Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Narrative Falls Apart

The operators at the Department of State have refused to fall on their swords.  You remember how the murderous attack on our consulate in Libya was officially designated as the result of spontaneous protests over a movie nobody saw since its release several months ago?  Yeah, now it is coming out that State had NO intelligence to that effect and the Administration was LYING.

It was, in fact, a coordinated attack on the anniversary of 9/11, AND the now-dead Ambassador had REPEATEDLY requested better security and been denied. And the private local security people gave up the secret location of our hiding Ambassador. As our sensitive documents blow around on the ground, unsecured even still today, CNN told us how the Ambassador's journal recorded his security concerns leading up to the day.  The 'spontaneous protest' story is unravelled, and it is increasingly clear it was made-up.  State says they didn't make it up, and they were testifying before Congress as I write this.  They will be telling the truth or risk going to prison - and they didn't make it up.  This leaves a shortening list of people who came up with this story.  It includes various people who are or who want to be President of the United States of America.

This is not Soviet Russia.  This is America (still, for now) and we have the Internet (still, for now). You can't DO this sort of thing here and expect to get away with it. The only people who will buy the first official "movei protest" line a month from now are the low-informed voters who are voting for Obama regardless of anything.  He could rape and murder a school full of little boys and they would vote for him.  For everyone else, he has damaged his reputation very badly with this very badly-done cover-up.

IF "they" will knowingly make up stories and LIE about this event . . . about what else are you being misled?

we knew in first 24 hours that it was planned, not a result of the protesting.  First thing heard at embassy was explosion, gunfire.  Obama KNEW an attack was underway, and he . . . went to bed for the night, to get a good night's sleep.  THIS is the reason.  He is demonstrably -from this event alone- not suited to be the Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military force on the planet.  But . . . if you could manipulate the Press into convincing the People it were just some protest gone out of hand and the guy with a rocket launcher just happened to show up, that is maybe not as bad as going to sleep when your people are under surprise attack.

P.S. going around spending our taxpayer dollars to tell people about the excuse/cover video story and getting them all worked-up, leading to days/weeks of violent protests all around the muslim world does NOT quite qualify as "smart diplomacy."  We'll see if Secretary Mrs. Clinton ends up under the bus on this one.

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