mortality in a prospective study of Californians, 1960-98," Researcher James E Enstrom and associate Professor Geoffrey C Kabat did what the World Health Organization was unwilling to do (how many years ago, now?) with the suppressed WHO report that said basically the same thing: say that you won't fall over dead tomorrow if somebody blows smoke in your general vicinity.
    "Conclusions The results do not support a causal relation between environmental tobacco smoke and tobacco related mortality, although they do not rule out a small effect. The association between exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and coronary heart disease and lung cancer may be considerably weaker than generally believed."

    The laws, regulations, policies and rules put in place to "protect you" from secondhand cigarrette smoke? We'll just leave them in place, because smoking is icky. And no, we will not be talking about banning cigarrettes in the USA, because we like the tax money we get from it. You, in the smoker's aquarium, keep it up!

    Isn't That Cute! They Have A Little Song!

    Now we are teaching elementary school students to chant the praises of "Barack Hussein Obama, mm, mm, mm!"

    What's the worst that could happen?


    I mean, aside from another hundred million dead people and the collapse of capitalism.


    Michael Savage suggested that a caller whose child in Nevada schools is made to pledge allegiance to the Obama take a play from the Leftist's playbook. Sue the school district for all they're worth, for brainwashing his child and causing them mental damage or some such.

    We'll see.

    More News From The Place Where England Used To Be

    Across the pond in the place where England used to be, another Only One policeman shoots a 'civilian.' That would be, a 999 operator (that's 911 in American) was attending a gun class taught by a policeman who shot him during class. Simultaneous violations of two of the Four Rules once again cause massive injury to an innocent bystander.

    Hat tip to Uncle

    Well It Seemed Like A Good Idea When The Law Was Passed . . .

    No-knock raid on a house looking for drugs and weapons . . . finds weapons sending projectiles into four jack-booted thugs policemen serving the warrant. That would be just a couple of months after another Only One policeman was killed doing the same thing, in the same *very small* State.
    Hat tip to Uncle

    And in Canada, land of the fee and home of the slave where they have mandatory gun registration, now the Only Ones are going through registration records to see if anybody has any illegal guns. You know, the illegal guns that only became illegal after the laws changed to protect the children.
    From Rob Allen, via Uncle.

    If you don't already, you really should make a daily stop off at Uncle's place.

    Has It Begun?

    Census worker is murdered and "fed" is the only message from the killer.

    That would be, an agent of the Imperial Federal Government strayed well outside the mandates of the Constitution "under color of law" and got their comeuppance, finally. You can smell the references to Tim McVeigh without even clicking the link. NOTE: this killing was apparently an unmitigated success. Here's the money quote from the left-tilted AP-sourced article:
    "Door-to-door operations have been suspended in Clay County pending a resolution of the investigation"
    I don't condone the killing of government workers, but I do like to point out that there are other people who do. Those peoples' reasons are getting stronger by the day. Government employees should take home this message: "keep it constitutional, pal!"

    Look for this story to be spiked, or else played all over the place for a week with a tinge of "do it harder" gun control thrown in for good measure (nevermind that the cat was hanged).

    Hat tip to Tam


    Boortz mentioned the story this morning, and said no matter what the dispute, there will always be someone in an argument who can't carry his point with logic and verbal skills. That is the person who resorts to violence. The one intelligent enough to deal in nonviolent manner with his opposition is not the one throwing the first punch (or rope). Boortz also advocated (and I tend to agree) for the position that a murderer should die on the same day and in the same way his victim died. In this case, that means "git a rowpe."

    In God's Time

    I have been thinking lately that God really knows how to time a solar minimum. Right about the time an insano-leftist gets into a position to do something serious about Glowbull Wormening, it becomes blatantly obvious that the Earth has been cooling for over a decade. Not that it will stop those with financial interests *cough*algore*cough* from pushing the agenda, but at least the sheeple might wake up and smell the lies being shoveled at them from D.C.

    It snowed in Denver the other day, and it's 60-ish degrees in Austin right now. In September. Our summer this year was brutally hot in Central Texas, and my Pastor was fond of making jokes about how, when Autumn arrived, it would cool right down. Turns out he was right about that. This winter, I think, will be cooler than "normal."

    Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    Really? I Hadn't Noticed.

    Yahoo! News has breaking coverage of an ammunition shortage in the United States.

    Who knew!

    This Should End Well . . .

    The United Nations General Assembly is tomorrow set to consider sending Peacekeepers into Honduras. Because there is . . . well . . . peace. Also there is obedience of the Honduras Constitution, leading to the legal ouster of ex-President Zelaya. This dramatic state of affairs calls for armed intervention!

    Investigating The Investigators

    I heard it on the Neal Boortz show, but This ain't Hell was the first link I saw for it.

    You remember that little to-do about ACORN workers' being just fine with helping people do all sorts of illegal things getting caught on tape? Well, Congress is finally investigating. That's right. Slobbering Barney and some jerk named John are demanding an investigation.

    Into whether or not the filming of the interviews without informing the CROOKED ACORN people was illegal.

    Yes, this is the same thing as saying "you kids shouldn't have cell phones in class" when a teacher is caught in an anti-semitic, profanity-laden rant in class, on a student's cell phone.

    You are represented by Barney Frank or John Conyers. You have not called them yet to express your outrage at this travesty. I am getting the government YOU deserve. Thanks asshole.

    New Shooter Report

    A pair of students flaked out at the last minute last time I had gun class. My gunny-goodwill with my Darling Wife was pretty well wiped out for probably a month or two that day (it's a burden on her, but she is pretty understanding about it) and it will be a while before I can hold another class.

    . . . and then?

    And then today one of the two flakey students said they would be there for sure next time. :(

    Gonna have to wait until it's cold and nasty outside, I guess. Oh well.

    Great, Just What I Needed.

    A recurring $30 charge on my Credit Card. For Nothing. That would be the same one as this guy is getting.

    PRIVACYM: about to get pwn't by the customer service department at my credit union.


    Update, later: My Darling Wife called for me and got it taken care of. Did you know that, when a transaction is put through on your credit card, it takes a change of one byte in the data to make it a perpetually-recurring charge? Nice, if it's your life insurance payment. Not, if it's an ID protection scam.

    Tuesday, September 22, 2009

    Austin Police Department Goes Shopping

    The radio news this morning said that "we" are going to be spending $4 Million on a new camera system. That is, a new automatically-activated digital in-car camera system for APD patrol cars. $4M sounds like a lot of money, but

    How much do we have to pay each year to deal with specious charges and redundant investigations demanded by Nelson Linder (local ACLU racist agitator) and grieving families? I'm guessing between giving a good answer to the ACLU and making DUI and other trials much faster (shorter = cheaper) this $4M will pay for itself pretty quickly.

    Spain vs. USA

    ~or~ The Third World Has An Advantage Over Us!

    Once, while I was stationed in the South of Spain, I saw an amusing sight. A man on a moped. With two children on the moped also. He was driving the moped with one hand while his other hand restrained a chicken in a basket in front of the handlebars. The chicken was not happy.

    Nobody said anything to him, and nobody ever will, because in this respect at least, Spain wins over America: They let you take some of your own risks instead of legislating them out of your opportunity.

