Sunday, July 15, 2012

The World Is In Denial

The radio news said The Red Cross has decided that Syria is engaged in a civil war. They have said it is now inappropriate for the government to attack civilian targets. Well let me tell The International Community something:

The Syrian government is fighting the same war the United States government is fighting, on a different front. Egypt and Iran have already lost, along with at least 1/4 of Africa. Our common enemy has one name for the war: Jihad.

This is not a war where one can separate civilians from soldiers, combatants from non-combatants. This is not necessarily a war between two organized foes. This is a cultural war, of Islam versus the rest of the World. How's this for a prediction: by the time The International Community comes to realize that this is fourth-generation warfare, the civilized world will already be at a huge competitive disadvantage.

Our enemy does not wear a uniform on his breast. This uniform is IN the breast. The combatant and the non-combatant ARE the same people. The difference is where they point their guns.

This is not spears
This is not trenches
This is not tanks
This is a guerilla activity. FOURTH generation warfare. This is not your father's war - it is an entirely new paradigm. You will not win until you realize it. You will not win unless you take the INCREDIBLY politically-incorrect step of NAMING your enemy. And you will not win unless you are willing to to horrible things to people without uniforms.

You WILL bomb civilian areas.
You WILL target non-combatants. Intentionally.

Unless the world stands ready to firebomb Hamtramck, Michigan into submission . . . well, I hope you don't mind paying Jizyah.

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