Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Buck The System

Flex your rights.

When a clerk says "Can I have your ZIP code?" say "No."

When a check box is automatically selected, deselect it.

When the Man says "Can I search your ____?" say "No."

Open the shrink wrap before reading the warning.

Read your mortgage.

Hang up the phone without explaining why.

Laugh when something is funny. Even in church. At a funeral.

When somebody pisses you off, or is acting dumb, tell them.

Make a racist joke if you don't mean it.

Go in the Exit and out the Entrance.

Leave your engine running at the fueling station. And talk on the phone.

If the dress makes her look fat, say so.

Carry a knife right past the "no weapons" sign (but not past the metal detector!)

When you are about to get into a fight for any of the above, smile at the other guy.

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