Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Can Fight City Hall . . .

. . . but you WILL lose if the University of Texas brings a copyright infringement suit against you!

Today in the shop we had a particular piece of exercise equipment to market for resale. It came from UT and had not just the name but the oh-so-well-protected UT Longhorn logo on the sides. We had purchased it from the University, so we were pretty sure the sale would be recognized as legit by the UT legal staff. So we whistled past the graveyard a bit.

Talking about the possibility of winning in court against the University I was heard to say, among other things:

"We'll see who has deeper lawyer pockets. . . oh, wait . . . ."

"I'm pretty sure they could buy us with one day's worth of legal fees."

This machine is the thing a football player runs into with his shoulder and it measures his blocking/tackling power. It is missing the padded dummy, and the striking surface is a steel cylinder. We were talking about testing it, and Guido said to NP: "I'm gonna let you run into the steel pole by yourself first"

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