Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In a Way, I'm Awesome.

While reading this New Yorker article about Brian Shaw (and other strong people) I kept seeing all these fance numbers called "keelow grahams." The numbers at the top, talking about supermen like Shaw, et. al. are just silly to think of putting myself in the same paragraph.

Then the article started talking about female weightlifters. They had some more human-sounding bodyweights and I got curious. Sure 'nuff they weigh less than me (and could lift two of me, easy). So I ran a quick calculation and showed myself that my sense of humor is every bit as twisted as my father's. I work out to mass 75 kilograms these days.

And I thought that was neat. 75. It's exactly 3/4 of a hundred. Mind-blowing, I know, I know. But when was the last time you knew somebody laughed at his bodyweight because he thought it was funny?

About 10 seconds ago. You're welcome.

P.S., this is not me. If this guy weight what I do he would be three feet tall. Or a meter. Whatever.

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