Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Can't Vote For Romney.

I just can't do it. He's a checked-pants same-old "Republican" of the type that helped get us in the current mess, and wants to get us out of it with more of the same, just like the rest of the senior Republican party leadership. Plus he's a mor(m)on. The latter kills it for me. The former maybe I could deal with (again), but not both.

I'll go to the polls, sure. There's a lot of down-ballot races that need attention from the voters and I'll publish my voter's guide as usual. But I am considering writing in George Washington for President.

To those who say one non-vote for the Republicrat candidate is two votes for Obama, I say: show me a good solid conservative, or even one candidate who is not a wobbly/squishy on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE and I'll show you a vote for him. This guy, never. The country is swirling the drain anyhow, it's no use voting for the slightly-lesser of two evils. No a vice-Presidential running mate who is solid won't sway me. The Man is The Man, until somebody peels a cap in him or he dies of a self-inflicted overdose of bravo sierra.

So long, America. It's been real.

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Weer'd Beard said...

And then there are those of us who lived in Massachusetts under Governor Romney, as well as his Obama-like Successor Deval Patrick (The original "Hope and Change" "Yes We Can" candidate), and I will say right now if Romney, or Santorum become President over Obama we will be in a WORSE place.

Why? Obama likes to take vacations, make speeches, and bitch that the ever-more Republican Legislature doesn't like him.

Romney likes to pass laws, enact policies, and restrict individual liberties for the "Greater Good" (and when was the last time somebody said "Massachusetts is a Great State!"?) and he'll have an army of partisan hacks willing to draft and sign off on any of these "Great ideas" he has.

We're fucked, and we shouldn't elect a new Authoritarian jackboot and pretend things might get better.