    In the USA, that man would be arrested for Endangering a Child and cited for Animal Cruelty and Transporting Livestock Without A License. Is it any wonder that everyone in America "needs" a CAR with a TRUNK?

    Don't whine at me about how greedy/evil/wasteful I am with my minivan, unless you are willing to allow me to drag my family, pets, and luggage, on a home-made trailer behind a bike spewing blue smoke.

    Peas. Keep 'em.

    Last night, part of supper was rice with peas in it. #3 was all over it like a fat kid on cake. I shaved the peas off the top and had at the rice. Today for lunch I had the leftovers and some peas were unavoidable. Surprisingly (to me) the peas actually made the rice taste better. Then I got to the bottom of the bowl. Solid peas. Yep:

    The texture of peas still makes me want to puke. No thanks!

    Monday, September 21, 2009

    Local Reportage: Doin' It Right!

    The local radio news on the way in to work this morning had a fabulous bit of reporting. They started off talking about a group of whiners who don't want Austin P.D. to be chasing people in cars anymore. Somebody might get a boo-boo or something. Then they went to a soundbyte from Chief Acevedo asking (to paraphrase) 'if it was your relative that the criminal had hurt, would you tell us not to chase them?' Then they went on to mention that Acevedo is also considering letting his men use the PIT maneuver.

    It was a beautiful thing. Make fun of the whiners by showing your Police Chief is not devoid of testicular fortitude. By the way, for those who wonder what all the "right wingers" out there are complaining about, this is the other side of the "media bias" coin. If NPR wanted you not to like the police running car chases, they wouldn't just come right out and SAY it. You would be led to sympathy with that position while they engaged in "objective" reporting. They'd start with a brief mention of the PIT maneuver, followed by a sob story about some woman whose puppy was killed by a police PIT. Then they would talk a little longer about police chases. The end of the "story" would be another tear-jerker about a family killed by a police chase while making a snowman family in their front yard.

    Anyhow, good job to 590 KLBJ for a job well done!

    From The Mouths of Babes

    #1 came up with a new saying and I heard it a few times over the course of the weekend (mostly when she was trying to boss her little brother):

    "Daddy is the ruler of this house."


    I would have felt bad about giving her as much cookies & iced cream as she wanted, and it would probably be counter-productive anyway, but . . .

    Sunday, September 20, 2009


    I am "prejudiced."

    Today I saw a man with a certain physical characteristic that is a telltale sign of reduced mental capacity. I thought to myself, 'here is a fellow who may require special handling.'

    I am not a condescending jerk. Not all the time anyway. My business required a friendly salutation and brief conversation with this fellow. When I approached him I put on the same "happy mask" I use for all non-menacing-looking strangers. I spoke to him as I would to any 'normal' person.

    What do you want, a medal? No, don't mistake my intention for telling you this. I am here to make a point. You are prejudiced also. Pretty much everyone is, so don't feel too bad.

    The point is, no matter how sure you are, based on a first impression, that someone is 'different,' you should treat them as if they are normal. If they turn out to need special consideration, it will probably be apparent to you in short order. Don't cause embarrassment with your unnecessarily patronizing behavior.

    Saturday, September 19, 2009

    You're Doing It Wrong!

    I was blogroll wandering and I saw something that reminded me of something.

    There was a link to an article called "How Abortion Disempowers Women" or some such. It reminded me of a show on the idiot box and a concept I've been working up an explanation for, for a while now. I don't think I'll be able to make my point the way I really want to in this post, but perhaps you will come away with something to think about.

    The show seemed to be (I didn't watch much of it) basically a meat market in the guise of a "pick your next girlfriend" themed game show. Here were 6 or 8 moderately-attractive young ladies females willing to parade around in skin-tight clothes, give vapid responses to meaningless questions, and even (I kid you not) put on a pole-dancing show for. In front of the whole world via the camera, not to mention the studio audience. All to get a date with the man male for whose attention they were all competing.

    Somehow, a hundred and fifty years ago when the suffragettes were being discriminated against, I don't think this is what they had in mind.

    Women went from a desire to be viewed as intellectual and business equals with men, and a desire to have a chance at the same types of (non man's-work) jobs men could do, for equal pay . . .

    . . . to prostituting themselves in front of a camera, for the chance to get laid and dumped by someone who couldn't care less about them.

    This is not progress. A hundred years of government education has brought us so far, but it is not progress. Another couple hundred years ago, women were basically chattel, pretty much everywhere around the world. A harem was actually a relatively cushy place to be, if you didn't mind the politics. As long as a woman's body looked good, she had a chance to be well cared for. They progressed (in Christian nations, anyway) to the status of different-but-equal. Then, having achieved the liberty they proclaimed to long for, they forgot about the virtues of womanhood and the morals of Christianity, and now we're back to women thinking a harem is a relatively cushy place to be, if you don't mind the politics. As long as a woman's looks hold out, she's assured of a sugar daddy if she's wily enough to get one. Once her looks start to give out, she has any number of options open, from Hustler to the local strip joint. When she gets old, well, she'll either be a dead whore or a sad sack indeed.

    Who tells little girls this is a good way to go? What lunacy puts into a woman's head that her value is on the outside? In America, formerly the land of the free, women are brainwashed into thinking that they want to be men and conform to the lowest ideals of the basest rap singer.

    Here's a hint, girls: to someone who is attracted to you only for your body, all you are is a warm place to stick it. If you shack up with a guy, he wins and you think you have won, when you really are nothing more than an unpaid hooker. What do you get out of it? "He loves me!" B.S. You are a warm place for him to stick it. You get a case of the cancer and see how long he stays. Turn up pregnant and watch how long he continues to "love" you. IF he loved you, you would have a diamond ring on your finger and a Certificate of Marriage gathering dust in a box somewhere. When you got sick he wouldn't be at the bar, he would be holding your hair when the chemo makes you puke your guts out. When you get pregnant, it wouldn't be a hook to (you hope) keep him attached to you for a few more years, it would be the beginning of something beautiful.


    *sigh* I knew this would be more of a rant than an explanation. You went to government school and you've stopped reading by now anyway, if you even made it through the first paragraph.

    Hold on there.

    "Where are we going, and how did we all get in this giant handbasket?!"
    May God help us all.

    Friday, September 18, 2009

    The Pendulum Swings

    (or, depending on your perspective, the ratchet turns back a little)

    For a while there (years) the Republicans won offices all over the land because of prominent good ideas. Then they got sloppy and big government-ish and the Democrats won both houses and the House with the same-old feel goodism and a few new lies. There was a very common complaint going around talk radio that the only thing Republicans had going for them was the (R) after their name, instead of a (D).

    I keep hearing more and more ideas hitting the radio waves (including Laura Ingraham's 10 for 10) and the Democrat party is trying pretty hard to implode under the conflicting crazinesses of its various base constituencies.

    I think I like where this is going . . .

    Incompetence or Chess Game?

    On the same day PresBO tells Poland they don't get the missiles Russia wanted them not to get, the international atomic watchdog boys say Iran has enough nuclear material to make t3h b0mb and is working up a delivery missile for a nuclear weapon. Poland is putting on a brave face, saying they may be able to work in a better deal as part of the new US American missile defense system. And Michael Savage proposes that the deal about 'no missiles in Poland' may have got us assurances that Russia and/or China won't retaliate if we or the ever-hateful joooooos Israel destroy Iran's nuclear weapon capability.


