Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm a Frikken Reporter Already!

The people where I work were concerned about a huge plume of smoke that looked to be just up the hill from where we were.  That would be, the heavily wooded hill, and our place surrounded by a wood.  I asked if we should send somebody to go scope it out and PB said it would be a good idea.  I had a camera in hand, so I jumped in the Hot Rod and went to snap some photos. 

From our parking lot, it looked close-ish.
From the highway, it was obviously across a four lane divided highway, across a ravine, and over a hill.  Much less worrisome to us directly.
Two alarm fire, at least.  Note the irony of the Emergency Room wait time billboard.
Somebody is going to come home to a pretty nasty surprise tonight.

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