Friday, July 17, 2009

New Shooter Fund Contributions

At right, you will find a button marked "Donate."

If you want to contribute to the cause of getting new shooters on the range, click that button and make any size donation.

A couple of days after a new shooters' introductory class, one of my students called me "an excellent teacher." During that class we burned up about a hundred dollars' worth of ammunition. I can't do that very often without some help. Not everyone can offer quality firearms safety/ operation/ marksmanship/ tactics training without having to take money from students, but I do.

I hate to have my students' introduction to guns be a case of sticker shock, but lately I have been forced by my family budget to ask them to buy their own ammo. Funds donated for the cause will be used only for ammunition and/or range fees for new shooters.

Also: If you are in the Central Texas region and have never (or never in a really long time) shot a real gun before, email me at the address on the bottom of this page and let's fix that for you.

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