Thursday, October 13, 2011

California Unexpectedly Begins Confiscating Guns!

. . . oh, wait, that's the headline for a few years from now. The alternative headline is "california scraps long gun registry after it wastes billions of dollars, accomplishes bubkis" like they did in Canadanadia.

Registration of guns is only good for one thing: to make confiscation of guns (from people unwilling to use them) less of a logistical challenge. Just remember two key points, kiddos:

  1. Never, ever, ever, but never put your guns on a government registry. Lie, if necessary, to accomplish this. The alternative is walking into the zyklon-b showers.
  2. If someone shows up at your door and seriously demands your guns or your liberty, the time has come to give your guns up . . . to the last person alive and willing to demand them, after you demonstrate that the guns are functional. The expression is: "If you try to take our guns, we will kill you."
California, you suck for electing governor Brown. You DOUBLE-DOG SUCK BIG TIME for RE-electing Governor Moonbeam. You get what you pay for. Oh, and good luck getting your next set of LED gloves, partygoers.

Hat tip: Instapundit

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