Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happiness is a Warm . . .

No, not belt-fed this time.

Today I had off from work and spent it tooling around the house with the Zoo.  After my Darling Wife came back from what she was doing, we spent some quality time demolishing a part of the deck in the back yard.  Then I smashed the wooden parts into much-smaller wooden parts and started a fire in the fire pit.  She decided to tend to some gardening while I did that and the Zoo was running around like the good little ruffians they all are.  Then the fire was dying out due to lack of decking, and I scouted the back yard for other wood scraps.  Parts of an old kitchen island and all of an old back yard table went in the fire.  As night dawned, I was standing there with my Darling Wife by my side, between the glowing fire and the path where the children were running around, keeping them from running into the fire.

Standing next to a warm fire holding your loved one . . . is good!

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