Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Hope The Next Thing Is Good.

It occurs to me that, barring unforeseen involvement by the Good People of the land, America is doomed. It is hypothetically possible that God Himself will intervene, but nations have come and gone before. I hope that it breaks up instead of devolving into one large tyrannical state, because one might be able to find a more-free new country in the remnants of the old Union. Escaping Battlefield America might prove more difficult.

And the alternative to tyranny or breakup, failing true reform, is battle. A civil war in America (a fourth one). Not cool, dudes.

So, uh . . . good luck with that.


IF (and that's a mighty big "if") the people with their heads screwed on straight enough to prefer quiet family life to public service decide that public need outweighs familial bliss, they might change things. Get enough reasonable people into high elected office and see how the country could be changed. But who wants to put up with what they are doing to Herman Cain, instead of living peaceably at home while that is still an alternative?

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