Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quote of the Day 11/08/2011

"They could have picked a less-credible woman to pull out of the woodwork, but they would have had to try." -Me, today, re Ms. Buy-a-lick

Mr. Cain did exactly the right thing*. This is now a classic he-said/she-said and I am fairly certain one of the two sayers is way more credible than the other.

QOTD #2:
"Well, he says his wife said she doesn't believe it, that's good enough for me!" -Me, today, re: Cain talking too much during today's speech

On the way in to work this morning, I was listening to the local call-in talk show, and one female caller said Bialek instantly lost all credibility when she showed up with Gloria Allred as her lawyer. A few minutes later, I switched over to the national call-in talk show, and the hostess was saying she was in a bar when the Bialek announcement was being read by a smiling "victim." She said TWO women in the bar were shaking their heads at the whole thing and one said "why does she keep talking about her boyfriend?" Then the midday talk show guy said a fresh poll puts popular interest in this story way, way below anything else.

The people see right through this. There is an OBVIOUS push for women to come forward and claim Cain did whatever, and nobody is giving them any credence. Look me in the eye and tell me you don't think this is a politically-motivated hatchet job being played out. Then tell me you believe all the "accusations" including the ones supposedly behind confidentiality agreements with no names, faces, or specific alleged actions.

Shame on the "journalists" covering this story so eagerly. Your double-standard is showing.

*Assuming he is the one telling the truth, that is.

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