Tuesday, November 29, 2011


If Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate for 2012, Obama wins another term in the Oval Office.

The press would highlight the *ahem* unique aspects of mormonism and play soundbytes of his flipflopping on the issues, and Romney the Mormon Flipflopper would be sunk. The members of the LDS cult in America would probably also take a hit on their reputations, but who cares - they're all just white flyover country hicks anyway.

Laura Ingraham said this morning "A conservative alternative has emerged . . . or has it?" No, it hasn't. Newt is damaged goods. I wouldn't LIKE to vote for him, but maybe I could hold my nose and vote for him if it looked like the polls were predicting a Democrat-controlled congress*. Romney - I just couldn't pull the lever for him. I'd have to stay home, and I would be part of the droves of Conservative Christians who can't vote for Romney, even if it means another term for the Dear Reader.

We'll see how it comes out in the end, whether Herman Cain really can snag the nomination or not. Until his official withdrawal from the primary contest, he's still my boy. Feel free to buy me a bumper sticker:

I was a listener when Herman Cain was a talk show host and he was considering running for the Presidency. It was a calculated move, and he saw the BS coming from a ways off. Now he's realizing that the shitstorm has finally landed on him and his family. We'll see how he takes it. He's been laying low for a while now (read: not attracting headlines in the national press outlets which hate him), but it will surprise me if he drops out of the race. If he does, probably everybody left in the race will be trying to get his endorsement.

*The nation was designed to have as little unity in government as possible and still function. Gridlock was built in to the system ("checks and balances") and the system works great. It's harder to have 1930s Germany in the USA, because the whole thing is all bolluxed up for forcing big changes through in a hurry. That's the way it's SUPPOSED to be.

Update half a year later, after Cain dropped out and Romney got the nomination: I switched! The vice presidential candidate made the difference, and now I am officiall on both sides of this race. No matter who wins, I won! Or something!

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