Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nobody Needs Ten Bullets...

  • Nobody needs ten bullets when three thugs break down their door.  Surely you will be able to dispatch them all with only 3.33 bullets each.  They will stand there like ducks in a row; probably FOUR is more than you need!
  • Nobody needs ten bullets when a pack of a dozen feral dogs decides you and your kids in the stroller look like lunch.  Maybe they will line up for you, so a few bullets can hit multiple dogs?
  • Nobody needs ten bullets when one bad guy is ducking behind a wall and you keep barely-missing him
  • Nobody needs ten bullets when they are in the middle of a firefight with federal agents coming to take their guns away.  Oh, wait that's what they don't want you to be able to do!
 Make no mistake: the people who want to limit you to certain kinds of guns and certain numbers of bullets would like very, very much to remove your guns from you - for your own protection, of course.  If the Police and Military are the only ones with guns, then the benevolent State will protect us from harm!

Nevermind the 300 million-odd guns already out there.  Surely every felon would turn in his gun, if only the dear leaders required it of him!  The guns already in the hands of bad people will evaporate like magic when gun control laws are passed, everybody knows that!

If you think
Limiting the number
Of bullets in a gun
Does anything
to protect
Anyone worth protecting,


You are a fool
and an Historical Illiterate.

She shouldn't have been a jew.  Her fault, really.  The State will protect us from the Other!

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