Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beware the Wikipedia Memory Hole

Yesterday, Boortz was all day talking about the new campaign slogan for the Obama 2012 presidential campaign.


It focus groups well.

It is also a key word for "progressives" (a.k.a. socialist/communist/leftist) groups.

In the 1840s Marx and Engels contributed to a German magazine called Vorwarts.
In 1876 there was another Vorwarts, published as part of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, later called the Socialist Worker's Party, which had HITLER as a member.
Lenin started a publication called Vpered.
The Portuguese communists published Avante!
The Italian socialists published Avanti!
The Communist Party USA had a Finnish-language newspaper in New York called Eteenpain
There have been at least FOUR Communist Hungarian language newspapers called Uj Elore.

Yesterday on Wikipedia, when Boortz mentioned it, I went to wikipedia and searched for Forward. I scrolled down to politics.

Go there today, and there is a link to a "social democratic" party in Greenland called Forward. There is a link to Kadima, an Israeli leftist political party. There is a radical Russian socialist party called VPERED.

Yesterday, there was a link to Forward (generic name of socialist publications). Today, that link is gone. The article itself is being considered for deletion. In its place is a link to Forward (Obama-Biden Campaign Slogan) which has only one sentence in the entry: "On April 30th, 2012 the 2012 Obama-Biden campaign announced the slogan "Forward" " and it cites an NPR article. This one-sentence article on wikipedia is also being considered for deletion. There are valid arguments on both sides, and there is the possibility that these articles will be left or even expanded. But for today, the old link is gone and the new link is there.

N.B.: April 30th is the day before May Day, the international SOCIALIST holiday. On that day, he announced his socialist keyword/campaign slogan choice.

These things are not coincidental.


In case you couldn't guess, all the foreign words in this blog entry are translated as FORWARD in English.


This, my friends is why wikipedia is not the same thing as a research resource. If the People can edit something, the People can make it not correct. No, I can't afford An Encyclopedia either. Yes, I use wikipedia also. But remember to beware of open-source documentation! Taken with a grain of salt, Wikipeia is a useful place to get an introduction/general idea on a topic. . . but remember your salt when you go there!

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