    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    I Think I'm Being Ripped Off.

    At there is a picture of a Missouri State Highway Patrol special Glock:


    Credit is given to Steve Kelley for the photo.

    Now don't get me wrong, I could be wrong, but it looks an awful lot like a picture I took when I didn't know how to work my then-new-to-me digital camera, a couple of years ago. There you see an image with no flash, and a light above and almost behind the photographer's head, trying to catch some contrast to show the badge. Head and camera cast their shadows, and the light has an orange color to it. Plus there is some camera shake because of a very slow shutter speed.

    Below, you see an image with the flash on. Tell me they are not suspiciously similar.


    I have since started keeping copies of all my outgoing emails, but I know I sent a pile of MOHP glock photos to "somebody" and got no response. It could have been glockfaq, Mr. Kelley, or your uncle Sally, for all I know. The email I sent is gone to /dev/null by now. Unfortunately for my sense of righteous indignation, so are all the lower-quality images of my Glock from that photo session, including the full-sized original of the first one here with the shadow of my head and camera, as well as the camera shake, messing up the shot.

    The white backdrop, by the way, is the hood of my car. The orange light is an incandescent bulb in the garage door opener.

    Well, Isn't That Charitable Of Me!

    Going through the mails today, I found an application for life insurance from Liberty Life Insurance Co. I didn't ask for it. This is a fine example of the rule:

    "Never patronize unsolicited goods or services!"

    The beneficiary stated on the application: my home mortgage servicing company. The amount: the current balance of my loan +1 month. Those jerks wanted me to pay premiums on a life insurance policy to benefit my mortgage company.

    Um, yeah . . . No.

    What The . . .

    Honduras President Micheletti has had his US Diplomatic Visa revoked by the Obama administration.

    Because his country followed their Constitution and ousted a leftist would-be dictator.

    . . . that was not the change Obama was looking for . . .

    Write Your Elected Heroes. I Did.

    Then I forgot to tell you about it. Below is the text of my latest missive to my "servants" in D.C.

    I am fortunate that they have (R) after their names. A couple of them should add "ino" to their (R) but it's good to have them when a party-line vote comes up.*


    Dear Elected Hero,

    Please vote NO on any comprehensive "health care reform" bill that comes up for a vote. If the Democrat leadership tries to sneak it through in the reconciliation process, amend it to death if you can. We can do without a budget for a few months. We can't do with Cuba/canada/UK style health care in the USA.

    Fix it piecemeal. The Republicans have ideas, soundbytes from the President notwithstanding. Please push the more conservative-leaning Democrats toward the non-comprehensive fixes.

    For our Posterity.



    *That's a sick, sarcastic political joke. Come on people laugh a little! If you don't laugh at them they'll think you take them seriously!

    On This Day In History . . .

    On the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland, we tell Poland we have caved to Russia and China, and will not be stationing missile defense missiles in Poland. We'll have the missiles on ships and in other locations, just not where it's inconvenient to the Socialists/Communists who've killed 100,000,000+ of their own people in the name of the collective good.

    Is this the change you were hoping for?

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    The Cat Is Out Of The Bag, You Racist.

    I told you you were racist. Neal Boortz agrees with me. Here is his proof.

    Highlights? The whole thing is highlights. Here are a few:

  • It would be just dandy if government bureaucrats rationed health care for our parents, as long as the president is white.
  • We would jump at the chance of the government owning ALL of the auto manufacturing companies .. not just General Motors ... if the president just didn't have dark skin.
  • We would applaud those ACORN workers giving tax avoidance advice to a pimp and his prostitute if the workers hadn't been black.
  • Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    Two Good Videos

    How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police by Chris Rock

    Rifle Positions from Paladin Press

    Both (obviously) at the things worth believing in

    The Things Worth Believing In

    The Tactical Preschool series is a Good Stuff. For those who don't know, you should all have been reading this here for quite some time. I expect you all to go and get caught up with the rest of the class.

    Too often these days, we find the adjective "tactical" on anything that is a) black, b) fitted with rails, or c) both. In case you were wondering, ^that is tactics. Black with rails is equipment.

    Cutting Back Is For The Little People.

    Round Rock, Texas is home to Dell, Inc. Dell is selling PCs in stores now, taking a drastic cut out of Round Rock's sales tax base. So the obvious solution when more people are out of work and money is tight: cut services increase property taxes!

    Austin is also falling on leaner times. They just recently passed their latest budget. No cuts to the head count on the "public" payroll. No, when all of you out there are getting 10-30% less in to your businesses, It's (and this is a direct quote) "small potatoes" to have to pay an additional $110 per year for the privelege of living in your own home.

    Where is the outrage?

    Prags vs. Threepers: What He Said.

    Uncle pointed this out so once again "Thanks, Uncle!"

    Joe Huffman has said his bit on the Threepers vs. Pragmatists debate going on right now. Here are my two cents:

    ^What he said.


    The only thing I have to add is that, although long-time readers will have seen me draw several lines in the sand, they are worst-case scenarios. There are other lines out there also, which I drew and which only I can see.

    Accidents happen. Credit can be misattributed. That is all.

    Well Isn't That Hypocritical Nice.

    PresBO said he wouldn't sign a bill that added "one dime" to the deficit. This was a lie.

    So let's propose an amendment to the "healthcare" bill that says if something adds to the deficit it will be cut back.

    Democrats say: "Not just no, amigo" and kill the amendment.

    Ask yourself: "Why?"

    It's Racist!


    If you thing it is a bad idea for the federal government to take over 1/6th of the USA's economy, you are a racist.* That is all.


    *Or you have a damn clue and don't want USPS efficiency and IRS compassion involved in your healthcare the way WE want it.

    From the innuendo out of the White House to the useful idiot on 590AM this morning, who came right out and called it "a big KKK rally:"


    If you think the protesters are racist, you are an idiot.

    Monday, September 14, 2009 pwns j00!

    I just had to log on to a website to get access to a data sheet. A frikken datasheet and you want my email address?


    So I scooted on over to and put in the name of the offending website. They gave me a username and password and BAM! I was in. Again. As usual. It doesn't have one for every website, but it's been at least 50/50 for me so it's worth checking.

    Remember kids: when they ask for your phone number at the grocery store checkstand, and when they ask for your email address online, just say "no!"

    (helpful hint #3 for the day: some websites just want ANY email address, and it pleases me to give them as my email)

    (with apologies to anybody who actually has as their email address)

    Baltic Dry Index: Still Hurting Out There.

    For a while there, it looked like the BDI was staging a comeback. It flirted with the 4,000 range. Now we're back to the 2,500 range.


    Historically, this is not such a bad place to be. This is actually a minor recovery from the Q408 disaster in the 1,000s range. In 2005 and 2006, this would have been normal.


    But the problem lies between now and then. You may have noticed a slight increase for a little while. Slight as in 5x higher.


    When you crash from that like that, folks have a small problem. The problem is actually visible now, in the form of idle fleets of freight ships, floating empty, going nowhere.


    Mish has further commentary, including a mention of new ship orders from the good times being filled now. Those new ships will likely be standing idle, or allow older ships to stand idle.

    People, if you think that is a sign of "green shoots" sitting there in the green water, you have another thing coming and it ain't pretty.

