Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Fellow Gets Good Advice: Yet Another Plug for Pain Free

There was a guest speaker at my church tonight. At the start of his speech, he mentioned getting backaches, shoulderaches, etc. Knowing what I do, I started looking at him to see if he was off-balance. Sure enough, his left shoulder was riding a good couple of inches lower than the right side.

I asked him if he would get pains on one side of his back after exertion. Yes, he says. I asked if it were from an injury and he described a marginal parachute jump with more time than he liked with a cigar-shaped parachute, with a "sack-O-potatoes" style landing. He preaches in the way-back down in Mexico and there are no chiropractic practitioners there, but he will be pain free for a while after getting straightened-out when he comes to the States. Pete Egoscue says "a pain free, active lifestyle is the way you should expect to feel and live." Pain Free is JUST the ticket for this guy. I gave him the Cliff's Notes and he seemed very interested.

If you hurt, and you read books, you should read this book. Seriously.

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