Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vote For ME!

...or whomever you choose. This site has all kinds of cool generators. Go. Click. Enjoy.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Concealed Carry: Could Have Possibly Saved 2 More Lives

The following was sent via the email forms on their webpages to Governor Perry, Representative Strama, and Senator Watson, my local Elected Heroes. Don't hold your breath waiting for a substantive response, but you have to at least scream into the void, if for no other reason than to say that you protested while you could. Who knows, something just might happen.



In the past week, we have had two more examples of the need for Texans to have the right to carry arms in places where Concealed Handgun Licence holders are currently prohibited from going about armed.

At a Phoenix community college this last Thurdsday, in a "Gun-Free Zone" a criminal ignored the laws against carrying guns AND attempted murder, and met with an entire room full of victims who respected both laws, and had no means of self-defense. Three people were shot, and the gunman fled.

Yesterday at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, a man emptied his shotgun into the congregation, and was only stopped when his weapon was empty, and some men in the church (who were presumably disarmed) tackled him. Two people were killed and several others injured. It is worth noting that this evil man was trying to get into a childrens area, where there would have been perhaps a couple of teachers, not a bunch of brave, strong men who could tackle him.

A CHL holder in Texas must pass a minimum marksmanship proficiency test. One well-placed shot -or even a brandished weapon and a shout- from a student, professor, or church congregant, could have resulted in several lives saved, and many injuries avoided.


Please do what you can to help ensure the safety of churchgoers, students, and mall shoppers. Work to remove the prohibition on carrying arms in these places in Texas, before more innocent people are killed.



Here I Thought It Were Too Hot!

From the Anchorage Daily News via Les Jones.

In Alaska, they are looking at record cold this summer.

Here in central Texas, we are looking at a record number of days over 90 and 100 degrees.

Hold on there.

What about "Climate Change?" Here I was thinking the glowbe was actually warmening, but then it looks cold again. What could be going on here?

It's called weather, people. It changes. Get used to it. Maybe even turn off the a/c in your car for a minute and see what "normal" feels like.

Global Warming. Give me a break!

Small Time: I Am It!

I had a peek at Google Analytics just now. Most of my traffic is from the good ol' U.S. of A., but I was a little surprised to see visitors had come in from UK, Canada, Israel, and South Africa. All of these are countries that have soft spots in my heart, for widely various reasons.

Welcome, my international visitors. Take your hats off, and stay a while.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Being Broke Bites.

So today at work, I was fighting a pair of robots. A pallet wrapping machine and a mechanical convection 30 cubic foot incubator. Neither wanted to work in the morning and by the afternoon, it was Me 1, Robots 1. I was seriously demotivated and declared I would not be going in to work tomorrow (saturday, day off, haha).

I told my cubicle buddy S.F. that I would really like to take the rifles out to a field and shoot some random stuff out there, and he agreed that sounded like a lot of fun. Except that the neighbors don't take kindly to that sort of thing, and the police have to do their job.

$20 for two people for an hour at Red's, plus amunition, is NOT going to happen when I have $700 worth of "used to run" waiting for me to get around to it in the driveway, and my already-meager allowance is on standby for the duration of the $3+ gallon of gas.

I so want to go sling some lead downrange right now. If you've never been shooting, I'll find the money somewhere, so we can go make you a better citizen. But just so I can blow off some steam converting money into noise?

Yeah, there won't be any new range reports for a while


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Bible Was Written By MEN!

New flash: Neal Boortz say: The Bible was written by men.

and in other news
My car drove to work today, and guns kill people.


No, it wasn't. I'm usually right there with you Neal, but you're wrong, and you're wrong because you don't understand.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Vote for . . . McCain?!

[expletive deleted] now I have to donate to the McCain campaign.

Tammy Bruce has convinced me. We will likely only have McCizzle for one term, and he's going to want a legacy. He's not going to want a fight over liberal social issues and we will be able to pressure him to keep him from falling off the left side of the fence. . .

Obimminy the Marxist (how did he get to be a) senator, we might literally not survive as a nation, especially with a Demican majority in both houses, and 2 appointments to the supreme court.