    Graphs from

    "Tens of Thousands" My [deleted]!

    At Sipsey Street Irregulars you may find this image of the 9/12 protest in D.C.

    Note to those who don't understand how much you are being lied to: the mainstream press is fond of calling this a group of 50-70,000 people (if they are even mentioned) as I noted before. If you put another zero on that, you have a better chance of being correct.

    Somebody tell me why, again, do we no longer get "official" numbers from the Parks Service?

    What Happens In The Lab At Yale

    . . .stays in the lab at Yale.


    Sorry, it must be bad joke morning today.

    In related news, from the Irony page, the woman wrote an article on how to stay safe @ Yale

    Stock Market To Fall Today*

    PresBO is going to give a speech on the economy.


    *or not. Maybe. It's a joke people, calm down.

    Sunday, September 13, 2009

    Gov. Strickland Thinks Rifqa Bary Should Die.

    Atlas Shrugs is the only place I have seen this story covered, and she's been all over it.

    Rifqa Bary was unfortunate enough to be born into a muslim family. She recently converted from islam to Christianity. This makes her the worst sort of infidel and she had to flee for her life from her "loving" parents. Some Christians in Florida have given the teenage girl a home - one where the parents don't want to kill her that is - and the appeal came to the ears of Governor Strickland of Ohio.

    The Governor says the girl should go back to her parents, so they can kill her in a culturally-sensitive fashion.

    This could be a clear warning to the citizenry of Ohio that Strickland needs to be kicked out of office. We'll see if any of his opponents have the stones to call him on this.

    9/12 Protest: Actually Happened.

    60 to 70 thousand people showed up in D.C. yesterday to protest Obamacare and the apparently-certain increases in taxes that are coming at us. Pictures at Free Republic

    The mainstream press can't be bothered with it, just like you wouldn't have known there was ever a Tea Party rally in San Fransisco unless you saw it online.

    If this had been some astroturf rally for a left-wing cause, instead of being "tens of thousands" barely mentioned, it would have been headline news of "nearly a hundred thousand" if they managed to break 51,000.

    We're Not Born With Coping Mechanisms.

    #3, as I mentioned the other day, either has a cold or he's having a rough allergy season. I stayed home with him today while my Darling Wife took the rest of the zoo to church. I had good success getting #3 to sleep with a NASCAR truck race yesterday, and today Stacey David was restoring some antique ATV. Lots of 'blah blah blah' and moving images, and before you know it #3 is sleeping on my chest.

    I take a small amount of pride in being able to get by on too-little sleep. My Darling Wife needs more, but she can almost keep up with me. #1 and #2 can at least stifle themselves, when they're tired, but #3 just cries. I gave him some sudafed and gentle stimulation instead of the GO GO GO GO GO at the nursery with the other kidlets. 2 hours after waking up, he was zonked out again.

    He'll learn how to deal with being sick and tired, through hard experience - just like the rest of us did. For now, though, it's just all bad for him sometimes. We're not born with coping mechanisms.

    Saturday, September 12, 2009

    What Is This, Seattle?

    It's been drizzling on-and-off for almost three days. Thank God very much for the rain, which was badly needed. It's also a welcome change from the almost-record number of days of 100ºF+ days we had this summer.

    Gallavanting Crud. Boo.

    My Darling Wife, #1, #2, and I, can take antihistamines. #3 is still too wee for it. He's on Pseudoephedrine, but between the runny yellow goo and the 1/2-dozen teeth trying to come out, he's having a Bad Day.

    Poor little guy.

    Friday, September 11, 2009

    November 2009 Texas Constitutional Amendment Proposition #1

    Welcome to all the people who tripped over this webpage looking for guidance on the upcoming ballot measures. Please click here to see my recommendations on all eleven proposed constitutional Amendments, after reading these comments on Proposition 1.

    Tip of the ten-gallon hat to The Travis Monitor.

    Proposition One is to read as follows:
    "The constitutional amendment authorizing the financing, including through tax increment financing, of the acquisition by municipalities and counties of buffer areas or open spaces adjacent to a military installation for the prevention of encroachment or for the construction of roadways, utilities, or other infrastructure to protect or promote the mission of the military installation."
    Which sounds innocuous enough, until you read even a little bit of commentary.

    So the military bases in Texas would like some lebensraum, would they? That's fine as far as it goes. Then you get to the part where a homeowner doesn't want to leave the building where he was born, his children were born, and his grandchildren play. Then he gets a jungle boot in the face. Let me be quite blunt about this:

    The use of the power of Eminent Domain to seize land from private individuals, so that a government agency can erect power lines, roads, or just have the land lie empty, is EVIL! Taking money from a land owner at gunpoint (as taxes) to give it back to the landowner as a consolation prize for being kicked off their land, is only a different flavor of, but not less, evil.

    If you want to lay a sewer pipe, disturb the PUBLIC buildings, roadways, etc. Put your utilities on existing military land. You don't like the non-military stuff near your military stuff? Pull the base back on itself and make empty land on YOUR frikken side of the fence! (the other side of this coin reads: if you don't want to be disturbed by jet aircraft engines in the middle of the night, or the report of artillery fire, DON'T MOVE IN NEXT DOOR TO A MILITARY BASE!)

    Vote NO on Proposition 1 This November!


    This page was updated for clarity, and to point readers to the post where I talk about all eleven ballot measures.

    A Stub of A Scene That May Play Out.

    Also a warning.

    Those who look in the right direction will have noticed an increasing number of proposed laws, regulations, and policies which are evil and tyrannical, in the name of preventing you hurting yourself or someone else.


    A beautiful Virginia Summer's afternoon
    A Car emerges from the exit of an underground garage
    A Man walks apparently at random on the sidewalk a few feet from the exit
    The Man sees the Car emerge, and approaches rapidly

    Man: Director! Director! I wonder, can I get your autograph?

    The Car stops, and the Director of XXXXXXXX rolls down his window to address the Man.

    Director: My autograph? Sure, I guess.
    Man: Oh, that would be just great! I love what you have been doing for our nation. Here, would you just sign this for me? (Man reaches behind his back and draws a concealed handgun)
    Director: Hey! What?!
    Man: Death to tyrants. (Shoots Director in the head, three times)


    Nobody wants to kill anyone, but there are several Three Percenters and Oath Keepers willing to do whatever they feel is necessary to preserve the Republic.

    Note: A deer rifle could do the same from a distance as a pistol could do from up close. A knife or a car would also serve. So would an improvised explosive device. There is no guarantee that everyone will wait until the next election comes. No, this is not a threat or a scene where I want to be the Man OR the Director. It's just something that might happen if the Left (or Right) tries to push the People too far.

    Just sayin'

    A Battle Rifle Is Not An Assault Rifle.

    Calling an SKS an assault rifle is like calling your daily-driven commuter car an M1A1 Abrams main battle tank.

    Yes both have engines and both can drive on the street, but one has a few features the other does not.

    Words mean things. Choose the right ones.

    September 11th, A Day of Wrath And Vengeance!

    On the off chance any snake eaters may be reading this: pop one for me today.



