Friday, October 31, 2008

The Brownshirts Ascendant

A man delivers a reasoned explanation to a BO supporter in a letter.

And gets a visit from the police threatening arrest if he ever comes back.

Yup. That there's some hopey-changey flavored tolerance.

They'll tolerate us monsters until they can get rid of us. See the next post down the page. Hat tip to Smallest Minority

I don't think we're the monsters yet. But there actually IS a vast left-wing conspiracy (McCarthy WAS right) and they are working on it.

A Day Of Fasting and Prayer


Is it worth afflicting your soul for a day?

I think so.

The System, I Fixed It!

I sold a car a while back and made the huge mistake of not keeping the license plates from it. The new owner has a bad habit of driving through a toll booth about once or twice a month, and I kept having to fill out and send in TXDOT notifications of title transfer. The new owner would continue driving on my old tags, and get another toll bill, and I would get the tab for it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I got tired of this nonsense, and wrote a letter to the CTRMA/MSB people about how they were mistreating an innocent taxpayer, costing me time and money etc. and never heard back from them. The same day, I wrote to Texas Senator Kirk Watson. He didn't care for it, either, and got in contact with them.

Today I got a call from the CTRMA saying they were instituting a change in the system for people similarly situated, so the bills will theoretically not be going to former car owners. This was something they didn't have any way to track, and now the robots are going to be told to do it differently. We'll see how well it works, but remember this if nothing else:

Contacting your Elected Heroes can yield results. Don't forget they work for you and don't be scared. The system sucks sometimes but it can be changed without even shooting at anyone.

Until the revolution comes, work to reform the system from within.

Global Warming Causing Record Cold Temperatures!

In the US, winter is cold.

In further news, fire is hot and you should not play in traffic.

I suppose a natural weather cycle will leave you scratching your head if you were expecting temperatures to rise like the stock market, but then, look what happened to the stock market. Sunspots made it crash!

Oh well, at least there have been some sunspots recently.

Oh, and a bunch of methane has been released lately all over the planet. We should have been feeling the heat from such a widespread methane release by now, but it keeps getting colder!

Climate change = weather. Don't be scared of it. Prepare for cold winters and hot summers. When it's time for this planet to go out, it's going to be in a fire storm, and then it's going to get tossed like an old shirt (according to the Bible). YOU aren't going to cause it with your SUV.

Still, it's nice of you to lower the cost of my gasoline by buying less, so thanks for being too scared to drive a truck, I guess.

Joe Biden: Candidate For . . . Senator?

Joe Biden is running for a seat in the US Senate.

Of course, he isn't appearing at any campaign events, rallies, town hall forums, or answering any questions. He is counting on name recognition to get him re-elected to a 7th term.

This says 2 things about him, and both are gems.

Either he doesn't give a d-mn about the people he is supposed to represent, or he doesn't believe 100% that BO will win.

By the way, if you are in Delaware and vote for Biden for senate, and Obama wins the white house, you have been disenfranchised. Your governor will pick a Senator for you. The vote that you thought you cast for Senator, will not have counted for diddly-squat.

Do you think Obama is ignorant of this? Probably not. So they want your vote for Senate not to count. In addition to getting the dead to vote (again) for Obama and Biden,

they want to steal your votes! [/hysteria] That right there is almost enough to make me endorse Christine O'Donnell. Of course, her campaign website pushes me right to the announcement:

David endorses Christine O'Donnell in her race for Senator in 2008.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

If You Can Still Vote Early, DO IT!

We went and early-voted tonight. It only took an hour and a half. I heard one person say it took a half-hour on Monday. Tomorrow will be worse, and Tuesday the lines will be down the street.

This is a good thing, as long as everyone is voting intelligently. When the Breck Girl John Edwards was a candidate, some people thought he stood a good chance because his hair is pretty. Now BO stands a chance because his skin is the "correc" color, nevermind the Marksism [sic].

Last congressional and local elections around here, it was walk in, vote, walk out, with 3 of 6 machines occupied. Tonight there were 10 machines and lines around the block still at 7:20.

I wonder what the turnout rates will be. Surely higher than the 15% we've been running on local elections around here.

The Economy: Bad Recession, Playing Footsie w/ Depression.

Consumer spending has (officially, finally) fallen in the US. For the first time since the last fairly bad recession, 3.1%. But you already knew that because the economy is you people and

You people keep not spending your MONEY!

SO, tell you what we'll do: We're going to cut the interest rate on loans from Uncle Sugar to 0%.

That's right. Zero percent financing from the only one dumb enough to lend money right now to people who should be going out of business: you the US Federal Government.

You have stopped buying things you don't need.

So manufacturers have stopped making them, and their suppliers of materials and equipment have stopped making materials and equipment, because nobody is buying more of them, either.

Nobody is making MORE STUFF because everyone is stretched to the limit.

The solution? Obviously cheaper loans! That way, you will take on more debt! Then the economy will recover like magic! And your grandkids can pay it all off!

Wonderful. Thanks guys, see you at the ballot box!

Oh, wait, who put them there, the voters, or Bush?

oooooooooh, that's right. Good job staying out of the capitalism, jerks.

By the way, some people called this a year and two years in advance. I won't say I told you so, but . . .

TSA: Making A Mockery Of Safety (Still)

See? This right here is why I don't fly anywhere.

Oh, and I haven't since before 9/11. I'm not scared of Terrorists, I'm pissed that the .feds think I am a stupid one.

Yes, they think you are a stupid terrorist, also. Read the article.

Yes, they know there are vulnerabilities. No, they don't plan to address them all. Because they don't care about preventing attacks, one can only presume.

In Israel, there are armed guards in restaurants. In USA, there are "no weapons" signs in restaurants. Which do you think is a better dissuader of ill-intentioned persons?

You are being made fun of. And you are a willing participant.

. . . and I am driving, and it takes the same amount of time to get to Houston driving as it does sitting through security and flying. . . and I have a car when I get there.

Austrailans: Can't Trust 'em With Guns . . . OR the Internet?

They gave away their guns.

Now they are giving away their internet?

But it's for the children! Surely you are not against the CHILDREN!!!1!

From Jigsaw's Thoughts

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama's Birth Certificate: Nanny-Nanny Boo-Boo!

In Kenya, where his grandmother said he was born, they won't release his records till after the election.

In Hawaii, where he claims to have been born, they won't release the original birth certificate until he asks for it, and he hasn't asked. They also won't say if it is a cert. for a birth in Hawaii.

Berg's lawsuit was dismissed. Do we really have to wait until BIDEN is the successor, to find out if this joker is lying about being qualified to be President?

Obama: 100% Tax Rates Like His Daddy?


So it turns out Obama's Black African Daddy was a Commie/Socialist as well. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, even when the tree abandons the apple when he's still a toddler. And then remains so far out of BO's life that he writes a book dedicated to him, and spends a month at a time with BO when he's grown. Right. Pure abandonment by THAT daddy. Not influential at all

Now Barry has not (yet) gone this far:

"What is more important is to find means by which we can redistribute our economic gains to the benefit of all," said the senior Obama, a Harvard-educated economist. "This is the government's obligation." The "means" he had in mind were confiscatory taxes on a scale that redefines the term "progressive taxation."

"Theoretically," he wrote, "there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed."

No, BO has only proposed an effective 54% top federal tax bracket. Plus the cost of health care for everybody that will have to be paid by "somebody."

And I really tend to doubt that he wants to take EVERY dollar you earn, and give it back to you in the form of government benefits (you want luxuries and conveniences? Capitalist dog!). Besides, he doesn't have the votes even if he wanted to, right?



Oh wait, BO didn't write "Dreams" all by himself (like he lied and said he did). It looks like (radical unrepentant terrorist) Ayers did. And if you think Obama was hoodwinked by all these leftists turning up as his past allies all over the place, think again. He chose them "carefully".

He is a naked Marxist, at least, and even Michael Savage has endorsed the Non-Obama candidate. And he almost(?) HATES McCain!

I Never Thought I Would Be REALLY Glad To Wear Glasses.

I mean, sure, they have saved my eyes from flying debris, solder blobs, spit, smoke, fires' heat and a hundred other things but those are only side benefits. I never thought I would be glad to wear glasses instead of contacts.

Until I read this.

Onece More Under The Bus, Dear Friends?

The LA Times reported about a tape they received showing Obama praising a PLO-tied professor type. Called him a frend and frequent dinner guest.

BO says they're not exactly swapping campaign advice these days and I actually tend to believe him (although I still think he's a moral hazard for the country).

The Times isn't releasing the tape but they did report on the story 6 months ago.

I'm with the Times on this one. Right to know? We told you 6 months ago! The Right just wants video clips & soundbites to hit BO with right before the election!

Still, my culture and my Bible tell me to be careful of the company I keep.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election Time . . . Time To Do Your Homework!

I haven't slept until the next morning for the past two days, working on my car. Now that I have something to get to work in again, priority number 2 became finding out how to vote.

I've been at it for ::checks watch:: almost 3 hours. Bedtime was over an hour and a half ago, but this is important.

