Monday, November 21, 2011

Chantix Causes Madness at Work!

Actual, genuine madness edition.

One of our men at work wanted to quit smoking, so he took his filthy habit to a Doctor and got a scrip for Chantix. He started taking the pills and as usual totally failed to read the warning labels. You know, the warning labels that say you might just go koo-koo? Yeah . . . .

Well, he stopped sleeping and started slipping. Repeated reports of 2-4 hours/night of sleep. He is an oddball normally, and most of us thought he was just being a little more odd than usual. Even his wife thought he was just being a slightly stranger version of his normal self. Looking back he laughed and agreed with the quote of the day (see below). He eventually started tripping out for real, hallucinating, pulling guns at inappropriate times, quitting working, having dreams his hands were falling off, etc. Then a good friend lead a mini-intervention and he went and told his doctor where to stuff the drugs. Back to normal.

Quote of the day: "You know, you were right, he was losing it. He went to the doctor to quit smoking and they put him on crazy pills." -Me, earlier today, talking to one of the folks at work who had thought our man was losing his marbles without knowing why.

Oh, and by the way, good job speeding THAT one through the approval process, FDA! Way to pick a harmless drug with no side-effects to fast-track. The silver lining is that a trial lawyer is going to be that much richer when the class-action suit against the maker of Chantix is won, because my boy is about to join the class.

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