Friday, April 25, 2008

Observations From the Grocery Store

We went shopping last night and I noticed a couple of things:

When I went out shopping by myself recently, I realized that being in a grocery store is a security *nightmare*. Blind corners all over the place, random people going random speeds in random directions with no compunction about invading your personal space.

Last night I noticed that most everyone is in Condition White constantly and approximately NO threat to anyone. I went with a gut feeling and just kept glancing around every several seconds to keep tabs on the herd. On only ONE occasion did I see somebody walking around conscious, and we made eye contact long enough for both of us to go from Condition Orange back to Condition Yellow (2-3 seconds) from about 7 yards away.

Almost without exception, everyone else is 1/2 to 3/2 absorbed in what they are doing, be it looking at shelves, dealing with kids, looking at signs, or talking on a cell phone and doing any of the foregoing. To these people, my family and I may just as easily have been so many fixtures in the store, or moving pieces of produce or furniture or something. If I wanted to, I'm pretty sure I could have paid for my groceries from a stranger's purse without even trying hard. Then they wonder how they "never saw it/him until it was too late". Sad, really.

Also, since this is Central Texas, we needed more pseudoephedrine. Apparently cooler heads didn't prevail a few years back, and this highly useful chemical is now controlled. I got myself somewhat used to the idea, and now I have dulled my offense-taking enough not to make jokes about being a criminal with the pharmacy technicians when I go to buy some *expletive deleted* sudafed. The Wife came up and said to get some nose juice prevention syrup for the kids, too.

The pharmacist says I have to choose between getting a 2 week supply of pills for me, or a 1 week supply and a bottle for the rugrats. 2 items. 2 items containing the oh-so-dangerous and EEEeeevil pseudoephedrine. And no, you can't have that in a large quantity package.

Thanks Congressman, I'll sure vote to re-elect YOU! I feel SAFE knowing that I could steal any random person's drivers's licence and use it to purchase a felonious amount of COLD MEDICINE in their name. Good job.

Maybe I'll go stand in line at the TSA screening stations at the airport while the guy next to me manages to sneak a grenade through as they search a baby's diaper for suspicious clear liquids. Then I'd really feeeeel safe.

You know, in other countries they KILL the people who make hard drugs, and the LET people go EVERYWHERE with weapons.

I'm just sayin'.

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