Friday, November 30, 2012

Everybody Caught A Case of the Stupid?

First Blogger went and cocked up their interface, now Photobucket?  Well, Blogger at least saved all my old posts.  Photobucket decided to just flush a thousand photos - with links all over the internet going back to my album - straight down the crapper.  AND the interface sucks.

Thanks guys.  I think I'll find my own image server.

Update a couple days later: Well it turns out I was looking in the wrong account. I have TWO photobucket accounts and I only ever use ONE of them. The other, apparently, I had totally forgotten about. I sent a complaining e-mail to their tech support and they got right back to me trying to be helpful, at which point I wish I had done a little-harder looking before I sent the e-mail. The interface now is less great than it was, but at least my pictures are still there.

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