Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh, THAT's What a Capitalist Pig Is!

The people need water. Your company sells water, after buying it from the City, to the people. The people are not allowed to make wells or catch rain water for their household supplies. In your 1/3 of the City, they must buy from your Water Company. So, as a concerned citizen of corporate America, what do you do? Why, you charge them double what everyone else pays the other 2 water companies in town! Then you upgrade your infrastructure to make life easier on your profit margins, and call it a "green" upgrade. Green upgrades are expensive, eh? Must be time for a price upgrade too!

There are three water companies that serve Pflugerville, Texas. The most-expensive is trying to increase their rate by 2/3. The City (being made of people who live there) has told them to stick their rate increase where the sun doesn't shine. They'll have to be told again, and maybe a lawsuit will be involved.

But is it reasonable for a monopoly water company to charge $160/month for an average house's water and sewer bill, in a town with a LAKE built as a water reservoir, pushing double what the other companies charge?

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