Sunday, May 6, 2012

You Got Bad Vibes, Is Why

"They" say that we all vibrate. Everything vibrates, just a little bit, not so you would notice, but everything moves. Also that most of matter is empty space. Stuff looks solid but the atoms of which everything is composed are mostly void, with a few small charged particles whirling about. They're small and close together, but still.


So I gotta theory.

The reason you can't walk through walls is that you can't vibrate the right way. The reason you can't see through them is that they vibrate the wrong way. You can pick up a radio station by making a crystal in your radio vibrate the right way. That is easy. If you could change your own body's resonance, could you walk right through a wall? If you could change the harmonics of the wall, could you see through it?

Jesus knows how to do everything, right? Especially after he was glorified, he can do whatever. So why is it a big deal that he knows how to change his resonance to match the house and walks in on a closed-door church meeting?

Troy Hurtubise invented the Angel Light but he doesn't know how it works. I'm thinking maybe it changes the resonance of the walls you shine it on, just enough to allow light to pass through. And if you do the same thing to a living creature, or anything electronic, it dies. Then he had an engineer help him change it into the God light, and it's curing cancer.

Compare the amazing unknown with what happens when folks know what they are doing, and it's like "real" scientists are taking baby steps. Using sound and light to image disease progress is hardly reversing brain damage and curing cancer, but they know what they are doing.

If you could change your resonant frequency to make you lighter than air, or so that air moved over you, could you fly? If you tuned in a lightning bolt, could you shock a bad guy? Would that make you a wizard - or a scientist?

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