Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hillary Is Worse Than A Liar.

So, when she said she was under sniper fire, running to cover in Bosnia, she was actually standing, smiling on a tarmac, receiving gifts from a little girl. That's not a lie. That's making stuff up, for you to buy into without asking any inconvenient questions.

Now it comes out (from a first-hand source no less), when she was 27, she was fired for unethical conduct and couldn't get a letter of recommendation. She hid evidence of a sitting president's right to council of an attorney, then wrote a brief to the effect that he didn't have the right to council. Too bad for the nation, Nixon resigned. If he hadn't, and she had submitted the brief, she would have been disbarred and we might not be in the current pickle. That, by the way, is making stuff up, for you to buy into without even the opportunity to find out the inconvenient truth.

Remember: for a Socialist, the State is the highest good. If it is good for the state (as Hillary of course would be (in her own mind anyway)) then it is good, regardless of truth or morality.

That is all.

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