Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Fine Example

Capital Metro, Austin's 'public transit' agency can't turn a profit to save its life. They also have a reputation for sucking in general, and making things worse whenever they get a choice. Today I heard another story on the news that serves to illustrate the way they have earned their reputation for being a loser of an organization:

They are upgrading the radios on their buses. Fine, good, great, they are upgrading them. Why? Because "they have reached the end of their useful life." Okay, fine, so they're old. They are outdated and limited, surely. All the new radios are digital because you can fit more channels on a system, without having to do stupid things at the Dispatch station. Sure, so new digital radios, great. So then the next logical step is to put digital signs in at bus stops.

Hold on there.

You know, digital signs instead of a sheet of aluminum with a decal on it. So people can know in advance that their bus will be full. After all, running buses at a per-rider LOSS tends to increase the revenues so greatly that we can afford all kinds of money putting in digital signs! Of course, sheer genius! Brilliant! This will lead directly to increased profits!

If you are shaking your head, we are on the same page.

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