Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Test Equipment Porn: Hitachi V-509 Oscilloscope

This scope sat unloved and unused on a shelf at my old job for many years until they gave it to me. It sat on my shelf, then I gave it to my dad and it sat on his shelf. Then I took it back and it's been basically unused for the last decade. Click on any image to see it much larger!

Specifications (from the manual)
  • Bandwidth: DC to "at least" 50MHz
  • Deflection: 5mV to 5V/div in 10 steps
  • Extended deflection: x5 MAG to 1mV/div, UNCAL to at least 12.5V/div
  • Time Base A: 0.1us/div to 0.2s/div in 20 steps plus uncal to 0.5sec/div and x10MAG to 10ns/div
  • Time Base B: 0.1us/div to 2ms/div in 14 steps, x10MAG to 2ns/div
  • Display: Ch1, Ch2 (normal or inverted), Alternate, Chopped, Added
  • Trigger modes: Automatic, Normal, TV (H or V), Single sweep
  • Adjustable holdoff
  • Max. input: 250V (DC + AC peak); 500Vp-p AC @ 1kHz or less
  • Delay line permits viewing of leading edges
  • Display: 3.5" CRT with internal 8x10 graticule, P31 phosphor
  • Power: 90-130/180-260V 50/60/400Hz AC or 11-14V DC (adapter/battery not included)
  • Manual has full schematics!
  • Approx. weight/dims: 215x110x330mm, 5kg
  • With TV sync, delaye sweep, and autofocus

The screen is just over 3" with a bright blue trace. It has automatic focus. All the regular controls are on the front.

Plus a few on the side. Note the holes where the handle used to be mounted.

The rear, with the power cord removed

At 50Mhz I was able to get both channels to give exactly the same display with the same input signal. Here they are overlaid.

One channel inverted

Doing a good job displaying a pretty low-amplitude signal

With the cover on it's about 17" long

Rear quarter

No excessive wear here, either

The manual has instructions for operation, specifications AND schematics.

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