Thursday, January 3, 2013

BAD Pallet! Down! No Treat for You!

Little bastard tried to kill me. I was walking by and it grabbed and twisted my foot, threw me on the ground!

A freight shipping pallet, that is.  A particularly old and shabby one, with the last top slat held on by one nail at one end and a hooked nail poking out the other end.  I was walking by, minding my own (company) business and next thing I know I slapped the floor with my left arm to soften the blow as the concrete floor broke my fall!  WM was walking out of CO1's office and saw me (on the security video monitor) right after I hit the floor as he was leaving.  WM asked why I was lying down and CO1 looked up and saw me hurl the offending plank across the room.  The audio recording, it would be solid beeps when they played it on TV.  I got back to work.  WM hit the DVR controls and proceeded to have a good laugh (with everybody else I work with) at my expense, replaying my pirouette to the floor.

Oh well, no blood no foul, and this didn't even get me a bruise thanks Jesus!  Eventually CO1 did come around and ask if I were okay. He was still laughing a little.

P.S. when my Darling Wife called me later that day and I told her what happened, she LOL'd too.  Nice.

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