I hate to have to campagin for a democrat for republican for president but I'm going to go request a McCain bumper sticker right now and start trying to convince the people who have already said thew won't vote with these choices to go with the one who's not a marxist for democrat for president.


Vote for McCain (this time).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Obama: Put Up or Go Home.

So, is Obama qualified to be the next President?

Hold on there.

Not as in "won't run the country into the ground", by which criterion he is clearly NOT qualified.

As in, "are you a natural born citizen of the United States of America?", the answer to which is apparently either "No" or "Not telling," depending on whom you ask.

If you ask Obama, you get a blatanly forged and photoshopped fake as a $3 bill Certificate of Live Birth, from one of the most left-wing websites EVAR.

Obama campaign, you have been found endorsing something that is not just a little fake. It's fake like the Ferarri badges on my Buick.

Hosted at Atlas Shrugs 2000 (above linked), reported on by the Joooooos at Israel Insider, via World Net Daily.

So, unless you want to also sell my bridge for me, Obaminitly, it's time for you to produce a genu-wine "this dude is from here" paper, because it looks like you might be losing that nomination after all. And, maybe, going to Federal prison for fraud (and not because of all the flip-flops, either).

New AND Improved: Sawdust to Gasoline, Round II

It's not new theory, but it's looking like double efficiency. Take waste organic biomass and add heat, pressure, water and hydrogen. Then cool it. And you have hydrocarbons suitable for converting to gasoline and diesel.

Nice eh? Let's see how quick the NIMBYs show up for the first plant that turns over a third of their lawn clippings into gasoline.

From New Scientist via World Net Daily.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Independence is Highly Overrated

From CNN

You see, they declared independence and it all went to [expletive deleted]. Now there is an exchange rate of $100B Zimbabwean to $1US.

It's not presented as: the racists took over, kicked out all the whites who were the only ones making anything of any value and gave it all to blacks who didn't know how to make even so much as food, even though their lives depended on it, and now they don't make anything and the only thing the government is doing to combat the problem of not enough money is print more money and crush the political opposition with violence.

No, it's not news, it's CNN.com. Not biased against capitalism at all.

Friday, July 18, 2008

More Shenanigans from the BATFE

From World Net Daily

So, you think you can just tell the truth in a case against the Us, and get away with it? Well guess what mister smarty pants, your part to make rifles shoot different ammunition is a machine gun so neener neener.

What's that, you say it's not a machine gun because we had to add 4 other parts we had laying around the shop, and specialized knowledge, to get it to fire more than once when the trigger is pulled? You say that calling this a machine gun would make a whole (very popular) class of parts now legal into you-get-federal-prison-time machine guns?

Okay, let's just tell you to break the rules and see if we can get you in trouble.

Acting director Sullivan: You sir, are a jackass. Your agency is corrupt and under YOUR leadership, it is driving the law-abiding public to crime, by arbitrarily declaring legal things illegal and making instant criminals.

You and everyone who works for you should be ashamed and hang your heads at this sort of activity on the part of the BATFE.


Governor Perry is Trying to Get Me Not to Vote Against Him.

From World Net Daily and just about every conservative talk show out there:

So a couple of girls, 14 and 16 years old, stumble upon a drunken gang initiation whilst walking through a park. They are raped and murdered. One of the rapist/murderers is already dead, and the second is scheduled to stop sucking my tax dollars to keep feeding, housing, and clothing him in (checks calendar) 18 days.

Hold on there.

Mexico (that doesn't believe in killing folks that need killin', like red blooded Texas does) says: That boy's an illegal immigrant from Mexico! You can't just treat him like any other prisoner, he has to talk to the Consul! The forms of Kanly have not been obeyed! You can't kill him! Waaaaa world opinion back us up here!

Pres. Bush: Texas, y'all knock off executin' this scumbag.
supreme Court: Not so fast there pres'.
World court: Not so fast there Texas.

Governor Perry: [deleted] you guys and the [deleted][deleted] horse you rode in on. This [deleted] killed our citizens and he's going to ride the lightning. World court, mexico, everybody, go [deleted] yourself.

Pretty Boy Rick: you're a liberrl and I don't like a lot of what you do, but in this case, you're speaking my language. My only question is: what is taking so stinking long to off this jerk?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Subway Joins Ford in Ending Boycotts the Right Way.