    While trying to find a suitable image on which to put a red crescent, I stumbled across a 9/11 truther type website. An awful lot of thinking has been going on, by people who seem willing to discount (or are ignorant of) the magnitude of forces imparted by a plane crash, and architecture. I don't know what hit the Pentagon, I don't know what they found in the field in Pennsylvania, but I did see two planes hit the WTC, and I did hear the islamists claim responsibility for the day. In my book, anyone who wants to get the glory for attacking the Great Satan, gets to have his nuts shot off, which is what we are currently doing in the sandbox.

    Thursday, September 10, 2009

    Don't Be Surprised.

    Obama and company are pushing hard for the queer agenda.

    Elections have consequences. One of them may be a stacked-court ruling against the DOMA.

    Don't be surprised.

    Sure it's old news. I just found the link again going through my notes. Thanks for caring.

    Madness @ Work!

    "LOL, WOW!" Edition:

    GJ is suspended from work (without pay) for two days.

    Because one of the other men told management something like "I know there's a loose atmosphere around here, but I don't appreciate talk about me being assraped in prison, at work."

    GJ called him a PRAG. I'll let you go ahead and research that term.

    Argument for Government-Run Healthcare:

    Strict adherance to the regulations!*

    *(on penalty of the doctors going to jail).

    A baby was born two days early. That is, four months and two days. The baby was just shy of 5 months' gestation, which they know because the doctor was there watching the insemination when it happened (or something). There is zero chance that this person was concieved on any date other than the one the doctors said.

    Anyhow, the baby was born, breathing on her own and with a strong heartbeat. Two days sooner than the doctors would have been allowed to treat her under the regulations of Britain's universal health care system.

    In compliance with the regulation, the doctors just wouldn't see the baby. Not old enough to be a patient, sorry! Too bad for you, unlucky parents, she died. Fun factoid: this doesn't count as infant mortality because she was less than a week out of mommy when she died. That's why they have low infant mortality rates in UK, BTW.

    How do you prevent someone from coming back to the hospital with a gun and murdering the doctors who refused to even look at the baby in such a circumstance? Okay, stabbing them with a butter knife then since it IS britain. What prevents a person from shooting the people who made those rules?


    Quote of the Day 09/09/2009

    President Obama: "blatant falsehood about the House healthcare bill"
    Republicans: "BOOOOOO!"
    President Obama: "repeated falsehood about the bill"
    Representative Wilson: "YOU LIE!"

    Into the dead silence of the well of the House of Representatives, between a lie and more BOOing, Joe Wilson executed a perfectly-timed rebuttal to a lie from the POTUS.

    Of course, CNN called it heckling, but what do you want from CNN?

    Me, personally, I want a picture, so I can show you a man who still lives in Free America (until the revolution, when he'll be #132 with a bullet):

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009

    Difference Between C-Seal and W-Seal Gas Fittings

    This is a C-Seal fitting:
    C-Seal MFC Fitting

    Note that the sealing surface (that's the flange around the hole in the middle) is flat. This is the bottom fitting on a Celerity Unit Mass Flow Controller (MFC).

    These are MKS's take on W-Seal fittings:
    W-Seal Fittings

    Those are on the bottom of an MKS MFC. Notice there is something poking up in the middle of the well in what would be the C-Seal sealing surface. That's the "W"

    When SEMI went to set a standard for gas fittings for the semiconductor industry, they evaluated several and ended up with FIVE standards in the standard. Oh well. Toolmaker/integration giant Applied Materials (in America) pushes the C-seal, and Fujikin (overseas) likes the W-seal.

    Why is it called "C-seal?" Here's why:
    C-Seal Cross Section
    (from Vacuum Physics and Technology by G.L. Weissler, Robert Warner Colson)

    When properly tightened, the top and bottom of the "C" in the C-Seal will smash flat against the flat sealing face, and make a seal.

    And here is a W-seal cross-section:
    W-Seal Cross Section

    Here is Fujikin's description of how the W-Seal works:

    W-Seal Explained

    Now you understand. But you really came here for pictures. Here you go:

    Single-port C-Seal fittings on the bottom of an MFC:
    MFC C-Seal Fittings

    Double-port C-Seal fitting on a CKD shutoff valve:
    2-port C-Seal Fitting

    Triple-ported C-Seal fitting on a different CKD valve:
    3-port C-Seal Fitting

    Modular C-Seal fitting blocks from an Applied Materials gas stick:
    Modular C-Seal Fittings

    W-sealed stuff is harder for me to find where I work, so here is an image from
    2-port W-Seal Fittings

    The take-away from this exercise is that a C-seal has flat glands and a W-seal has a ring poking out in the middle. I have seen Mykrolis MFCs with W-Seal glands with complex geometry like that in the drawings above, but apparently some manufacturers call the round-ring-in-the-middle 'close enough'.


    Those are the sealing surfaces. Here is a seal. It's technically a MicroSeal, which is better than a standard C-Seal but they look similar
    Used C-Seal Gasket

    The main reason I prefer VCR is that a Swagelok Ni-VCR-4 will set you back about a dollar for a silver-plated nickel seal. If you want a reusable gasket, that'll be $5. The C-Seal and W-Seal will run to middle double-digits or better, and most of them can't be reused.

    In the semiconductor industry, there are several types of fittings used for the gas delivery systems ("gas sticks") on-tool. Recently I had occasion to list for sale some flow controllers with downmount fittings. It had been a while since I was in the industry, so I wanted to do a quick check online, to be sure of what C Seal and W Seal fittings looked like. I Couldn't find one. Here you go.

    Ai Ween. Fahk Yoo.

    Backstory: my car has some trouble keeping traction in first and the bottom part of second gear. I have to feather the clutch or it's going to spin a wheel.

    I stopped at a traffic light (red, of course) on a two-lane street. A few hundred yards down the road, it merges to one lane. There is no traffic to speak of, and it's not a residential area nearby. A Suburban or Tahoe pulled up alongside of me. The light went green and I feathered the clutch more than usual, to get going. It must have sounded like a boy ricer challenge, and the driver of the truck accepted, trying to pull ahead of me through first gear.

    ~ Oh know yew di'int! ~

    I held second a bit longer than usual. That truck must have had a V6 or something, because it was way back there by the time I hit the merge. Oh, and to top it off, they made a right turn off the (now 1 lane each direction) street a half-mile down the road. They tried to cut me off, just to make me almost-stop while they turned.


    Yes, street racing is stupid. We'll talk about that on your next smoke break . . . .

    Uh-oh. Crazy Bich Alert!

    I work in a 90,000 square foot industrial facility, on several acres of Industrial-zoned land. Before we moved in, it was vacant for 4 years. Now they have several loading dock roll-up doors open all day long, and all day long there are men going like spider monkeys on meth, dismantling machines.

    One of the females who lives in the neighborhood a short way down the road has taken to walking over and complaining to the guys working on the back dock about the noise they make. I think they've just been given authorization to tell her to kick bricks or get busted for Trespassing.

    This could go quietly into the night, but something tells me it has potential for some ugly neighbor action first.

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009

    Good News On The Economy!

    Just over half a trillion dollars in interest-only mortgages are going to reset to "interest plus you can't afford the minimum" payments in the next couple of years.
    . . . "and then, right after that, 'the economy' should come roaring back" . . .

    oh, wait.

