Monday, November 19, 2012

Windows 8 Sales Unexpectedly Weak

  1. Take the greatest mass-consumed computer operating system in the last decade (arguably, Windows 7)
  2. Determine all on your own that right-frikken-now is the time for the world to begin using tablets instead of PCs or Notebooks
  3. Focus all your energy on a new operating system that combines the hopefully-greatness of the next generation operating system and the totally-useless-for-more-than-one-thing-at-a-time interface of a tablet and slash the price.
  4. Sit back and wait as the money totally fails to roll in like the tide.  

The Windows 8 user interface is horrible on anything besides a small touch screen.  If all you want to do is check your stocks real quick on your phone, then whatever.  Me, personally, I have FOUR 22" monitors going all day every day and usually eight to twelve applications running in WINDOWS on the desktop, where I can see what each is doing with minimal overlap and interact with different programs by moving my cursor.

WindowS.  As in, more than one thing displayed at a time.  You know what windowS 8 can't do?  Yessir that is correct.  Aside from having a counter-intuitive interface for EVERYTHING, Microsoft has decided the new Windows does not need to give you the ability to effectivly multi-task with so many as TWO displayed windows on your quad-core computer with 8 gigabytes of RAM and enough video hardware to simulate a nuclear explosion.  One thing displayed at once, because shut up that's why.

Thereby holding fast the time-honored Microsoft tradition of releasing a new operating system nobody wants or "upgrades" to, every-other OS they put out.

DOS: changed the world
Windows 3: meh
Windows 95/98 (same thing) changed the world
Windows Me/2000: ignored by the world
Windows XP: 40% of the world still uses it
Windows Vista: Unless a new computer came with it nobody bought it
Windows 7: What Vista should have been, a real winner
Window 8: sucks at using.  Runs good, uses bad.

Way to fail, Microsoft.  Here's hoping this bombs hard and fast enough that 9 goes back to what we are all used to, and willing to pay money to upgrade to: a desktop with a Start button and Metro interface onto the dungheap of /dev/null allstars.

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