From World Net Daily, via Bane Rants:

Subway really didn't mean to get a few millions of homeschoolers mad enough to boycott their stores. Really. See? We have a new contest and you're invited! See? Please stop boycotting and sending nasty emails. We're not bad people, we really appreciate your dollars patronage. Please come back. Please?

McDonalds, we'll see how well your bottom line holds up. I'm pretty sure the 2% of the population whose agenda you're trying to foist on the rest of us (who are disgusted by their behavior, BTW) won't be able to make up for all of us who go across the street to the next 'restaurant' where the food also tastes like the box it came in.

Black People Can Be Racist?!?

Obama the (half white, half) Black Man has the 'support' of 89% of american black voters.
McCain the White Man has the support of 2% of american black voters.

You people are racists.

Yes, you people.

If you vote for somebody because of their skin color you are a miserable stinking [whole string of expletives deleted] racist.

If I vote for McCain because he's white, that's racist right?
So how come you're not a slave owning, illegitimate slave child having slave selling I-hate-that-other-color racist that should be put in jail for hate crimes if you vote for obiminy because he's black(er than McCizzle)?

It doesn't bother you that he's half white
It doesn't bother you that he made more money off a garbage book than you will make in your life
It doesn't bother you that he has a genuinely CRAZY wife, theology, foreign policy, domestic policy, economic goal set
It doesn't bother you that he is a for-crying-out-loud marxist socialist, advocating ideas that have already lead to the deaths of upwards of 100 MILLION PEOPLE! DEAD!

Because he's black, and therefore more like you than John is,

That would be John who wants you to keep more of your money, put your kids in a good school of your choice (and not sex-educate your kindergarteners), win the war on terror(ists), and generally kick ass as a country like we have done for the last 200+ years.

Nope, you like the dark skinded ones.

Well, okay, but

(cute little boy photo from wonkette.com without permission)
(hillary supporters, you're sexist so don't get too smug)

More News from the Place Where England Used to Be

... or, the Once and Future Great Britain?

Via hotair.com, found at uncle, from the Telegraph:

If you defend yourself, you won't automatically face charges.

Hold on there.


In UK?

That's right, dear British readers, as you will have known for a year before you find this post, you can now legally defend yourself, including fighting a mugger in the street OR your house, turning their weapons on them, and even (gasp) using your OWN weapon in your OWN home against a Goblin. Stop the presses folks, you mean I won't end up like Singh and come up on murder charges for using a knife against the person who was going to use it on me?

That's right. Note: some folks only take FOUR TIMES at HAVE-A GO incidents before deciding there's a problem:

[Justice Secretary Jack Straw]"is understood to have decided new laws were necessary after he was involved in four "have-a go" incidents, which included chasing and restraining muggers near his south London home."

That would be like the head of the Justice Department getting mugged 4 times before realizing he shouldn't be on the hook for having a go at the mugger and neither should you. Maybe the soccer thugs are actually being heard? Of course the mush-brains in the minority are saying this is a bad idea because they didn't think of it first.

Welcome back to the line to be admitted to civilized society, Britain.

Friday, July 11, 2008

More News from The Place Where England Used to Be

From the BBC:

If you are carrying an illegal knife, you should go to jail.

Make that, if you have something with a blade on it about your person without good reason, you should get mandatory jail time.

This reminds me of a retired bobby who was given a pocket knife by his department when he retired. He carried it into the airport, having forgotten to leave it behind. And got in trouble for carrying an offensive weapon with no good reason. It also reminds me of a grandmother who was in trouble for carrying knitting needles, at night, in a bad neighborhood, on her walk home from work. For no good reason.

Here's the reason: because she couldn't carry a .38 revolver in her purse.

Idiots, listen: a knife is a TOOL. I used my evil, wicked, offensive weapon today. I had it concealed on my person and perhaps worst of all, it can be out and open faster than you can blink. That is to say, I cut a few zip-ties off some equipment with my pocket knife. I think I might get shot in the face if I showed the authorities in UK the utility knife I carry at work when I know I'll be doing some serious cutting of shrink-wrap or breaking down boxes. It's got a 6" blade with edges down both sides, and it stays sharp. Heck even my little Buck pocketknife is sharp as [deleted] unless I've just got done using the edge off it. This past week I stabbed myself when a workpiece slipped, and the knife was almost stopped by the time it reached the other hand. Still penetrated the skin though.

