Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gizmag: New Twists On Old Stuff Edition

Raise your hand if you remember being told to hide under your school desk in the event of a nuclear blast or earthquake. Well a few years later you probably figured out how much help a desk would be in those situations. You'll still melt from The Bomb, but maybe now your grankids will at least be able to survive under their desks in an earthquake.

Cargo ships: started with sails, then steam, then nasty heavy bunker oil. And now . . . back to sails!

Anybody can build a 3D printer for <$500 . . . if they know exactly what they are doing and source the parts second-hand. Then there's this guy who is taking orders for pre-assembled 3D printers for <$500. The world just got cheaper again.

Nikon has been taking turns with Canon making world's-best cameras since before your father was born. They've done it again, with an entry-level DSLR with more pixels than anything Canon makes. Amusingly still sold with a very-the-same-looking kit lens because hey, it's an entry level camera after all. Fortunately for the future (a future without the EVIL cameras) it is the same price as a Nikon 1.

Quarry in china, abandoned, to have hotel inside. With waterfront views in every room, probably built entirely on bedrock for stability. Winning.

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