I'm about 2/3 done choosing candidates for fewer than 20 races. If you don't spend at least a significant fraction of this amount of time, please


Do NOT vote. Seriously. If you vote based on feelings or party affiliation (or worse, skin color or other prejudices) the country is better off if you stay home this Election Day.

In case you were curious, the list so far is heavily Republican, with a sprinkling of Libertarians. I've voted for a few Democrats in the past and may again this year (voted D for sheriff last time, if I recall correctly). I'm not finished making my picks yet. Skin color of the candidates runs the gamut from Iceland to Kenya, it makes 0% difference to me.

Note to candidates:

Have a website.
With pictures of you
Easily accessible issue statements

You would think that was obvious but apparently not, especially for the small-time races' Libertarian candidates. My wife was making some hot cocoa and walked by the computer. I said "you've got to be kidding me." She came and looked, and it was a Losertarian candidate's "campaign website"... name, contact info, small picture, and nothing else. She's no computer wizard, but she said "Are you kidding? Even I could come up with a better website than that."



To stave off the questioning throngs, I'll tell you before you ask. 2 democrats made it onto my "fer" list (I was strongly "agin" most of the Dems this year). Sheriff and Tax Assessor-Collector. Because both have been doing a good job since I voted for them the last time.


but seriously. My daily commuting car is a 2000 Hyundai Elantra we purchased from a dealer in San Diego in late 1999. It came from Korea with an automatic transmission. A few months back, I bought a 1998 Elantra for parts.

My car took me to work this morning, with a MANUAL transaxle for the first time ever. I converted it over the last weekend from automatic to standard and finally this project is accomplished!

Read all about it, here: Relevant Link

I'm also reworking the parts car's cylinder head (port/polish), and I have already mounted the intake camshaft (slightly higher lift/duration) in my car. I plan to use the (higher compression) pistons in my car. I have used and sold some of the other parts as well.

Does anybody want any parts off a 1998 Elantra before I Craigslist this puppy?

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Economy: It's NOT a Conspiracy!

It's Keynes! They genuinely think they are helping, but they are not.

It's so crazy, the Black Helicopter folks are spinning it their own way.

The economy is reverting to levels not seen since the time of sane lending practices. That means HARD hard times ahead. As in, if you keep your job you are doing GREAT.

Governments will be forced to trim services all around the world. "Budget setting for 2009 is going to be a very tough process in order to squeeze out every possible cost saving." No kidding, UK. Maybe we can take this opportunity to stop funding "arts" that should be thrown in the rubbish heap, and stop hassling pensioners who are doing what they've been doing for decades, in the name of their own safety?

We'll see.

More News From The Place Where England Used to Be

So, subjects of the United Kingdom... how's that whole gun ban and effective ban on self-defense working out for you?

Reduced crime?

Not so much.

Funny what happens when you assure criminals they won't be hurt, much less shot, when going about their business.

Hat tip to Uncle

The New Remington Model 870 Express Tactical

Now THIS is a shotgun I won't poke fun at. It has everything I would like, aside from a collapsible buttstock. Add that, and it's ready for action anywhere. As it is, it's ready for setting by the bed, in the trunk, or almost anywhere else where you aren't hunting animals. And for animals, you would look pretty silly but it'd still get the job done.

If I had the cash, I would put mine on order, ASAP.

You all may feel free to purchase one (or two, or three) of these for me as a present.

Let's see here...

12 gauge? Check.
Short Barrel? (18.5") Check.
Ghost ring sights? Check.
Rail? Check.
7+1 capacity? Check.
Breaching teeth? Check.
Reliability? Check.
Parts availability? Check.
Don't have the cash for it right now? Check.

H/T: Say Uncle

Friday, October 24, 2008

Looking for $2 Gasoline? Keep Looking

(It's Coming)

Gas is in the $2.4x range here, following my prediction nicely. We're seeing lower prices on oil, and gas is following. The ratio isn't exact, but as a rule of thumb, it's working out well.

If this prediction pays out, look for $2/gallon gasoline soon.

Oil is sitting at $63 right now, and gas is at $2.40... if the market stabilized now, which I think it won't, we'd be looking at somewhere around $2.50 or a little less for a gallon of gas as a national average, if I am right.

We are driving less and using less oil all over the world, and the OPEC member nations are cheating (and not the only people pumping oil)... oil is falling hard, still, for the short-term future.

Russia Wants to Buy, but Nobody Buys Russia?

Russia exports oil. The price of oil is falling like a stone. Russia is not liking this. So they decided to try and monkey with the price of oil by buying it and making an oil reserve like some of the other cool countries have.

The problem (well, one problem) with that idea? Nobody is buying Russia right now. Because it looks increasingly like Russia is a bad risk.

So... where will they get the money?

This could be interesting.

So far, OPEC threatening to cut production hasn't helped hold up the price of oil.

Maybe, just maybe, we are seeing a return to an oil market based on supply and demand and not speculation.

We'll see.

The Brownshirts Ascendant

Another example of an opponent of the One coming under fire.


Well, okay, they only shot up his house. I'm sure the shooter checked to make sure nobody was inside first. I mean, only a crazy person shoots up a supporter of the other guy's candidate's house without making sure it's empty first.

Obama on the 2nd Amendment:

He likes it as much as he likes capitalim.

From NRA-ILA, you can get a summary of his record, as well as see him saying a few (ahem) just words

Spreading Numbness...?

Nobody worry, this is just here to preserve timeline information for future reference.

3? days ago my R index finger had a mild numbness in the callous on the last 2 segments, and I chalked it up to excessive use of a dremel tool recently. Well it's spread to the top of the hand and forearm, maybe as far as the upper arm and face. I've just switched chairs at work and been sleeping far too little. Hopefully these are the causes.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Greenspan: Crushes The Economy, THEN Gets a Clue.

Thank you for noticing this in time Alan.

In a May 2005 speech, Greenspan said that "private regulation generally has proved far better at constraining excessive risk-taking than has government regulation."

That is to say, when profit is your motive, you will do a better job covering your six, than you will when government tells you what to do with your money.

also, Treasury Secretary John Snow said the U.S. needs "one strong national regulator" to oversee firms and fix what Snow called "a fragmented approach" to regulation.

You know, because all that pesky capitalism has something called "risk" associated with it.

President Reagan said the best thing the government could do would be to get out of the way. He is STILL right.

A Day For Rage and Vengeance!

25 years ago today.

241 of my brothers were murdered.

by FAITHFUL MUSLIMS following the example of mohammed

In a coordinated attack, the French also suffered 59 losses.

Because we were not kind?

Because we were not compassionate and understanding?

Because we did not try to talk and work with them?


Because we are INFIDELS and mohammed said to KILL US ALL.

We didn't start the fire.

But we damn well better put it out.

Charles "The Hammer" Martel did it once.

We are currently playing footsie with the people who would send us a nuclear bomb if they could. But of course, we need their oil...

...because we don't have any here in the USA...

Oh, wait.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Austin is Crazy. Still.

There is a recommendation that all existing homes (read: 50 years old owned by pensioners, with clapboard floors, walls, and roof, with single-pane windows that are a bit draughty) should get energy audits prior to sale (to someone who is going to knock them down and install a new "McMansion" on the lot). These energy audits should cost several hundred dollars, and that's bad enough.

But the recommendation was actually almost a win for homeowners... because it was instead of requiring retrofits to increase the energy efficiency of older houses, possibly running into thousands of dollars.

And they wonder why the suburbs are growing, and nobody much wants to live in Austin proper. Hmm.

Two Views On the Economy

Unfortunately, the wrong one is bought hook, line, sinker, rod, boat, trailer and truck by the people currently running the show.

here is a dose of what the other side sounds like.

Just so's you know.

You Know You Are Doing Right When...

...You have not enough nice clothes to have a new suit every day for 3 months, and your campaign has spent $150,000 to outfit your entire immediate family...

AND that's all the mainstream media has to throw at you.

Ad hominem attacks: it's what you do instead of talking about things that matter.

A good move looks to have been made by McCain.

Gas Follows Oil: A Sign of the Times

Remember I told you earlier that the price of gas follows the price of oil?

Yeah, well gas fell $0.13 overnight, where I live. Now it's down to $2.46 at several stations on my way in to work. The high was right at $4.

Deflation. Yes, even with more credit, less money. Lower prices will be coming soon to a grocery store near you. Remember you heard it here first.

Now if only the Fed would get out of the way. The economy would fix itself (read: fall back to 2001 levels) and wall street would tank for a year or 3, then we would come roaring back. You know, instead of a prolonged recession or even a Great Depression II, which is where we are headed if they continue insisting on trying to patch this busted dam with more water.

Savage 210F: A Rifle... For 12ga. Slugs.

Have you ever wanted to go deer hunting, but all you had was a homely slug shotgun?

Now you can look like all the cool hunters using rifles, and still blow a head-sized exit wound!

Enter the Savage Slug Warrior!

Just kidding, it's a neat concept (for a niche market) whose time is long past due. Sure you can probably already get this sort of thing, but probably not for <$600.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Whitey Tapes @ API?

