Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Election 2012: Record Low Turnout?

I have yet to meet ANYONE who is a strong supporter of either candidate. Most of the people I have heard say anything have said they are planning to vote "None of The Above" for President.

President Obama just barely (59% to 41%) won a primary election in West Virginia . . . to a man who didn't campaign because he is currently in PRISON . . . in Texas!

I think our current best-case scenario is that the people who were bamboozled into voting for Obama stay home, the people who were anti-Obama voting for McCain stay home, and turnout for the Presidential race is near record lows. Then if we got a good solid mostly-conservative but narrowly-Republican majority in both houses, maybe we could keep Congress tied up in gridlock knots for the next four years and next time we could have a candidate that didn't have paid girlfriends his wife didn't know about.

Vote for ME! :D

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