You know what would really send the folks over there into screaming fits? We have convicted felons working for us who use five inch-long razor knives to cut packing material.

Guess how many of them have killed somebody with them.

Go on, guess.

I'll wait if you need to take off your shoes to count that high.




No, it's zero. Because a knife is only a weapon when you use it on a person. You know, like guns, pencils, hammers, rolling pins, insect poison, and basically everything else in the universe with mass.

Just because some [deleted] realizes that it's easier to hurt you with a knife than a board with a nail in it, doesn't mean you need to prevent the Good People from carrying the most useful tool I have with me every day, all day.

But then, the limeys have been voting for the wrong lizard for a loooooong time now, so I guess we really shouldn't be surprised.

Also not surprising was the news from the place where England used to be, that there was a serial robber on the loose... with a sharp pointy rock. This isn't the one I was thinking of, but it does illustrate UK's decline nicely. Next we'll see a man in jail for defending himself with a shoe against some Goblin with a rock.

You know, if they would just ban pointy and hard objects in UK, everyone would be safe at last...

Thanks actionfig.com, this is exactly what we need more of:

More News From the Handbasket

Alrighty then. You speculated on a house and couldn't flip it as fast or as profitably as you thought. You might even have lied a little (or a lot) on the application. Now your *ss is being hounded by a mortgage you should never have got into. And it's my fault. I guess I'll just bend over and pay up $5T to cover your sh*tty business deal, no problem.

Hold on there.

Okay, if that's not a good enough deal, how about fingerprint checks for everybody in the mortgage business, with no additional safeguard for what should and used to be one of the most powerful guarantees of identity.


Say, what's this basket made of, anyway?

Hint: I'm talking about this abomination here.

That is all.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Unemployment Sucks This Year

...especially for students.

Huh. Really? You mean, when you are in the middle of a (very) weak economic period, and the Congress raises the cost of hiring temporary summer workers (raised the minimum wage, they did, looking out for the little guy eh? wink nudge!) AND increases the amount of time you can suck on the public teat of unemployment benefits,

more people are out of a job right after school lets out? Really?


Bush: Foot in Mouth, He Speaks For Me.

From the Telegraph

Ending the latest G8 talks having basically accomplished nothing (to the great benefit of everyone but that's not what I'm posting about), bush says "goodbye from the world's biggest polluter" then punches the air.

Don't let this guy too far from the TelePrompter, but you know what? Our economy is the distributor to the rest of the worlds' economies' spark plugs. You don't like pollution? Cut it in your own country first, then come talk to the people who are the worlds' leading exporter of goods. No? Then go on back home and burn the insulation off another truck load of wires before you melt it down for the copper.

After all, they don't get athsma or bronchitis in India or China, right?

The Eucharist is NOT a Cracker's Flesh, It's A Cracker.

From WorldNetDaily

A young Catholic wants to show his inquiring friend what the wafers used in the eucharist ceremony look like. Put aside for the moment that this isn't exactly the hardest thing in the world to find a photo of (hint: Google knows), and that a true believer would consider this a blasphemous thing to contemplate.

So he doesn't munch the cracker straightaway, he puts it in a baggie and shows his friend. Then he returns it. No harm, no foul? No, death threats. The local catholics have been paying too much attention to the islamists in the sandbox, I think.

Folks, let me spell it out for you: Jesus died ONCE, for ALL. Specifically spoken against in the Bible is the concept that he should be offered repeatedly for our sins. His flesh was dead, then alive again, then transformed the same way mine will be when He comes back for me. He doesn't have a body like we do anymore, ok? ok.

The confusion comes when you have people (Roman imperial government) trying to dictate what the Bible means, without the internal witness of the Holy Spirit to guide them (not Christians). The Lord Jesus said to eat his body. Then he passed around a matzo. An unleavened bread with stripes and piercings. Let me educate you on some Christian typology here.