The African Press International claims to have the beloved Michelle on tape saying things the Obama's campaign might not like.

The content would certainly be interesting, and I would looooove to hear it was up on Youtube about a week before the election.

They're asking the lawyers about that. Well, time will tell what happens, and if it happens in time before the election or not will probably make a difference in the future of our country.

It was getting so quiet and ... well, sane, since they taped her up in the closet, and now some fool went and gave her access to a telephone. I know she's not the candidate, but the Candidate did say that what she says IS the platform (or some such). And he did choose her. After he met her in crazyamericahatingracist church.

Obama: Hitler MkII? Well the SA Are Only Informal So Far...

Yes I made the comparison. No it is not apt.



Maybe Obama should have a campaign song. You know, with inspiring lyrics like
"Die Fahne hoch, die Reihen dicht geschlossen" (google it).

You know, since the Brownshirts I mentioned before are really getting into the swing of things now.

For example:

Shooting at the campaign vehicles carrying the Obama's opponents

Trying to get people in legal trouble for trying to investigate fraud that benefits the Obama

Forcing the mentally handicapped to vote for the Obama

Forcing those who expose the Obama's agenda out of business

Funny business with voter registration

Giving journalists a hard time

If you're not reading the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler by now, you should be. They're doing a nice job keeping up with the stuff the alphabet networks WILL NOT report.

More News From The Place Where England Used to Be

From the Times Online

If you have an ex-boyfriend who is in MI-5 and trying to kill you but can't find you, you can buy a prepaid mobile phone for cash.

Until this new regulation comes in. Then you will be lumped in with drug dealers, money launderers, and (of course) The Terrorists.

Because your privacy concerns do not matter in the face of Terror.

If you have a body cavity search to combat Terrorism, how have the Terrorists NOT won?

Note: the terrorists will be forced to come up with (another) set of false papers before they can buy a phone, or -horrors!- drive across to France or somewhere else and buy one there.

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Even though that was said by one of the founders of the US, look for this sort of pernicious activity to come here sooner or later. After all, at one point, Englishmen were required to engage in practice with their bows, and now you'll just about be put in prison for life if you want to do that sort of thing outside the approved venues.

Earth Has A Fever, Causing Glaciers To Grow!

For the global warmenists out there, here's one more piece of data for you to ignore or try to explain away:

For the first time in decades, with record high amounts of snow and generally cold weather, the glaciers in Alaska didn't shrink during the summer, and are growing for the first time in hundreds of years.

You know what? The scientists looking ONLY at things like glacial growth data, actually forgot to be "politically correct" (note: not the same as "scientifically correct" or "factually correct"). They went out and said

"...years like this, however, might mark the beginning of another Little Ice Age."

Sort of like the one that happened a few hundred years ago causing global famine & death due to crop failures. Coincident with about the same amount of solar activity we've been seeing lately. Also in the 1600s they had a temporary ban on SUVs and lots of hybrid cars were sold, but they reversed that to get the global warming back.

Seen at Les Jones where I also found this gem:

“Global warming anxiety was a Nineties and early Noughties fad — the product of a too affluent age in search of a hair-shirt religion to assuage its guilt at having had it so good. Now that everyone has something real to worry about, cutting carbon emissions seems about as relevant as the Jitterbug or the Rubik’s Cube.”
– James Delingpole

Saturday, October 18, 2008

You Don't Have To Kill Babies To Get Stem Cells just have to pull your hair out. One hair.

... and in a couple of weeks, you can have stem cells which will not be rejected by a patient. Cells that can be programmed into whatever type of organ you need.

so tell me why again, exactly, we need to kill more babies to get new lines of stem cells?

Why, when, out of 70+ stem cell-based therapies in use today, NONE are from dead baby stem cells?

I guess some people like killing babies so much they need an excuse that sounds like it helps somebody else to live.

No thanks.

Voting Machines Can Be Hacked in <7 MInutes.

Sequoia (voting machine manufacturer) disputes the findings.

"Throughout our report response, we show how simple, established, and previously used accuracy and security protections . . . make the items in their report next to impossible," company spokesman Edwin Smith said. "Many of the scenarios painted by plaintiffs depend on the existence of crooked, malicious, and corrupt poll workers, while the success of some scenarios depends on both corrupt poll workers and inattentive voters."

And as we all know, poll workers are 100% honest, and voters are 200% attentive.

So, don't worry about New Jersey this election!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Move Over Brownshirts, Here Comes The Plumbers' Union.

You remember the Brownshirts? (hint: "All opposition must be stamped into the ground")

Well, it looks like there is a grass-roots version popping up in support of BO.

If you dare say something that makes a 2nd grade child understand that Capitalism is good and it makes Obama look like a radical socialist before he's elected, stand by. The Wrath is coming at you.

Ad hominem attacks: it's what you do instead of refuting a point.

If Obama Wins Ohio, Thank The Dead People.

After all, they, along with Mickey Mouse and the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys are among the 105% of population registered to vote in some places in Ohio.

Good work, ACORN! It looks like you managed to get your fraud in close enough to the election to prevent it from being reversed before the big day. Also you got to make the Republicans look silly for protesting so late in the game. You know, as opposed to changing the system before this became a problem. That's right Republicans of Ohio, you LET this election be stolen from you.

Oh by the way, as I understand it, the reason for the deadline was the statutory date for separating identifying information from the ballots. If the Secretary "oopsy" doesn't quite manage to get the job done, the fake ballots will be counted alongside the real ones. And if that means BO gets the whitehouse, remember you heard it here first:

The Fix Is In

The voting system in OH and a bunch of other jurisdictions is pretty messed up. And I seem to recall that where it's most messed up, Democrats are in charge.

Remember that when you have to wait for the ghost of a dead person to vacate your voting booth this December.

Socialism and Budgets Don't Mix.

So Hawaii is dropping their "everyone pays for the other guy's child's health care" program.

It turns out that, when you give people the opportunity to ditch private health care, with premiums, and go to "somebody else pays" health insurance, they do. Then, surprise! the cost of your "we'll help out the underprivileged" program goes through the roof. Normally this would not be a problem, but when the economy goes sour, you have to cut somewhere.

"We believe the program is working, and given Hawaii's economic uncertainty, we don't think now is the time to cut all funding for this kind of program."

Ya know what I believe? I believe when mixing socialism with capitalism makes the capitalism start to fail, taking the socialism out is a GOOD thing.

You know what else? If the fools trying to "spread the wealth" weren't so afraid of hurting the feelings of the Poor, Poor, Pitiful Poor People by making them PROVE they need help, I'd be all for it. Means testing as the way to ensure qualification for government help: the only way to fly!

Half-Black, Obama Has Full-Black Hate

... according to him, that is. IF he wrote his book.

That would be in spite of growing up taken care of by white people (whose motivations he didn't understand (hint: love recognizes itself)) in one of the most racially diverse places in the world. And in spite of not actually suffering the things he read about. And having every material advantage.

Regarding his hatred: "It formed a counter-narrative buried deep within each person and at the center of which stood white people – some cruel, some ignorant, sometimes a single face, sometimes just a faceless image of a system claiming power over our lives."

Sure, come December 4th, elect him. He's just the sort of person we need to let the Democrats realize that America got past skin color a decade or three ago. Right.

Public Fornication: Not Just For San Fransicko!

The sodomites are buggering each other in public parks and restrooms in UK also. And since they make so much noise about the discrimination when they are arrested, and since your UK government is full of spineless wimps...

They are recommending that the police not arrest people for having sex in public.

No, Seriously

See what happens when you leave your bibles at home? Your grandchildren end up in this mess.

God calls it an abomination. The governments of the world increasingly think it's just peachy.

I think you can guess on whose side I find myself.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Worry Citizen, It Is For Your SAFETY!

Surely no-one would object to a strip-search for SAFETY!

Surely no-one would object to removing their shoes for SAFETY!

Surely no-one would object to confiscation of toothpaste for SAFETY!

Surely no-one would object to confiscation of fingernail clippers for SAFETY!!

Surely no-one would object to confiscation of box cutters for SAFETY!

Surely no-one would object to prohibiting pocket knives on planes for SAFETY!

Surely no-one would object to prohibiting wearing pistols on planes for SAFETY!

Surely no-one would object to prohibiting soldiers from carrying rifles on planes for SAFETY!

I haven't flown since last century, because I don't care for being made fun of, in the name of having the rabbit people feeeeeel SAFETY.

At what point do YOU draw the line?

I Agree With Hugo Chavez!

"I am convinced he has got no idea what's going on," said Chavez.

He said Bush is to the left of him, and called him a Comrade.

You know, because the State taking over banks is, shall we say, not exactly the Capitolist thing to do.

2nd Obama Citizenship/Qualification Lawsuit

Since BO has been so forthcoming with his birth certificate, a second lawsuit has issued, this time against putting him on the ballot in Washington, without first making sure he is legally qualified to be the One.

You know, producing one gen-u-wine real-deal-holyfield certificate from Hawaii would make these questions go away instantly. That's why McCain (who has nothing to hide) showed his.

