Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Madness at Work, Computer LOLs

My computer has a BUNCH of programs that load at startup every day. The last thing in the queue is the sound you will hear when you go to and press the big red button. It takes several minutes for the computer to boot up.

Today as my computer was waking up I was across the room talking to one of the guys about cars. I said how fortunate I am, in that my Darling Wife's parents had an El Camino when she was young, so she loves 'em.

VFD: . . . because the El Camino is stereotypically a car that women hate. Unlike the Mustang I was behind yesterday with a chick's personalized plate and the same name on the surround around the plate.
JM: Well, maybe that's because the El Camino says 'I would like to rape you'
VFD: (1/2 tick pause)
VFD: I'm not arguing with you . . .
Computer: :rimshot:
VFD: Hi-Five, computer!


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