    Why I Am Glad I Went Shooting Yesterday

    The fun is obvious, the new shooter training is a community service, and the fellowship and food with other Christians is always good. But the real reason I like that I went out shooting yesterday is this:

    Socialists hate it.

    Hold on there.

    VFD, now you are doing things just to tweak peoples' noses who will never know about it?

    No, no, follow me here. This is a moral victory, not a nose-tweaking.

    What is Socialism? You depend on the State for everything. Your food, water, clothing, shelter, job, and boy howdy especially your defense. Once the ideal society is reached (read: the following will never happen) then crime will fall off, and you will not really need the protection of the Police, you will be so safe. Until then, however, you really should depend on the State to protect you anyhow. The State knows better than you what should be done to protect you, after all!

    What is Liberty? I'll tell the State to kick bricks, and I'll do what I want, fuck you very much. As long as I don't trample your rights, you don't trample mine, and (debatably) the State keeps marauding hordes at bay and roads paved, everything will be just fine with me. The State, through the police force, according to the supreme Court of the U.S., has no duty to protect me as an individual. I am on my own. If I don't feel like letting you run rough-shod over me, I can do whatever it takes to restore myself to a position of not having my rights trampled. Being aware that, when seconds count, the Police are only minutes away, I take measures to be able to preserve myself, myself.

    Socialists hate that attitude. Taking it upon yourself to defend yourself and your (capitalist pig!) property is a complete rejection of the power and responsibility of the State to defend you. Ergo:

    Self-defense is the highest possible act of individualism.

    As I said, Socialists hate that. You know what I hate? I hate that somewhere between 100,000,000 and 200,000,000 largely innocent citizens were killed by their own governments, or in wars started by same, in the name of the collective good. You can take your Communism, Socialism, and all the other leftist "isms" out there, and stick 'em where the sun don't shine. Try too hard to force them on U.S. Americans, and we'll turn your places where the sun don't shine, in to ventilation shafts anywhere from 0.223" to 0.5" in (entry) diameter.

    I taught one man and attended the teaching of one boy, how to make a Good Communist.

    Hold on there.

    What's all this to do with yesterday?

    Yesterday was "Labor Day" in the USA. Labor day is a symbol to all Americans that the International Labour Movement (read: Socialists) are powerful enough to force every company to pay every worker in the country to slack off for a full day.

    I celebrated an international Socialist holiday by doing things Socialists despise.

    And it makes me happy.

    That's Unpossible: American Express Increases Line Of Credit?!

    You would have thought the world was coming to an end, the way stories have been talking for the last year now about banks reducing available credit limits on credit cards and other open lines.

    So imagine my surprise when we got a letter in the mails today that says:*

    "Dear VFD Krew,

    "Based on your responsible credit history, we are pleased to inform you that your Line of Credit has been increased.

    "Effective immediately, your new credit limit is [double the old limit].

    "Blah blah blah,

    "Da Bizzoss,
    "President & CEO, Consumer Services"

    Somebody call Clark Howard!

    Pay your bills people. The old axiom is coming back in to 'truism' status: "You can't get credit unless you don't really need it."

    Yes, this is the same card we are paying 0% interest on, charging thousands of dollars a month to, and they are paying us a couple of hundred dollars a year to use.

    *note: the letter has been paraphrased to make it more interesting (and shorter)

    Range Report: 07 Sep. 2009

    JF, one of the 3 students who said they would be there, and of the six who said they might, showed up for a gun class on labor(-free) day. GB came out also and brought his arsenal with him. Between GB's and mine, there were over a dozen guns for JF to choose from, and his choice was: most of them. Once again my SKS was a male student's favorite. Once again, nobody got shot, despite JF's tendency to point a loaded rifle at his feet. There were the usual couple of hours of instruction, couple hours of shooting, lunch, then more shooting, cleanup; about a 6-hour day all told. I got a sunburn where a sling rubbed the sunscreen off my left arm, and I got a little bite from the stubborn bolt on a Mosin-Nagant, but no other injuries were reported.

    JF had never held or shot a gun before, so after class I had him observe the shooting of a .22LR. He was duly unimpressed by the recoil and blast, as I had hoped. He started off with a .38Spl revolver and was slightly more impressed. By lunchtime, at his pace and election, he had moved up the perceived-recoil ladder all the way to 7.62x54R out of a carbine. He declined to shoot a 12ga. shotty, but I showed him how it was done* and he did enjoy watching that. He also got a kick out of recovering bullets from the berm, including one nearly-reloadable .380ACP round, which he kept for a souvenir.

  • Once again, I got to see the creeping grin when a new shooter realizes how much fun he is having.
  • I was pleased as punch to get several 9s, 10s, and an X, from offhand with a revolver I had never shot before. Also I chased an empty can with it, most shots in double-action, from offhand one-handed.
  • For fun, we kept the shooting down to <35 yards. That means rifle sights are off vertically, for everybody, a source of minor good-natured ribbing when we figured it out.
  • *Shooting dry cowpies with birdshot is not such a great idea if you are standing upwind. Unless you like breathing cow poo dust, of which there will be plenty.
  • The rifle sights on my newest shotgun are niiiiiice to shoot with.
  • The grandson of our host came down and got some quality time with full-power Glocks, which were new to him. 2 students, 2 RO's, perfect ratio.

  • Beware listening to other people! One of the men didn't hear a firing pin strike and thought he had seen the last round out of my .22 hit the berm . . . he saw the last one that went downrange. The last one was a dud and he didn't know it. Check for yourself if you have a malfunction, if there is any question. The life you save may be your own.
  • GB's Glock 9mm surprised the heck out of me, with repeated failures to feed. He blamed the cheap Soviet steel-cased ammunition.
  • GB's brand-spanking-new DPMS AR chambered in .308 wouldn't go into battery more often than it would. There is no forward assist, so pulling and releasing the charging handle was the only workaround. I was sighting in the scope for him, and the last shot was in the X ring, so close enough. It was also the last shot for the day for that rifle, because of what happened next. It was a double-feed, because of a failure to extract. The extractor ripped the rim off the case and the case was jammed pretty good, requiring disassembly and a cleaning rod to reduce the malfunction. It turns out there is a pretty nasty burr in the chamber, and he'll probably be getting a repair under warranty.

    Dig the double-fed cartridge. It was a good teaching moment for JF and a sobering thing for GB, who has n Cases of these in his stores.

    If you don't notice one of your cartridges has a bullet set this far back into the case, you might just have the rifle's action explode in your hands, a few inches from your face. This is not good. The next cartridge in the magazine was smashed also, and visibly wobbled when it was rolled on a flat surface. 2 rounds discarded (not fired) due to hazardous physical condition.

    Shooting with friends and teaching the newbies: Good Times.
  • Monday, September 7, 2009

    Stupid Labor Day.

    Let me get this straight:

    You people work hard for a living. To celebrate that, your boss will be forced to pay you to work hard for a day, while you go fishing or whatever. What a stupid commie socialist idea for a holiday.

    Sunday, September 6, 2009

    How To Always Pay Bills On Time

    I used to be bad about paying bills on time, but not anymore. This technique has kept me up to date for (checks watch) several months to a year or so now.

  • When you get a bill, put it in a specific place (we call it the "bill box") that ONLY holds your bills. At least once a week, look at all the bills' due dates.
  • Will you get another paycheck before a bill is due?
  • If not, pay it. If so, put it back in the bill box, and pay the accumulated bills when you get paid.
  • Make sure you give yourself 3 days for the mails to deliver the payment (for those dinosaurs like me still writing checks).

