Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Give One Example of Passive Aggressive Behavior

Your bum-ass grown "man" son who only has a job because he works with your husband, lives with you. You resent it deep down on the inside, but you would never say so or even admit it to your self. You are "happy to be helping him out" as far as anybody knows, including you.


Your daughter has a little girl, and she sometimes comes and visits. You like your visiting grandbaby to be happy, right? She wants a pet, but your daughter's apartment won't allow it. So you got a hamster in a little pink wire cage. It has a wheel for the hamster to exercise in there. A loudass squeakin-ass mothereffing LOUD squeaky wheel. That the hamster runs on for HOURS every night sounding like the end of the world.

The cage has to go somewhere, right? Well, your son's room is next door to somewhere. The door to his room is about as soundproof as a sheet of paper, but he probably won't mind a little squeaking now and again. So probably it will be no problem at all, if you don't cover the cage so the little darling hamster will sleep all night in the dark.

Passive aggressive behavior example number two:

Your son won't cover the cage, either.

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