Saturday, March 17, 2012

Eff Dem Guys!

Seventy Two Dollars and Forty One Cents. That's what I just wrote out on a check to AT&T. That would be our now-soon-to-be-FORMER phone and internet service provider.

I switched to AT&T's DSL internet service many moons ago when it was the same $10 as Everyone's Internet ( They have been ratcheting up their cost of service, and the final straw has been placed on this camel's back. Last month for their slow-ass basic DSL service, we paid $19.95. This month, with no warning or notice, it's an even $25.00. This upcoming week, imma be shoppin. We had been considering dropping our landline altogether. This might be the jumping-off point.

Our phone bill for the SAME service (DSL and a landline with an unlisted number with NO long distance) was $42. Then it went up and up and up and now $72 frikken dollars already. F those cats, AT&T just lost a(nother) customer due to bill creep.


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