    This technique assumes that you are keeping a balanced checkbook. If you aren't, you have worse problems than being late on your bills. Like running out of money for food.

    I should state for the record that Listing Buddy has a different strategy. He checks his mail every few weeks and by the time he opens it, a bill is as likely as not to be overdue. His solution is to pay several times the minimum payment (e.g., $300 for a $50 phone bill) and then do it again when the credit runs out. Note: Listing buddy has a HORRIBLE CREDIT SCORE.
  • Another One Under The Bus

    Yahoo! News reports that Van Jones has resigned because of a "vicious smear campaign against" him (his words).


    The only problem is, he is a barking moonbat with no environmental credentials whatever, and the smear campaign was spotty reporting in alternative media about his previous words and actions. Nepotism and Being a Crazy Person: apparently each a good way to get a job under Barack Obama; in combination, they'll get you appointed Czar.

    Saturday, September 5, 2009

    The Loud Folk . . .

    If Lindsay Graham thinks you and I are loud, he never spent 5 minutes listening to the kids who came to visit my kids this afternoon. Holy cow. The boys were a pretty even match in Mariokart 64, and the girls were SCREAMING 6" from the boys' ears. Yowza.

    Friday, September 4, 2009

    Madness @ Home!

    #3, on the toilet: Mami, Mami!

    Darling Wife, in the next room, watching #3 thru the bathroom doorway: Push your poopies!

    #3: Mami, Mami!

    D.W.: Push! (looks around for a cup of water)

    #3: Dih-dow! [I want to get down]

    ~1 moment later VFD walks in~
    ~1 moment later, #3 walks in, bare-ass naked~

    VFD: Hey! Hey! Go push poopies! (gesticulates in general direction of the bathroom)

    (#3 turns around, goes back into the bathroom. VFD looks @ D.W., who is doubled over with paroxysms of (hand-on-mouth silent) laughter

    (#3 kneels to pet VFDKitty, starts making pushing noises)

    D.W.: NO! Don't push in there! Push in here! (puts #3 back on toilet)

    The Do NOT Want YOU To Debate. They Want YOU To Hush!

    "The time has come for universal health care in America. And I look forward to working with all of you to meet this challenge in the weeks and months to come."
    -Barack Hussein Obama, Jan. 25, 2007
    Hat tip to

    Somehow, I don't think this is what he had in mind. He has a filibuster-proof Senate and an overwhelming majority in Congress, and could NOT get the first plan passed. It is looking increasingly dead in the water, in fact. Some might argue that's a good thing, seeing it was obvious that BHO never bothered reading the bill he wanted to foist off on you in TWO WEEKS, a couple of months ago.

    Now the Democrat "leadership" is trying to come up with something palatable to the Blue Dogs that won't piss off the vocal kook fringe. There is talk of a "trigger" for implementing a government-run system (look into the fine print and you're sure to see how the trigger is 100% guaranteed to be pulled very quickly, by the way). Make no mistake, people of the United States: you have the Socialist-leaners rocked back on their heels. If you keep on the offensive, you will be able to prevent the government from rationing out substandard health care to you, in the name of universal care.

    You HAVE TO keep the pressure up. Keep calling, keep writing, keep going to meetings with your Elected Heroes. It is having an effect. Be in D.C. on the 12th if you can make it.

    When the opposition has to keep rebranding in an attempt to convince you they are right, you are winning. Keep it up.


    August 22, 2009, he must have put out a press release or something, because ALL the first page hits on Google trying to find the above quote were from the same day, with the EXACT same verbiage. I found this example on . . . dig the comments!

    Thanks Very Much To God!

    The day I had to replace a failed capacitor on my air conditioner's outside compressor unit at 2PM, it was cloudy, relatively cool, and overcast.

    And it had already been cooling down inside, thanks (again) for the spare capacitor we had at work which I could use as a stopgap measure until I got my own.

    And thanks (again) for a job where I can leave on a moment's notice because my Darling Wife is feeling ill, and take 2/3 of the kids out running errands, lightening her load to only that which is needful for her to do.

    If you think my A/C failing, the suddenly-cool weather, the spare capacitor, and my Darling Wife's not feeling so hot, were all merely coincidences, you have a worldview very different to mine.

    Obama: Could Be Burnishing A Golden Opportunity.

    They put up a trial balloon about the President addressing the nation's schoolchildren with the DOE putting out related curricula. It has received . . . some negative feedback.

    IF PresBO came out and said "study hard, stay in school" that would merely be a display of a huge ego and inflated sense of self-importance, which (unfortunately) we have come to expect from our Presidents these days. (Humility? What's that?)


    The curricula originally included questions and suggestions like:
    "How can you help your President"
    "Make a Poster showing how Obama inspired you"
    "Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president."

    These speak of either
    1) a narcissist out of control
    2) left and right hands of the BHO administration not knowing what each other is doing
    3) indoctrination comin' atcha, kiddos!

    His previous actions and statements lead reasoning people to believe #3 is the correct estimation. You know who else liked mass indoctrination of schoolchildren?

    But PresBO and the gang are seeeensitive to poll results. You can be sure they are rewriting the speech even now. The mainstream independent press Obama PR machine could spin a bunch of KOOKS out of the protesting parents, IF they rewrite the address so it's only offensive because it shows the President is in love with the sound of his own voice and thinks your children should be, as well. Sure they are rewriting the curricula; watch the press completely ignore that tidbit.

    The impression people will receive watching the nightly news, assuming 'they' pull it off properly, is that the Presidential address was entirely benign. Those who saw nefarious intent in the week leading up to the event, they're all unreeeeeeasonable, don't you see? The Obama just wants the children to excel! Surely you are not unreeeeeasonable, are you? You don't oppose the President, do you? No, you want his plans to succeed . . . ! Sleep.

    One wonders if PresBO even knows there is a controversy here. We know for certain that we will now NEVER see the original form of his speech. Come to think of it, from his past (poor) delivery off-teleprompter, it wouldn't surprise me if he has not even seen the speech yet.

    Surely he already knows he will be delivering the speech. Surely. (I like to think) he isn't that much of a puppet . . . .

    Madness @ Work

    I went to get some productivity-enhancing drink (a.k.a. coffee) this morning and Listing Buddy was in the breakroom, pondering.

    He was pondering what he should do to IT Guy, who was sleeping in his truck in the parking lot.

    LB had tried to rouse ITG without much success, and was wondering how to take advantage of his apparent vulnerability.


    I asked LB if he thought ITG might be having a diabetic event, and LB said he didn't think so. LB went to write on ITG's face as he slept in the truck, and ITG woke up and batted LB's hand away. So ITG has a pink streak on his arm, and is apparently awake now.

    Thursday, September 3, 2009

    Sure, Why Not: Cuban Embargo Ends.

    From Yahoo! News:

    Castro's Your boy Obama's Treasury Dept. has just ended the embargo of Cuba.

    What's the worst that could happen?

    God what a light weight empty suit this one is!

    Gun Porn: Taurus Model 66 .357 Magnum Revolver

    As always, click an image to see it full size.