Tax Cuts For The Poor!

A.K.A. "pennies from heaven!"

If you live in a dirt hut on a dirt road with a dirt floor and eat dirt, you are poor.

If you live in an air-conditioned apartment where more than one person sleeps in the same room, and you have electricity, running hot AND cold water, windows, a dry roof, a finished floor, a paved street, a car of your own, a cellular phone for all the adults and half the children, a bigscreen color television hooked up to cable, high speed internet on your own personal computer, a dishwasher, a clothes washer and dryer, and a refrigerator AND cupboard full of food, you are NOT poor.

If you live in a million dollar mansion, well, you're not poor either.

To the man living on $300/year, your $30,000 puts you in the lap of luxury, and he might argue that you don't NEED to have that cell phone or computer, and it's not FAAAAAIIR that you get to have these luxuries, when he doesn't.

To the man living on $30,000/yr, your $3,000,000 puts you in the lap of luxury, and he might argue that you don't NEED to have that Prada watch and new Lamborghini, next to the year-old Porsche. It's not FAAAAIIR that you get to have these luxuries and he doesn't.

So, in the interest of ECONOMIC FAIRNESS we are going to take $20,000 from your $30,000 annual salary and give it to the people making $300 per year.

That, after all, would be FAIR.

And if you agree with that statement, you are a frikken commie rat socialist bastard and you'd better get a law passed because I can't fight off the entire US Government by myself.

Of course, the street thug who thinks it's not FAAAAAIIR that he doesn't have my cash and credit card, I can shoot one at a time with the gun that it's also not FAAAAAIIR that I have on my person.


Note: this should not be construed as a threat against Barack Hussein Obama, who, after all, doesn't want to punish success, he just wants to spread the wealth around.

San Francisco: Not for Children. Or Adults.

The people in San Francisco seriously think this sort of thing is fine.

On public streets, with no admittance charged,

public nudity and anonymous sex. Among other things.

Gee, I wonder why the Arab Street thinks we have a few small problems with our morals?

This is a highlight. This is a bit ramped up from the usual bums sleeping across the sidewalks, defecating and fornicating in the streets. This is a couple of steps worse than the 'critical mass' folks (who somehow haven't been shot down by machine-gun fire yet).

Do not click this link.

Seriously, do NOT click this link.

If you click this link, you will see what the 'homosexual' queer adgenda pushers would like to happen in YOUR city. On YOUR street in YOUR neighborhood. To YOUR children.

Okay fine, click the link. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Last chance not to click

Obama's Post-Debate Talking Points Released Pre-Debate.

Because, you know, having remarks produced on the fly is simply not done.

By people too dim to be able to do it, anyway.

But this is just great. You can turn off the radio and television, and read this one article and know what the downstream media is going to be saying all day about last night's debate!

And when you hear these things, remember, the press is NOT in the tank for Obama. Not at all. And remember, Democrats: VOTE this December 4th!

No Christmas Before Thanksgiving!

Come on now, this is just stupid.

It's not even Haloween, and Gloucestershire decorators have already put up the Christmas kit.

Hold on there.

I know you're not a proper Christian, and probably don't even go to services at The Church as often as you should... but would you please stop taking advantage of the birth of the Lord as an opportunity to push your made in china junk on me? Turn the commercials off, stop playing the songs, and for crying out loud TAKE DOWN THE DECORATIONS at LEAST until December comes around.

At my house I have a hard and fast rule, both to avoid offending myself, and to prevent my hair getting any thinner or grayer:

NO Christmas before Thanksgiving.


No music, decorations, commercials, gifts, cards, NOTHING. So the day after Thanksgiving my wife (who LOVES to decorate) pulls down all the fall/harvest stuff and BAM when I get home from work the next day and it's frikken Christmas. Complete with constant "hoooooliday" music. Gag me.

Let's celebrate the day, certainly. Maybe even the month. But, if you're not going to be like my dad and leave the Christmas stuff up year 'round, PLEASE at least wait until it's December. Sweating from the summer heat while looking at tinsel is just wrong.

More News From The Place Where England Used to Be

In UK, the National Health System is the pinnacle of achievement. Quality of care is excellent, and everyone is seen in a timely manner.

Oh, wait. That would be the US, where consumers pay directly. In the UK, they are seriously talking about NOT providing health care at all to people who are fat, smoke, drink, or are just too old because it's an unnecessary expense on a system already strapped for cash.

Except in Hull, apparently, where they have this great idea to improve public health by

...wait for it...

buying a yacht.

No, they don't want to spend £40M over the next two years by doing something unproductive like building a new hospital or refurbishing ALL the old ones, or maybe just giving taxpaying subjects their money back. They want to buy a yacht. To help, at the outside, 450 people.

I wonder if they would like to buy a bridge from me. You know, so they would get healthier by sailing under it.

The local residents are, predictably, too dim to see that this is actually a good idea, and not a way for Health Secretary Alan Johnson to get a free yacht ride whenever he wants one.

There is a list of VERY GOOD REASONS that UK doesn't trust their subjects with arms. They might get to thinking they had a right to their own money instead of buying fatcats yachts, for one.

How Long Until They Start Being Off'd?

I was sitting last night thinking about how the good Secretary was quite open about stealing $2.25T from you and me, and a new thought occurred to me.

America has been famous for hundreds of years for peaceful transfers of government from one party to another. You know, unlike the third world, where outright warfare sometimes follows elections.

But they are stepping on some toes pretty hard these days. How much harder will they have to step, before someone with a deer rifle turns it into a Secretary rifle? Anything that will put down a deer will go through level III armor like it's not even there, don't you know. How long will it be, before someone who lost a lot of buddies in foreign lands defending capitalism, decides to go and off the socialist elites in Washington, who are tossing capitalism straight under the bus?

The socialists do have one thing working in their favor. The people who see the need of regulating deer, moose, elk, duck, etc. population so the animals won't go starve to death in winter; the people who see the tremendous value to the palate of a nice aged venison steak; these are the same people who have the good rifles. The people clinging to their guns are the same ones who cling to their religion, which tells them Thou Shalt Not Kill.

So it may be that we have to go so far down the road to oppression that it's irreversible. We may have to wait until it's obvious even to the unobservant citizenry that we HAVE TO fight back. When the rabble start being roused to violence, THEN I think the Good People will take out their "interesting" rifles and start doing some good.

Probably not very much before then.

Unlike the muslims, the Christians have a holy book that says NOT to kill the infidel.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Ideal Retreat!

Sometimes I think it would be nice to live in a place like this.

But then I remember a 2-day commute to work & church would really cut down on family time, so nevermind.

Other than that, though, it's nearly ideal.

Do Not Worry Comrades, This Is For The STATE!

From the New York Times, found at Mish's

Everything is straight from the NYT, except for my comments in brackets, until the ********. Emphasis is mine.

WASHINGTON — The chief executives of the nine largest banks in the United States trooped into a gilded conference room at the Treasury Department at 3 p.m. Monday. To their astonishment, they were each handed a one-page document that said they agreed to sell shares to the government, then Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. said they must sign it before they left.
[the Fed lends them money at 5%, increasing to 9% later, or they can make money on it if they lend. To whom will they lend? The smart are not borrowing and the defaulters are no longer considered credit-worthy]
Mr. Paulson announced the plan Tuesday, saying “we regret having to take these actions.” Pouring billions in public money into the banks, he said, was “objectionable,” but unavoidable to restore confidence in the markets and persuade the banks to start lending again.
All told, the potential cost to the government of the latest bailout package comes to $2.25 trillion, triple the size of the original $700 billion rescue package, which centered on buying distressed assets from banks. The latest show of government firepower is an abrupt about-face for Mr. Paulson, who just days earlier was discouraging the idea of capital injections for banks.
Mr. Kovacevich of Wells Fargo objected that his bank, based in San Francisco, had avoided the mortgage-related woes of its Wall Street rivals. He said the investment could come at the expense of his shareholders.
With the discussion becoming heated, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben S. Bernanke, who was seated next to Mr. Paulson, interceded. He told the bankers that the session need not be combative, since both the banks and the broader economy stood to benefit from the program. Without such measures, he added, the situation of even healthy banks could deteriorate.


So here we go, taking "regrettable" actions, because the economy needs it.

You know, I bet Stalin regretted some of the actions he had to take in the beginning, too. And Hitler. And Chavez. And Mao. And Castro.

Deeply regrettable, but not for the reasons they think.

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme" -Mark Twain
History, my friends, is beginning to rhyme.

Want to Understand But Hate All Those Pesky Words?

Found at Mish's

If you are one of those people who kinda sorta wants to understand what exactly the Federal government is up to these days, but you don't want to bother reading all those long WORD things, here is a comic book explanation.

The Banktron is the Fed. You are the blond guy. You used to have $2,250,000,000 in your wallet.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tip to Governess Palin: Select All, Delete.

You're a boob if you do confidential state business on Yahoo! mail's servers.

AND if you don't immediately delete the account when it is hacked.

Nice, how the article fails to mention that it was a Democrat legislator's son who is in trouble for the hacking.

Nice. All the way 'round.

