Friday, November 18, 2011

A Word of Caution!

Choose your news sources carefully.

Life's Little Mysteries caught my eye asking how Majic Johnson has survived for two decades now after having been O-fishully diagnosed HIV-positive. My immediate knee-jerk response of course is that

HIV is the bogeyman, and does not cause AIDs, which is either a myth or not what you think it is, depending on how you define it.

...and you don't die from HIV, you die from the drugs they give you to treat the disease you are supposed to have.

You think I'm mad? An heretic? You like to read? I read pretty fast, and I just blew two hours
Starting here
Got me to here
and here
Which leads to here, there, and there.
which, if you will follow the bouncing ball, will cast doubt on everything you might propose to refute the red, bold text in this post.

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