Sunday, March 11, 2012

You'll Have to Poke Harder than That!

I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was tired today, in part from a long day yesterday. He mentioned that he had really enjoyed the nap he took yesterday. Later, he apologized for poking at me. I mentioned that I work with some pretty coarse people and used to be a Sailor. It made me think a bit and I am reminded:

I am a stone-hearted so-and-so. You can't hurt my feelings, and you can't offend me.

You can't hurt my feelings because I don't care about you. Say what you like, you are a cockroach as far as my feelings are concerned. If I care about you, you are one of a small number of people who also care about me, and you wouldn't mean it if you said something mean, so I wouldn't take it to heart. I have selected carefully the people I allow access to my self!

You might be able to offend me, but it would take some effort on your part and you would probably make yourself sick at your stomach first. I might get up a serious case of pity for you for trying. I might make you take your words back and/or get a bit angry if you manage to find one of my few, small buttons to press. But to offend me is a very great feat indeed.


In related news: Oh, that's alright then.

My Darling Wife was watching the idiot box in the next room and all of a sudden I heard shooting and screaming over the loudspeakers. I go see what the deal is and it's a Good Guy shooting Bad Guys for torture, trying to get information to help his Righteous Cause. Oh. Well, carry on then.

After all, "moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!" and if it means you are looking at torture and murder on screen . . . well . . . let's hope the Good Guy wins! (hint: he does)

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