Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mitt Robmoney is a MOIDERAH!!

This election season is going to be pretty ugly, I'm afraid. Three months out, and we have an ad that all but points the finger of blame at Romney for the death of a woman he may never have known was alive in the first place.

Follow the bouncing ball:
  • Mitt Romney worked at Bain Capital
  • Bain Capital closed the plant where sumdood in the ad worked
  • Sumdood lost health insurance, and his family lost the family coverage
  • Sumdood's wife got sick
  • She died
Except that:
  • Romney wasn't running the company any longer when the plant was closed down
  • The guy's wife came up sick THREE YEARS after the closure
  • Somehow he can't get a job with insurance, and neither can she, in three years?
  • P.S. nobody owes this guy a job, and the company couldn't be saved or Bain would have saved it like they did all the profitable companies Bain DID save.


They think you're stupid. My daughter asked who we were voting for, this last election. I told her Ted Cruz. She said oh, no - she saw something on TV that he was a stealer! I told her it was the guy running against Cruz that said it, and we're voting for Cruz. The ads you will see later this year are designed to appeal to either your hatred of all things not-Obama, or your sheer uneducated idiocy. Let's just hope Romney can keep his PACs off the same tactic.

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