And this is the best we can do for a VP?


Hugo Chavez: Go Soak Your Head.

Hugo Chavez is a fool if he thinks it's good for him to not sell oil to his biggest customer and the only one who can refine it economically.

But then he is a socialist, so there you go.

Pesky capitalists, trying to keep the stuff they paid money for!

Perhaps we begin to learn that dealing with socialists by investing dollars into their countries' infrastructure is not such a good idea after all?

By the way, never shop at CITGO. Walk to the next station in the rain if you have to. CITGO is the US arm of Venezuela's oil industry and if they fell off the planet that'd be fine with me.

We already showed we can deal with $4 gas Hugo. Go soak your head in it and see how long your economy survives. Maybe ask Russia if they want the oil. Oh wait their economy is falling apart too. Maybe China? Maybe Cuba?

Take a hike. You and the socialist iron horse you rode in on. I hope we never get another gallon from Venezuela as long as that jerk is alive.

oh, sorry, I'm being preeeeejudiced.

You betcha. You say that like it's a bad thing.

Credit Cards: Doing What Banks Should But Can't.

So the credit card companies are starting to realize that, if you want to lose money, the status quo is the way to go.

And they are not in the business of losing money. They are in the business of having YOU lose money, soooooo

It's time to wise up a little.

Of course, the banks would do this too, except that it would be


Thanks ACORN!

Obama: Hates the 1st, 2nd, and now 4th, 5th, 6th & MORE!

Seen at Days of Our Trailers

This starts out as an article about how Barack Hussein Obama is accepting of his neighbors' rights being completely stripped away, for the percieved safety of his family, and the reporterette who wrote the story thinks this is the way to go. If you don't think Obama doesn't care about the Constitution, read what he allows to happen to the people with whom he is friendly and attends neighborhood cookouts. Then think what he would do for the yokels in flyover country, and the whacko behind your keyboard.

I seem to remember a quote to the effect that those who are willing to sacrifice liberty for security, deserve, and will get, neither.

Tell that to Mary Mitchell, who is advocating ditching the Constitution wholesale as a means of curbing gun violence in a city where guns are prohibited.

Yes that's right, in Chicago, gun control didn't work, so now they are openly advocating the same things we read about in countries whose government style ends in "ism".

In free America, she wants:

Warrantless searches
Interrogations and detention of citizens not accused of any crime
Confiscation of personal property

All because the ONLY thing that has been proven to REDUCE CRIME, is an unthinkable monstrosity:

Let the people fight back.

Let the people enjoy the freedom secured for them by the Founders and enshrined in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution against violation by the Federal government. Let them keep and bear arms.

Let the "wild west" and "blood running in the street" pants-sh!tting hysteria not dissuade the only effective crime control measure they haven't tried (short of totalitarian police state tactics): Allow the people to defend themselves, and let the criminals know it can happen to them, too.

More and more jurisdictions are allowing citizens to go about armed and seeing reductions in crime, while the places where individual arms are forbidden pretty much uniformly have worse and more terrible types of crime.

I know it is a phobia. I know the anti's are literally afraid of guns. I know that reason and statistics and facts have nothing to do with what is acceptable.

That's why, unless the 2nd Amendment is incorporated like the others, Chicago, San Fransisco, New York, and places like them, will continue to go deeper into the toilet.



How nice. I was reading Col. Cooper's Commentaries from December 1996 and found that he agreed with me.

"In the big cities we put up with violence because we wish to. There are two options, neither of which we are prepared to take. One is a police state, and the other is a totally armed citizenry. If we do not like either of those two choices we can take to the streets and wave our arms. This may relieve our feelings, but it will not help the situation."

Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama has a Kenyan Birth Cirtificate?

You heard about it here second. (found at AIT)

We shall see.

Unfortunately, I think that puts Biden in the whitehouse unless this lawsuit business goes down FAST.

OR Biden could be running against McPalin (WIN!)

OR Bush really did have an evil genius master plan to declare martial law & make himself king.

We'll see, I guess. But wow.

Gas Follows Oil, Genius!

I've heard this from a couple of people who should be smarter than to think this way, so SOMEbody's got to say it. They mention that it's evidence of funny business that gasoline is $3+ with oil at $80, since last time oil was at $80 gas was at $2.80-ish.

Hold on there.

Gasoline prices FOLLOW oil prices people! DUH!

The price of gas goes UP after the price of OIL goes UP. When the price of oil goes DOWN it will take a minute for the price of GAS to go DOWN.

When a refinery has to pay $100 for oil, when it was paying $75 a month before, the gas made from that $100 oil is going to sell to the gas stations for more than the gas made from $75 gas did a month ago. When the price goes back down, once the oil is made into gas, and the gas is shipped, stored, and bought, the price of the gas will be lower. In a couple of weeks, if oil continues falling, look for the price of gas to be right where it should be, based on the price of oil today.

Calm down. Market forces and the supply chain are working.

In a stable oil market, I noticed that $25 on a barrel of oil put about $1 on a gallon of gasoline. Shortly after oil hit $100 and $125, gas was going up through $4/gal. We really were headed for $5 and $6 gas nationwide BUT Saudi Arabia bailed us out, bucked OPEC and went to up production of crude oil. And Brazil struck black gold off their coast. And the hurricane season didn't pan out. So the oil contract futures price spike got some of the commodities traders VERY rich VERY quickly (hi, S.J.!) and the fools who thought it would keep going up have had their clocks cleaned on oil futures. Good. The speculation market isn't a kiddie pool and I hope all the amateurs have been sufficiently scared away for a good, long time.

Anyhow, the price of gas is falling, chasing the price of oil down the hill.

I, for one, am glad to have my fuel bill reduced 25% and thank God for it.

Iranians Send Dirty Bomb To Israel! (?)

Here's the analysis that Emperor Misha I missed and then found.

A ship leaves from Iran and goes for the Suez Canal. It is hijacked by Somali pirates. They open one of the containers and find that the fine sandy stuff inside causes burns, hair loss, and death, to not nearly enough 16 of the pirate scum.

That would be radiation poisoning.

That would be highly radioactive fine particulate matter that was going to sail right by Israel. The Iranians seem to have got the fine sandy poison from China.

Certainly Iran would tell you the idea was specifically NOT to blow it all sky-high and let it settle out over Israel and cause sickness and death for the Jews (and Arab Muslims but they're collateral damage in the Jihad).

This is one of, if not THE, biggest stories of the year. And you heard about this first on CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Los Angeles Times on a small-potatoes internet blog.

Good job, downstream media.

Remember, Democrats, when you go to vote for Obama on December 4th:

Barack wants to talk with the leaders of Iran without preconditions.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

In Canada, The Healthcare System STINKS.

hat tip to Taxing Tennessee

...just like in UK, Cuba, probably Korea and Russia as well...

In Canada, if you need a CT scan, you go on a waiting list. If you needed it to detect something that was going to kill you in 5 months, you will be dead before your turn comes up. Literally.

In the USA, if you need a CT scan, you go from the doctor's office to the CT scan room. If it's not an emergent situation, you might have to come back tomorrow or next week.

What's the difference? In the USA, you or your private insurance company pay the CT people directly. In Canada, it's "free" and run (into the ground) by the government.

Here is the dirty little secret that Barack Healthcare for Everyone Obama and Hillary "you'll practice the medicine I say/you'll visit the OB/GYN I tell you to" Clinton don't want you to know, spoken by a Canadian that has no need to hide it:

"The contention that for-profit health care can exist along with a public system is not true," said Natalie Mehra, the report's author and director of the coalition. "It is a take-away from the public health-care system."

That's right kiddies. The free (sh*tty) healtcare for everyone crowd doesn't WANT you to be able to pay for your own health care. In Canada it's so bat that some people (willing to live and face consequences later) are paying thousand of dollars to be seen in a timely fashion and jumping ahead of the poor saps who are sucking on the government's teat for their imaging, surgical, and other services.

""For-profit clinics siphon out scarce specialists' time and (schedule) medically unnecessary procedures," Mehra said. . . . Queue-jumpers who can afford to pay at private clinics do so, and that means people in the public system wait longer, she added. In Ontario and Manitoba, Mehra said, they found local hospitals have reduced MRI hours because technologists have gone to for-profit clinics."

That is, since being a doctor here stinks and there are so few specialists, if you pay someone to do work instead of waiting for them to get a meager government check and they do work for you instead of someone who only gets them the government check, YOU are the bad guy. Note also that, in a Socialist system, the human spirit still thrives. Given the chance to make a profit for doing work, the worker tells the government-dependent to kick bricks. This is natural, and the reason that Capitalist societies thrive and Socialist/Communist societies either collapse into tyranny and suppress capitalism, or founder trying to do collectivism halfway.

In every country where the government has taken over health care, the quality of care (even life-threatening emergency care) has gone down drastically, while wait times are deadly -and outrageously- long. Oh, and if the government wants to improve service enough to drive out the private sector, they have to reach into the back pocket of the People to do so. How much of your money are you willing to pay every week for the assurance of decent health care?