  • Leaven (yeast, etc.) = sin. A little changes the entire character of a bread (and a man)
  • Matzo = a TYPE of Jesus (Jesus is the antitype). He lived a sinless life (no leaven, get it?) and was striped (by roman whips) and pierced (by a crown of thorns, nails to hold him to the cross, and by a spear).

    Jesus said to take and eat, because the bread he was passing around was his body. He said this at a specific point during the Passover ceremony. The afikomen was being passed around. This is the matza that represents messiah. It is traditionally broken, wrapped in a napkin and hidden (Jesus was also broken, wrapped up and hidden, for 3 days). He said to take and eat the afikomen, that it was his body.

    The afikomen was a type. Jesus commanded his disciples to eat it. He was telling them to do something specific: this do in remembrance of me. Not "eat my flesh every saturday", but "remember that I am the one who lived a sinless life, then was striped, pierced, buried, and resurrected.

    It is a MEMORIAL service.

    Of course, to the unsaved Jew, it is a source of confusion, and they are not above strawmen and hair splitting to get around this obvious type of Christ firmly planted in the middle of one of their most sacred traditions.

    To a Christian and an historian studying the Jewish nations' activity through the centuries, this behavior is not a surprise.

    Note: this is nothing against the Jew. They need Jesus just like the Gentile. Jesus was a Jew and a Christian who hates the Jew because he is one, is not only a jerk, he is disobeying the commands of God himself.

    Note: The wine is also a type. Jesus said it was his blood then passed the cup of redemption. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here?

    Hebrews 9:12 and 10:14 clearly show that Jesus was offered for us ONCE. The catholic church declares that he is offered tens of thousands of times every saturday. They say it is the same, actual, literal flesh and blood that were on the cross. They are mistaken. Jesus was offered once, and once is all that is required. The ONE sacrifice was sufficient ("there is therefore now no condemnation") to save us. If Jesus' death once weren't enough, then a weekly re-offering of His body is also not enough, and you have to add all sorts of works and sacraments and it STILL won't be enough. Don't complicate things unnecessarily, people. Also, don't worship idols. It's one of the commandments, remember? But since the bread and wine are literally t3h j3sVz, they are sacred and therefore they are WORSHIPPED. You are worshiping food dear faithful Catholic friend.

    Don't get me started on praying to dead folks when God punished Saul for doing that thing (it's proscribed also you know), and over-reverencing a servant of God (Mary) as the Mother of God. There are a few dozen things the Holy Roman Catholic Church got wrong all the way, but they are for future articles.

    Suffice it to say: you don't need to try to pry a piece of bread out of somebody's hand on the church sanctuary floor, and you don't need to give death threats about it.

    Prepare your heart with prayerful consideration and repentance;
    and ONLY then

    "this do in remembrance of" Jesus.
  • Monday, July 7, 2008

    Nothing to see here, move along...

    I changed the computer in my car for one with leaner mapping. Photos are up, for hosting for a related thread on rdtiburon.com.

    Tuesday, July 1, 2008

    Nuclear Energy: Makes Sense!

    I mentioned it a while back, and here it is: America is stupid. And I agree wholeheartedly with Barack Hussein Obama*.

    That is, American policy is stupid.

    On nuclear generation of electricity.

    What's especially stupid is that, of all the ways you can make electricity, with the possible exception of hydrodynamic or geothermal (which are hard to get going on the same scale as nuclear), nuclear energy is the MOST natural of all the ways we generate electricity!

    Wind power, you say? I'm for it. Try getting a gigawatt in anything like the same footprint as a gigawatt nuclear facility. The wind pushes the blade which turns the mill, which makes power, which is conditioned and put on the grid.

    Solar, you say? Leaving aside for the moment the argument that solar panels require more energy to produce than they will put out over the lifetime of the panel; the sun heats the cell, which makes electrons, which must be rectified and conditioned and then put on the grid.

    Oil, coal, both filthy. Much better than they used to be, but compared to nuclear, filthy to make and filthy to use. Not to mention that a single truck can deliver the fuel to run a reactor for a few years, compared to trainloads of coal or constant-flowing pipelines of oil that get BURNED every DAY!

