Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good News! The Decline May Be Over!

The moral decline, that is. In the near future, we as a nation may be reacting against the idealism-to-Lord of the Flies progression we see demonstrated by the "progressives" living out their progressive fantasy in the #Occupy camps. It is just possible we can swing the other way and restore traditional values and morals, as a society, in the training of our youth.

Then, of course, we will only have to survive two, maybe three more GENERATIONS of this pernicious doctrine which has already been trained into the populace and we'll be all set! Forty, Sixty years, TOPS and we will be back in the realm of countries that do things which make sense, vs. the countries that do things to make people feel good! Right on, we're nearly there already!

It makes me wonder again where I will take my family when the United States breaks up. And hope it will not be soon, because being an international refugee must be easier when the children are already up-and-out!


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