Monday, January 21, 2013

Windows Easy Transfer . . . IS!

I recently (months ago, this is a note from back when it happened) "upgraded" my work computer, from Windows XP (Professional, 32 bit) to Windows 7 (ultimate, 64 bit).  Because I was going from 32 to 64 bit, I had to start from scratch.  Regardless of the wisdom of doing so, I could have done in-place upgrades from XP to Vista to Seven, but only from 32bit to 32-bit.  When you eventually make the move to 64 bit, you will have to reinstall Windows from scratch, starting over with a formatted hard drive.  NONE of your programs or settings will transfer.
I used Windows Easy Transfer on my still-running XP installation and ran the program again on my now-running 7 installation.  It worked
I had to do a song-and-dance with Adobe to activate Photoshop, but even then, after I finally re-installed it on the new OS, all my settings were there.  Not just the Workspace (God bless Adobe for workspaces!) but my custom actions were there.  My bookmarks transferred to a new OS and a new version of both my internet browsers.  The desktop icons were even there.  It's just like using my old computer, except for the custom Windows Theme.
I never thought I'd say it but God bless Microsoft (for this anyway).  If you are migrating to a new version of Windows and do not use Easy Transfer, you are shooting yourself in the productivity.

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