Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One Final, Really Final This Time, Final Traipse. Maybe.

A year and a half ago, the city (my The City) started clearing a local woods as old as the neighborhood. Trouble is, it is actually a clogged and overgrown drainage culvert. The residents raised a stink and the city stopped clearing the ditch. They promised to study the drainage and see if mature trees needed to be removed. My prediction at the time was: all those trees are going.

Well, the other day I drove by on my way home and I noticed a small change. Click the picture to see it full size and look closely . . . they all have orange X's on them.


I had mostly forgotten, but the woods in this scene (and in the link, above) are weeds. The soil is washed down from the houses on either side. These weed trees are growing in what used to be people's back lawn dirt. It SHOULD look like this:


Well today it looks like this:


There is a trail back in there calling my name. I want to walk it again before they slice the trees all out. We'll see. Maybe this time I'll stop long enough to get all the pictures in focus!

Next year it will probably be barren and in a few years it will likely be covered in a grass carpet like all the other culverts around here.

For now, they have left the stuff growing in the dirt near the edges of the concrete, including this:


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