    This h'yer is your basic Taurs Model 66.

    Taurus Model 66 Revolver Left Side

    It was purchased new by the current owner from a local gun shop and it's done its share of killing paper people, but it still looks pretty nice to me.

    Taurus Model 66 Revolver Right Side

    How can I tell it's a 66? Well, there's the frame size, the sights, the caliber, the barrel length . . . and when you swing the crane out, it's right here, stamped on the frame:

    Taurus Revolver Model Number Stamped Location

    a.k.a. "The Mule" to anyone who's ever fired a .357Mag snubbie . . .

    Taurus .356 Magnum Caliber Barrel Marking

    This pistol has been fitted with a Hogue stock which probably helps a LOT with the recoil of full-power .357 rounds. I found it amusing that Hogue and Taurus were competing for Logo Display Land real estate, and that Taurus lost the battle.

    Houge Taurus Logos

    The sights, as I mentioned, are a feature of the Model 66. The top strap is serrated along its length and the front sight is serrated across the back.

    Taurus Revolver Serrated Top Strap

    The rear sight is a nice example, if you like this sort of rear sight. The adjustments are plainly marked with deep stampings, right on the body of the sight, WITH arrows to indicate which way to turn for what effect.

    Taurus Revolver Adjustable Sights

    This revolver has some honest wear on it, but it is still pretty well fitted together. I measured well under 0.006" cylinder end gap (between the chambers and the barrel) on all six chambers.

    Taurus Revolver Crane Joint

    The chambers themselves look in good condition.

    Taurus Revolver Firing Chambers

    The bore, however, is an area of minor concern. I'm not sure yet if this is rust or copper fouling, but it doesn't look good where the grooves and lands meet.

    Taurus Revolver Muzzle

    You can tell it's been shot. There is typical wear on the frame, where a cartridge slams back. Also the hand is wearing around the edges from rubbing on the cylinder. It still locks up tight enough, and the timing is right-on, so this doesn't bother me too much. Yes, the action is partially cocked to make the hand stay in this position.

    Taurus Revolver Hand Worn

    What does bother me, and what surprised me a great deal, was the trigger spring center pin. It came out broken. Fortunately this seems not to affect functioning of the gun at all, but it slightly complicates disassembly.

    Taurus Revolver Broken Trigger Spring Center Pin

    I told the owner of this arm about Taurus' lifetime warranty, and suggested he might want to show this to them, and see what they have to say about it.

    I also suggested he show them this:

    Taurus Revolver Extractor Worn

    The extractor has a bunch of little chips and dings where there should probably be hard corners. I don't know how this would happen unless somebody was playing cowboys and indians, but there it is.

    Taurus Model 66 Revolver Right Side

    I like this piece, but then I like most of the guns I've ever met. I aim to take this revolver with me to my next gun class. Let's see if it shoots as nice as it looks when it's just been wiped down with an oily rag.

    Photographers, take note: use a cotton rag to wipe off fingerprints right before a shoot, not a paper towel. Unless you like white flecks all over the bluing. Doh.


    Update after I processed the next batch of photos:

    The stuff did out of the barrel, and it looks like the bluing is worn out of the corners of the grooves:


    After a little scrubbing, the rifling came smooth as well:


    Somebody Buy Me This Book!

    Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 by Marcus Luttrell

    Convenient link for you to purchase the book:

    Why do I want it more than I did 2 days ago? Because I read this.

    Tax Cheat Rangel Says: Punish Tax Cheats (?!)

    As part of the "healthcare" bill (a.k.a. the health care system destruction bill) Charlie Rangel wants to punish citizens to the maximum extent of the law, including penalties, for making honest mistakes. You know, not like the intentional ones he has a habit of making.

    Hold on there.


  • Because Obamacare is 100% guaranteed to blindside a preponderance of the People. "What do you mean, I have to pay $12,000 for health insurance? Why? I'm 10 feet tall and bulletproof! What do you mean, it's the law?"
  • Because Obamacare is going to CRUSH the federal budget. The more penalties you can wring out of people who make honest mistakes, the less-terrible the budget deficit is going to be. But if you just let people make honest mistakes out of ignorance, the right-wing mobs are going to start complaining again about how much we can't afford it.

    Because of course, nobody ever had a peek at Medicare's books and saw that the government can't keep health care costs under budget for sh*t.
  • What To Wear and Bring To Gun Class

    Here is a short list of what I want to see when my students show up to one of my gun safety/familiarization/marksmanship/etc. training classes.

    Respect: no cussing, no fighting, no shooting people. Obey the Four Rules. Make a nuisance out of yourself and you may be asked to leave.

    Food: bring enough lunch for you and maybe a little extra. Sandwiches are an easy and quick meal, well suited to eating out of doors (which you might want to do here).

    Guns: bring yours if you have any. If not, you have to at least bring yourself (or get a ride). Bringing ammunition for other peoples' guns keeps the classes free -please bring ammunition unless you are dead flat BROKE.

    Eye & Hearing protection: if you have impact-resistant glasses or earmuffs, bring them. If not, I can lend you a set.

    Hat: a boonie hat or cowboy hat are preferable because they have a brim all the way 'round. A baseball cap will work, but your ears and neck stand a good chance of getting sunburnt. Also a brim behind your head can prevent hot brass going down the back of your shirt

    Shirt: something with a high collar. A button-up shirt that buttons all the way up, a polo shirt, a non-stretched-out T-shirt, are acceptable. A V-neck or stretched-out collar are not. It is entirely possible to get a burn on your . . . well, on what a low-necked shirt doesn't cover. Guns sometimes send hot casings out faster than you can see, and when I say hot, I mean 2nd degree burn hot. I usually wear long sleeves but you don't strictly have to.

    Pants: the shooting range has scrub mesquite on the grounds. You do NOT want to catch a scratch or puncture from a 2 inch long thorn. Also some firing positions call for lying on the dirt (these positions are optional).

    Shoes: closed toes, for the same reasons as you want a proper shirt and pants. Wear some shoes you don't mind getting dusty or dirty.

    Sunscreen. Texas summer, 'nuff said. Be sure to get your hands ears, and neck, especially.

    Ammunition: Please bring, at a minimum -if you can afford it-
    a box of .40 Smith & Wesson a.k.a. 40-caliber,
    a couple of boxes of 7.62x39mm, and
    a box of .22 Long Rifle a.k.a. 22LR.
    Tell the guy at the gun store counter you want plinking ammunition, not specialty, hunting, or self-defense ammunition, unless you plan to use it for that, later.
    It is not uncommon to have a few rounds left over at the end of class, and leaving these with the instructor is always appreciated and helps out for the next class. It also happens sometimes that the instructor will have to dig into his own ammo stores. Bringing your own ammunition keeps class fees to $0.

    Feel free to bring as much ammunition as you want in any of the following calibers:
    7.62x39mm <-- Men tend to like this one; we burned up 5 boxes last class
    .40 S&W <-- Goes pretty fast sometimes
    .38 Special <-- A favorite for beginners
    .380 ACP
    12 Gauge

    If there are other guns at class, there may be a limited supply of ammunition for them. If you are bringing a gun, please bring a box or two of ammunition for it.

    This page is for me, so I can just send students coming to my classes a link instead of having to type up an email for everybody. It's also for you, if you found it by accident ;)