Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Might, But . . .

#1 thinks I would be a great President. My Darling Wife is more concerned with the campaign. Remember please that we have a half-decent kind of guy (Cain) already run off with allegations of misconduct toward women and a straight arrow (Romney) already declared a tax non-paying, felonious, murdering, clean-water-hating kind of guy.

While discussing the murderous nature of Romney, Cain was mentioned. My Darling Wife said "i thought you said those allegations were false." and I noted how none of them were either proved OR followed up on by the alleged "victims" after Cain dropped out of the race. He says he quit to spare his wife. I called on mine to imagine how she would feel, if the things they said Cain did, were said about me. She agreed it would be pretty rough.

If I ran for anything, the campaign against me would be guaranteed to be NASTY. My politics are unassailable, and my logic is irrefutable. My past is largely unspectacular for badness or for goodness. The only things left to throw at me would be ad hominem attacks and lies. I'd probably just have to tell my Darling Wife to not watch TV or listen to the radio. She wouldn't listen and would get all stressed out, but at least I would have warned her.

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