Friday, October 21, 2011

Hot Rod Saved My Life!

THREE times in a day, the same way.



I was getting off the highway at 60MPH and some female in a brown older Chevy Blazer came out from the Fuddruckers parking lot on the frontage road. Slowly. Straight across #3 into the #2 lane. I kept my eye on her truck and sure 'nuff, here she comes doo-de-dum-doo in no big hurry to accelerate, right in front of me in the #1/off-ramp lane. Like I wasn't even there. My comment: "F-ing REALLY?!" As ex-police buddy LB says: "steer-steer-countersteer" and I was in front of her.

There were hundreds of yards to the next car in front and behind, 1/3 a mile to the intersection where we were both going, and this was her way of getting to a red light to turn left. I flipped her off and she waved some meaningless sorry-wave back.

Here, later on the same commute to work:


Again, nobody was behind me, nobody in front for hundreds of yards. It was just me speeding along at 60 miles an hour. Coming up to this underpass intersection my spidey senses went off. I was like "come on spidey senses, you're messing around now." Then from the Southbound frontage road a little red compact sedan comes slowly across all the way into my #1 lane. Sorry for doubting you, spidey-senses! My comment: "D-mnit! AGAIN! AGAIN!" Sweeeerve around.

Here, on the way home that day:


I'm coming like a nightmare southbound on the frontage road in the #2 (right) lane. These jokers in a big new Ford F-250 pull out at a snail's pace into the #2 lane, again like I'm not even there. My Comment: "AGAIN!" Swerve around.

People, if you are going to head out onto the road, [deleted] LOOK AT THE STREET where cars should be coming at you, and then WAIT until the lane is not full of crashing death, or at least merge out in to an unoccupied lane.

Then, on the highway, somebody almost sideswiped my car with theirs when they changed lanes right next to me. I think if I hadn't been seen at the last moment big as life out their side window, they would kept swinging across all the lanes, right into mine. If I had a passenger I would have told them to roll down their window and slap the other driver.

Austin drivers SUCK at driving. The problem seems always to be that you are not as important as they are, so F you if you happen to be where they want to be.

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