In the USA, I pay something like 5% of my wages for a policy that will get me up to $2,000,000 worth of care, including everything I need and want to have done, and it will be done by-god-right-NOW, because it is all done



To quote Austin Powers: "Hooray Capitalism!"

Friday, October 10, 2008

ADHD Is NOT A Real Disease.

Most of the top of this post is lifted straight from the article in the Daily Mail

Keys to ADHD/OCD Diagnosed Children
And How To Make Them Closer To Normal

'In the past, I might have been guilty of giving in to Jake, because he was so persistent. . . .I was tired and it was easier to let him race around than try to contain him.'

Key #1: LAZY [deleted] PARENT

'His father was in the RAF and was away a lot when Jake was young. '


'He'd run around knocking all the cups out of the other children's hands. The staff would strap him into a chair to keep him still. . . .In the past, children like Jake would have just been called naughty, but I believe there is a chemical imbalance in their brains - perhaps they have too much adrenaline.

Key #3: Failure to understand that boys are different, and will run around like monkeys if allowed

'Then, on the way home, tears would be sliding silently down his face. He was utterly miserable. . . .I'd relied on the medical profession - of which I am a part - to give me the best advice. . . .But I looked at Jake and thought: "This can't be right. You can't go on like this".'

Extremely Important: The mother finally buys a clue and understands she is [deleted]ing up.

A year after her divorce, Yvonne had met John, who became her second husband. He took a no-nonsense approach to Jake.

The cure: A real man in a boy's life. NOT the same as a sperm donor.

Once branded as 'hopelessly disruptive', Jake is taking Btec courses in advanced maths, IT, engineering and travel & tourism. He spends his spare time mending computers for friends and family.

What is remarkable about Jake is that he appears cured.

His mother doesn't think that is because he spent three years on Ritalin and a similar drug, dexanphetamin

The mother did what your great-grandmother did. Congratulations to Yvonne Dixon for saving her son, and to her new husband for being a catalyst for change, and to Jake for no longer being out of control, on purpose.


I don't believe in ADHD. No, you don't have it, either. I don't care what your quack doctor says, you don't. What you have is a lack of internal control over yourself. Take a Karate class and call me in 6 months is Dr. Laura's standard response.

Boys will be boys, and they will misbehave. You MUST be firm AND consistent with them, or they will "go bad" or be put on mind-altering drugs. Do we know what the drugs do to their developing brains? No, but it makes them sit down and shut the [deleted] up like a good little girl and we can get on with class so it must be alright.

My son and daughter are well behaved and we frequently get comments on how lucky we are.

Luck my rear end. We work hard to have good kids. The Bible says to train them, not to let them run you. Yes it is hard. Yes it is emotionally taxing. Yes "it hurts me more than it hurts you" sometimes. But you know what? It's worth the effort. At the end of a decade or so, there will be a few more good, productive members of society out there because we busted hump for years when they were young.

If you girls think you have it tough out there in the working world you are deluded and deceived. Being a Mother and Homemaker (not an egg donor who drops the brats off every day) is the most physically and emotionally taxing, stressful job you could ever have. And the most rewarding.

So there.

Medical Science: Advancing!

What's the last thing you expect when your combine rips both your arms off and you're a double amputee for 6 years?

To look like this:

"All in all, our wildest expectations have pretty much been fulfilled," said Christoph Hoehnke, one of the lead doctors.

I know the bionic arms are cool and all, but you never run out of batteries for a set like these.


I'm still waiting for a set of bionic replacement eyes, powered by my body, that will allow me to see in IR and UV at will, as well as zoom in on the moon base. I am not, however, holding my breath waiting for it to happen soon.

Credit Cards Collapse: CRISIS!

From Business Week:

For those who haven't been reading all my old posts I'll give you the answer in advance: It was me.

Well who'd have thunk it? A trillion dollars in credit card debt is looking like the next big thing in economy-slowing, here in good old default/collapse land. Huh. I wonder, has anybody been talking about this? (see above)

Yes people it's the same thing as housing, but instead of a few hundred trillion total, it's only a trillion dollars this time.

If I weren't serious, it would be a bad joke. Remember a "nobody" saw this coming, and the entire US government is going to be shocked into socialism by it. Look for a few billion extra to be printed out to "bail out" the people who spent more dollars than they had, at 30% interest, and surpRISE SurPRISE they can't make the payments. Look for a possible return to the 2% minimum payments, nevermind what the recent bankruptcy laws put into place (4% minimum, so you will eventually pay it off).

This isn't rocket science folks, but it is going to be ugly for a while.

What Is Socialism? We Is.

From Reuters

Fortunately, for now, this is a moron in London, not an Official in Washington, saying this. Note also that he completely misses that lowering taxes REDUCES deficits. Consider that glaring fault when you think about the value of all his other advice, like the following.

Socialism: The State owns it. Doesn't really matter what It is, but and especially if it's the means of production.


Remember that, if you hear that YOUR Elected Heroes start talking about buying stocks, bonds, and/or equities. That would be, the State taking ownership of the means of production.

What's that called? Say it with me now:

naw, it's just a temporary emergency measure!

Ask that 100,000,000+ deep pile of corpses how much they like socialism.


Oh, wait.

McDonalds Caves, Queer Backer "resigns"

From World Net Daily:

The McDonalds USA executive who signed them up with a queer activist group and donated almost 1/2 my annual wages worth of funds to them, has resigned ... and gone to McDonalds Canada. McDonalds is going to let their membership drop when it expires at the end of the year.

This is hardly a reversal but for many people it's close enough to "please don't crush us with your boycott we give up" to get them back into Happy Meal land.

Move over Ford and Wal-Mart, McDonalds is joining you on the Got a Clue Bench.

Bad news: McDonalds, like Coke, has shown their true colors, and is now dead to me.

So I suppose I'll have to get cardboard-flavored food from somewhere else, for the rest of my life. Boo-Hoo.

Oh The Poor Children of Queer Parents!

From (of course, who else?) Fox News

30 Queers in Australia have something new to worry about.

No, not HIV/AIDS
No, not STI/STDs
No, not overdosing on drugs
No, not Suicide
No, not depression
No, not hygiene

No, no, no, not the things we already KNOW that queers should be worried about. No in this case we've got a couple of DOZEN queer women worried that their children will be having sex with their 1/2-siblings and making drain bamaged babies from incestuous relationships.

Why? Because the regulations on artificial insemination in Australia reflect the mental disorder of Liberalism. These females went and made babies so they could pretend to be Mothers and part of a Family. Now it comes out that 29 of them (or more?) have children from the same sperm donor. And the children won't know if, when they engage in anonymous sex in a bathroom like their 'parents' probably did, they are both mixing from the same pot, so to speak.

It should be obvious, but I'll point it out anyhow:

If your country didn't let women without husbands get artificial insemination treatment, this would never be a concern, except for the most self-hating and irresponsible of queer women who go to anonymous, paid, or 'friendly' sources for sperm.

Just one more reason to do things the way God intended.

OPEC Extraordinary Meeting Coming Up

From Reuters

So the price of the only product OPEC cares about has fallen by about 50% in the last couple of months, and they want to have another get-together.

You will recall that Saudi Arabia told the rest of the tin-pot dictators in OPEC that they were going to increase output, instead of decreasing like everybody else wanted to.

Well the price of oil began to fall despite tensions in Georgia. Then the tensions in Georgia eased. And the hurricane season hasn't panned out as a particularly nasty one.

Well GOLLY, it looks like we are headed back to a rational market price for oil. So they're going to have a meeting. Let's hope Saudi Arabia has the sense to tell them to sit down and shut up and not make things worse.

You know, maybe if the OPEC member nations would turn the oil money into industrial infrastructure instead of luxury yachts & private planes for national leaders, they wouldn't have to worry so much about the price of a single commodity when the prices of all the world's commodities are set to plummet, including their only one.

Everybody keep looking and let's see if the price of oil as if falls through $70 continues to be President Bush's fault, like it was when it was $140 according to the downstream press.

More News From The Place Where England Used To Be

Found at Say Uncle

It has been firmly established that you may not defend yourself with a gun

or a knife

or a rock

or a pointy stick

or your hands.

For a while there it looked like you might be able to use a shotgun if you were in a rural area and had been robbed repeatedly but if that's not gone it will be soon.


Remember, you are supposed to trust in the Crown and wait for the Police to arrive. You are specifically not to put barbed wire up around your garden.

No no, it doesn't matter that you have had a weeks' wages worth of tools stolen and repeatedly had your hard-won crops destroyed.

Because, you see, a thief who was trespassing might scratch himself climbing your fence and sue the local council. No, don't lock your shed, either, because they will just damage it breaking in. In fact, how about you just take a ten stone of tools home with you every day and then bring them back to use, because they will just be stolen.

But yes, do trust the Crown and believe that the Police will protect you. Even though they didn't the first 4 times this year. Sure.

Britons, how long will you put up with this "government?"


