Monday, October 24, 2011

Libya Jumps to Sharia

In a move that came literally out of nowhere, the wonderful modern peaceful people who murdered Qaddafi have announced that, in his absence, they'll be going straight to Sharia as a basis for their new national legal system. You know, the philosophy from the book that says to kill the Jews, Infidels, and Hypocrites? That one.

This would be in the nation where President Obama was instrumental in the notawar that got the dictator out of power without putting official Boots on the Ground in Libya. Without sending in an army, no surprise, we did not find any weapons of mass destruction that may have been sent from Iraq when Hussein knew the jig was up. We also did not find hundreds of "missing" cruise missiles. Funny how that works: don't go in person and you miss some minor details like enough weaponry to destroy Israel.

Let's all practice our surprised faces for when the new muslim government of Libya decides to take a few pot shots at Israel. And remember to NOT be outraged if President Obama only goes as far as making angry frowny-faces at Libya, instead of . . . oh, I don't know, maybe undertaking military action for a change.

Wait, that's not . . . oh hey football; nevermind about Libya, football is on!

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