    Natural gas, slightly less dirty than oil.

    Nuclear power: we take a natural product straight out of the earth (some reactors can use raw ore), put it in a controlled environment, and it does the same thing it was doing underground. Yes, that is correct. Nuclear power generation is merely harvesting a NATURAL chemical reaction. The uranium, plutonium, etc., are turning into lead underground. We put them in a reactor and put them past critical mass, and they do it faster, making more heat. We take the heat to make power the same way you do with geothermal and hydrodynamic generation: spinning turbines. What is the waste product of nuclear electricity generation? Steam and heat. In france, there is one room in one city where they store highly radioactive waste. This waste has a half-life shorter than a human's half-life.

    Hold on there.

    Not tens or hundreds of thousands of years, single digits of decades half-life on the stuff they store until it is no longer dangerous.

    That's France. In FRIKKIN FRANCE they are doing something better than we are!

    In the US, we have over a hundred pools next to their reactors storing used uranium and a little plutonium, along with the stuff they keep in a single room in LeHavre.

    What's the difference?

    Jimmy Carter: worst. president. ever.

    Some jerk stole some spent nuclear fuel in India and the world had a minor freak-out. Jimmuh had a major freak-out and said NO transporting nuclear fuel after it's used

    okay, why can we transport it before it's used?

    Because it's so deadly dangerous that workers have to use special protective equipment to handle the fuel rods that go into a reactor: gloves.

    That's right, you can handle unused uranium fuel rods with gloves and not get dead, like you would handling spent rods. They get MORE radioactive when we use them. Crazy. You'd think if they got MORE radioactive, you could take them and stick them back in and use them some more! Right? I mean, RIGHT?

    Right. In France, where 80+% of their power is nuclear, they recycle their spent fuel. So does UK, and all the other countries that are not stupid about it. 95% of the stuff in a used fuel rod from a nuclear reactor is useable fuel. That 95% is the stuff with half-lives so long we have to worry about people in a gozillion years getting into it and killing themselves. Yeah, when you spin that out, you get 5% of stuff with half-lives shorter than your own, and the rest is useful fuel.

    Question: when is the last time CNN told you that half of the nuclear power generated in the USA is coming from old soviet nuclear bomb warheads? Never, you say? oh, really? Well, it is. We can move those puppies around enough to turn into useful fuel, but not the stuff that used to be useful fuel 6 years ago? Hmm. Makes sense to me.

    *During the 'debates', (I can't believe he's the) candidate Obama said he's against Yucca Mountain as the place where we should store our nuclear fuel. He's against it because he's a lightweight. I'm against it because the spent fuel and old bombs should be turned into fuel, not long-term radioactive waste.

    This is stupid, people. You want to talk about being green?

    I thought you people WANTED to be recyclers! Why don't we recycle something we have heaping piles of lying all over the country?


    Safety. Nuclear is dangerous. Three Mile Island! Chernobyl!

    Not. So. Fast.

    Chernobyl was made soviet-style: zero safety precautions, shoddy maintenance, and poor training. It was literally an accident waiting to happen, and there is not a chance that a power plant of that design would be approved for construction in the USA. As far as I'm concerned, that ends the discussion right there. Go to wikipedia and look it up if you don't agree.

    TMI was fine. The safety measures took over and guess how many people got so much as a hangnail from the accident. None. Nobody was killed, nobody was hurt. The safety measures designed into the facility worked as designed and prevented any significant radiation being released into the environment. The core that melted down is currently safely contained and is LESS of a hazard than one of those pools of useful fuel rods sitting, rotting, all over the country. There has NEVER been an accident in a modern reactor that killed the NIMBYs that didn't want it to be built.

    So, for no good reason, your electric and oil and gas bills are through the roof, because the majority of the politicians YOU voted for (if you even bothered to vote) refuse to allow the recycling of a valuable natural resource. Why? because they are beholden to the environmentalist socialist watermelon groups and think they will lose their jobs. Bold leadership there. Are you motivated to vote yet? Want to call your Elected Heroes yet? Want to get off your butt and run for office yet? No? Oh well, I think American Idol is on tonight anyway.

    Jimmy Carter, you suck.