For perspective, in the USA, if the landholder wants to sit and wait, armed, for a thief and shoots him dead for trespassing, in some places that's a pat on the back from the local Sheriff. It is, however, generally preferred to make them lie face-down in the dirt at gunpoint, so they can be arrested. We also are largely free to use "razor wire" which is like barbed wire but has razor blades interspersed between the barbs. It is designed to rip someone to shreds who tries to breach the perimeter. That's one of the differences between being a Citizen and a Subject.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"It's Gotta Go Up!"

I was listening to the radio on the way home from work, and the economic powerhouse known as Sportstalk came on as I was pulling onto my street. This show isn't exactly my cup of tea but I left it on because I was almost home & didn't care. The Sportscaster lead off by saying something about working until he was 79 years old, and they mentioned the DJIA was down another 700 to 8500 (approximately). Then the two economic geniuses started going back and forth like parrots saying "It's gotta go up" as if it would help.


Why does it have to go back up?

You know sometimes economies fail and don't recover. I don't think that's going to happen in this case, but there is nothing to say that it has to start going up tomorrow, or next week or next month.

Especially when you have double the normal volume of trading on GM and it falls 27% in an hour, and the SEC refuses to tell us who it was that shorted it and busted out GM.

Follow the money on that one. If you can. We'll see. Michael Savage thinks maybe someone should go to jail for what happened to GM today. Don't hold your breath Doctor.

Folks, if you dollar cost average on the way down you will come out ahead on the way up. If you pull out as it goes down, you are making it go down harder AND your dollars won't buy as much if you wait too long when it goes up.

Hang in there and keep living your normal life.

Remember: YOU and ME IS the economy in America and around the world. If we keep buying what we used to (= prosperous economy), or even if we only keep buying what we can afford (=mild to moderate recession), we'll all probably be OK.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama: Constitution Professor Destroyer

Obama is stinking more and more, the longer he is left out in the sun.

Nevermind Ayers and Obama being chummy with socialists, and liking their idea of indoctrination centers government schooling.

No, they're also fine with outright undermining the constitution also.

Do not be fooled. The kind of constitutional scholarship Obama was putting out when he was a professor, will have reflected this bent viewpoint of his. And the children going to the college you are putting yourself in debt to pay for are being indoctrinated with this mindset also. Do them a favor and send them somewhere at least trying to stick to education. Christians are encouraged to send their children to a Christian college where they won't graduate with a minor in "lost my faith".

And remember, Democrats, to vote for Obama this December!

Do Want: LW50, the Kinder, Gentler .50BMG Machine Gun

Kinder and gentler on the volunteer who carries it.

The whole system weighs little enough that one soldier can carry it. Also known as about half what my wife weighs, but they don't call them grunts for nothing.

Half the weight of the Ma Deuce, with enough less recoil to make optics both useable and useful. Vehicle mountable, man portable, and (wait for it)

NO setting headspace with each barrel change. And half the number of parts. Plus, it comes with rails.

This is going to be a paradigm shift in the power of a foot-powered infantry unit. Special ops, ditto. IF it is fielded properly, and proves reliable. MAN that thing is cool. Look for it around 2011.

From Argghhh! via Uncle.

Coffee. More. Need. Coffee.

We watched Ironman for the 1st time last night. Yes, we are hard-core movie buffs. Not.

Note to self: do NOT start watching Ironman at 22:30 when you need to be awake at 07:00 because you will be done watching deleted scenes at 01:30 and coffee only goes so far.

Argh. At least everyone is over the gastrointestinal complaint we had last week, so thank God for that.

Oh yeah, Ironman: Pretty good, could have been an hour longer and still it would likely have worked. The special effects industry has arrived. I didn't even think about the big robot suit being digital until I saw the early-stages 3D form in one of the alternate scenes after the end of the movie. That, plus the seamless integration of the greenscreen stuff they did. The plot was good too (for a non-movie goer and non-comic book reader). The last line in the movie was perfect. :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Shortened The Life Of My Friend Today.

A friend & co-worker who has blood pressure problems will be living 5 fewer minutes at the end of his life because of what I just told him.

I heard on the radio that one of the fools testifying before the fools investigating how they broke America together, the following proposition:

Buy up toxic assets that investors have made.

Hold on there.

No, not THOSE toxic assets.

The 401(k) funds that just took a dump. Buy those. All 2 Trillion dollars' worth of them. You know, with the budget surplus funds. Or maybe from the excesses in the gas tax revenues. Or perhaps some of the gold in the federal reserve.

Oh, wait.

And yet, nobody catches 180 grains from 180 yards, or a noose, or tar & feathers, or even a slap on the pee-pee, for the way they are screwing us up. You can't have reward without risk. If everybody in the country with any money took the same risk and it turns out bad, guess what?


I know they are going for the nice half of socialism here, but after we wake up, we'll find out we have the not-nice half, too, and then it may be too late.

It may already be too late.

"Have a nice day!"

Excuse ME, California?

I'm sorry, I know it's part of the culture of America, but until I actually thought about this particular case, it didn't piss me off when I first heard it.

California mal-manages their affairs and drives out productive members of society to less communistic states, and then they can't pay the teachers. Oh, the children!

Excuse me, I think you can lay off about 1/6 of the government employees out there and NOT borrow $7,000,000,000 from me, and I'll be happier.

Maybe you could get the money from the homeless people. You know, by not paying their rent and giving them cash. "Care, not cash"? How about "out on your *ss, not cash", that's a good start right there. Heartless, right, I know. Ask me how many times Jesus tells governments to be charitable by taking from the citizenry by force to give to crackheads.


Monday, October 6, 2008

More News from The Place Where England Used to Be

From the Daily Mail Online:

If a teacher has intercourse with a student over 16, and both parties are consenting, the teachers' union says the teacher should not be prosecuted.


Hold on there.

I think this is a combination of trying to protect the dues-paying members, liberalism the mental disorder, and "where were those teachers when I was in school?"

It makes me shake my head in wonder, to see how far we have come since we left the Bible's clear standards behind.

Of course, Dr. Laura has long said that the ultimate goal of the leftists is open tolerance of adults of any age having "consensual" intercourse with children 13 or younger, but that's for another blog posting.

Palin Can't Even String A Sentence Together!

Well, at least, she can't make ALL of them qualify as 10th-grade reading material during an hour of off-the-cuff, unprepared remarks. Only 9.5th grade.

Foot-in-mouth Joey? 7.8th grade. Guess all those years of doing this have prepared him to talk down to the dummies in the electorate who won't see through him, and go ahead and vote for him.

CNN says newspapers like to write for a 6.5th grade level.

There, now you can go impress your friends at work with a new factoid.

See? Against Obama = Bad. Told You So.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler explains how a talking about a black guy hanging around a white terrorist or two, is racist.

Explanatory note: for the white-guilty, racially-oversensitive left in the downstream media, this is a full-blown story. For normal people who don't care what color other folks are, it is a stretch, and rather a long one, to see racism in the comments of Mrs. Palin.

Are you Democrat voters out there seeing yet that it is the left, not the right, side of the aisle, constantly talking about how black obama is? If not, remember to vote this coming December for a straight Democrat party ticket. It's much easier than trying to figure out which candidate is better, you know?

We report. You decide.

If All The Talk About Tax Cuts For The Rich Confuses You

then David R. Kamerschen, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, University of Georgia, has it explained in a way you can understand, in one page.

Using the example of the price of beer and who should pay how much for it.


Remember This When You Get Laid Off:

via Mish
This woman (Speaker Pelosi)



When she got the bill passed that caused the beginning of


Remember that smile when you vote Democrat again so they can fix it harder next time. Remember that when the soup lines open. Remember that when you can't buy food for your family.


Funny Coincidence.

A user on a hyundai message board that I check every few days was recently made a moderator. On a different message board, I had sent him a private message asking for certain digital images and he never got back to me with them after several months. Finally I was to a point where I would no longer need the images and I sent another message that it was his last chance to be helpful before I started the work for which the images would be a helpful reference. Somehow he regarded it as a threat.

I just went to check my messages at the board where he's a moderator. Surprisingly my account was suspended for a week. Hmm. Why, that wasn't petty at all!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Russia: Move Along, Nothing To See

Russia is supposedly pulling out of "uncontested" parts of Georgia. Somebody wake me up when they start talking seriously about pulling out of the "contested" parts. I guess that will be right after Russia declares them no longer independent. And revokes all the Russian passports they recently issued. And brings back all the dead ethnic Georgians. Can you tell I'm not holding my breath, waiting for the map to look like it did last year?

Oh, and in completely unrelated news, we are specifically not trying to undermine Russia by getting all cuddly with Kazakhstan. Nope. Just trying to be neighborly, that's all.

Does anyone wish to buy a used bridge from me?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tolerance Mafia: Playing With Fire.

It is debatable, whether there is an argument against accepting books into a "public" school's library that push a Christian (proper) view of queers on the little skulls full of mush, in the name of fairness and tolerance.

After all, when you have a class scheduled to teach little johnny that it's ok to have 2 mommies, it's not ok to have a book that says otherwise. Or something like that.

However, when people from a group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation start agitating to remove prayer from the nation, they are playing Russian Roulette. If you manage to get God kicked out of the government, he won't take it lightly. Consider what happened to the children of Israel. And the nations they removed (completely) from the land God gave to them, that were not inclined to obey God's rules.

I'm afraid to say, it is an evil day when a group like this is taken seriously (let alone formed).

Of. Of, people, not FROM. Freedom FROM religion is Humanism, which (surprise!) the U.S. supreme Court has declared is also a religion.

So the queers feel bad, and the God-haters feel bad. You know what else feels bad? Burning in Hell forever. Get right and stop trying to knock the hat off the head of the fellow trying to pull you off the train tracks, fool!

Obama's a Citizen, Take the Kos' Word For It!

The man sueing Obama to prove he's a citizen is upset that the Democrat National Committee has joined in a motion to dismiss the suit.

The naive man even said "Look what they're doing to Governor Palin: They're opening up her closet doors, they're going through everything personal, but no one has ever gone after Obama. It doesn't make sense," Berg said.

Of course it makes sense. They're the socialist democratic party and Obama is good for the State. Any good socialist knows that what is good for the State, IS good. Therefore, to be against Obama is Bad, post hoc ergo propter hoc.

Duh, everybody knows that.

Except one thinking Democrat, apparently. Godspeed Philip J. Berg, and I hope you can find a fair hearing.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cynthia McKinney: Nuttier Than Your Uncle Ted

Okay, no offense to Uncle Teds everywhere, but this right here is a crazy person.

Cliff's Notes: During the Hurricane Katrina mess, t3h govermintz (that would be you) killed 5,000 prisoners and buried them in a swamp. And it's all been covered up, except I heard from a friend who knows somebody who heard it happened.

Yuppers. Sure thing. And there are 5,000 families out there who, what, didn't care? Got paid to shut up & go 'way?

But then, this is (sadly) about par for the course for former (how did she get to be a) Congresswoman McKinney.

The Bailout Has Passed.

We'll see what happens. If it all goes to [deleted] again just like it did this time, and they call for more money or more socialism...

...remember I told you so.

I hear Brazil is nice...

Chuck Norris Facts:

If you have not read them, you are at a tactical disadvantage.

If you have read them, you already know you are at a tactical disadvantage.

You will find out:

When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

Chuck Norris can lead a horse to water AND make it drink.

Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door.

Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

...and much, much more.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The More Cooper I Read, The More He Agrees With Me.

I have been perusing(read: not skimming) the late, great, Col. Jeff Cooper's Commentaries. In November 1996 Vol. 4, Number 13 We read the following:

"The question has arisen as to why we seek all the power we can possibly control in a handgun but do not demand the same from a rifle. The answer hinges upon the difference in principle between the two instruments. A pistol is an emergency defensive weapon designed to turn someone off who is trying to kill you at close range. This is an emergency for which you cannot reasonably expect to be prepared. You will normally be extremely excited and possibly not entirely in control of your nerves. Your first shot must hit hard. It must prevent your assailant immediately from doing what he is trying to do - which is usually trying to kill you. Pistol cartridges are not very powerful, and to meet the violent emergency demand of a lethal, close range confrontation you should choose a pistol cartridge that will give you the best possibility of an instant stop, even if the hit is not perfectly placed.

"The situation is entirely different with the rifle, which is essentially an offensive weapon used at a time and place of the shooter's discretion. The rifle shooter "freezes himself cool" and places his shot with surgical precision. If he has properly studied the anatomy of his quarry, he knows exactly where the vital zone lies, and he plants his bullet just there. Therefore it is rather pointless to push for excessive power in rifle cartridges, since almost any popular center-fire round will do a good job on either game or enemies if it is properly used. (I make an exception of the buffalo, whose extraordinary resistance to gunfire puts him in a special category.)"

Very, very, very few people around today can put words together like he could. If anyone wished to give me a copy of "The Art of The Rifle" or "Another Country", I would not spit in his eye. This is another of the pitfalls of not having enough disposable income: my short-list of Books to Read is at Zero right now. Books to Own list: growing.

Never Thought I'd Vote Loser-Tarian.

I just sent this to my Senator & Senatrix, who both let me down and took the apparently politically expedient way:

Subject: Change Your Vote Or Lose Mine

Senator xxx,

My sadness is almost beyond words to see that both Senators from Texas voted for this boondogle.

If the revised measure comes back to the Senate and you vote for it, I'm voting libertarian in the upcoming election. If it doesn't go back to the Senate, you have already lost my vote. There are no lesser evils when it comes to Socialists.

The Capitalist way would be to buy troubled banks WITH their assets, then sell them again. Like we did after the S&L crisis. You could buy 23 of the 24 banks in the KBW Bank Index, including Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co. with $700B. And still have money left to buy a stake in JPMorgan Chase & Co., the largest company in the index.

This is THE Last Straw.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Secretary Paulson is Trying To RUIN America!

If you are not reading Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis, you should be.

I know I've been on it a lot lately, but there seems very little as important right now as the future of capitalism vs. socialism in the free world in my lifetime. If you don't like it, you're not paying attention.

Stay on target!

As I was saying. Secretary Paulson, Democrat, is trying to jam a trillion dollars' worth of socialism down your throat. That would be: buy up what nobody in the world wants, for a price nobody would pay, and then lose money when you sell it, after paying billions of dollars of interest on it, in dollars whose value has been depressed by the deal. I said it before (regarding the "economic stimulus"/relection act), and I repeat myself here:

Whose economy are we trying to stimulate, anyhow?

Well, apparently, everyone else's but our own. Seeing that Sec. Paulson has said he'd recommend a veto for any version of the bill that did away with a provision to do away with "toxic debt" held by foreign investors.

Yes, go ahead, read it again, I'll wait.

Surely, David, now you are making things up! We're trying to bail out the homeowners here! (you mean, the ones who didn't care that they were getting in over their heads, when they were doing it? Or the ones who lied and said it was their primary residence when they were really trying to flip houses for quick profit? Or the ones who never intended to pay a mortgage note and lived rent-free in a house for most of a year before destroying the house, renting a U-haul, and moving out? No, we mean the honest one who just didn't get it that they wouldn't be able to pay 70% of their income as mortgage debt) See, it's too hard to force everybody holding the mortgage note to do a workout with all the genuine we-thought-we-could-afford-to-live here folks, and throw all the bums in jail (or even give them a bad credit rating).

Okay, but I'm still making it up. Right.

And I quote: (ahem)

5 The Secretary shall coordinate, as appropriate, with
6 foreign financial authorities and central banks to work to
7 ward the establishment of similar programs by such au
8 thorities and central banks. To the extent that such for
9 eign financial authorities or banks hold troubled assets as
10 a result of extending financing to financial institutions
11 that have failed or defaulted on such financing, such trou
12 bled assets qualify for purchase under section 101.

9 (1) AUTHORITY.—The Secretary is authorized
10 to establish a troubled asset relief program (or
11 ‘‘TARP’’) to purchase, and to make and fund com
12 mitments to purchase, troubled assets from any fi
13 nancial institution, on such terms and conditions as
14 are determined by the Secretary, and in accordance
15 with this Act and the policies and procedures devel
16 oped and published by the Secretary.

5 The Secretary shall coordinate, as appropriate, with
6 foreign financial authorities and central banks to work to
7ward the establishment of similar programs by such au
8thorities and central banks. To the extent that such for
9eign financial authorities or banks hold troubled assets as
10 a result of extending financing to financial institutions
11 that have failed or defaulted on such financing, such trou
12bled assets qualify for purchase under section 101."

That's from the bill, rearranged to remove some lawyer-induced intentional obscurity and repeated for emphasis. You will recall, please, that one of the problems even squishy moderate conservatives have with this bill is that it gives the Secretary very nearly unlimited power to carry out the provisions of the bill. Moving right along:

From Congressman Brad Sherman, Via Mish:
"The bill is very clear. Assets now held in China and London can be sold to US entities on Monday and then sold to the Treasury on Tuesday. Paulson has made it clear he will recommend a veto of any bill that contained a clear provision that said if Americans did not own the asset on September 20th that it can't be sold to the Treasury.

"Hundreds of billions of dollars are going to bail out foreign investors. They know it, they demanded it and the bill has been carefully written to make sure that can happen."

The world's financial ministers are almost literally whining and crying, saying we should take the bad debts off their hands. It's our fault the world is in this mess, and we should have to pay to fix it now, eh? Guess what? Yes and no.

Yes, we introduced the world to an economy based entirely* on spending more than was earned, and then spending more to pay interest on it, then cooking the books to make it all look just like a profit, then sell that and watch the markets go up 200% in a generation. Yes, we did that.

And since we USED to be capitalists, that would mean that, when everybody charged all their credit to the limit, the whole thing would come crashing down. This apparently is an unpopular option, so now the world wants us to put a gold band-aid on their boo-boos and make it all better with a trillion-dollar kiss.

Let me tell you what they can kiss.

* This is the "fundamentals of the economy" that everyone is talking about: you keep on buying stuff you could have waited another 5 years to buy, because you still had credit on your cards. Fundamentally strong or fundamentally doomed to failure? You decide.