Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Madness at Work!

Fat Boi Cain't Be Faded! Edition

During a break, IT Buddy was snatching LB's remote controlled helicopter out of the air and walking around with it instead of letting it go. He got tired of LB's verbal abuse, so IT Buddy came and snatched my helicopter out of the air instead. I was having none of it. I went and grabbed him around his neck with my right arm, but he wouldn't let go. I put my right leg behind his and tried to throw him but it didn't work. We went down but he was so heavy I couldn't get any liftoff to toss him over my hip! He slipped out of my grasp while I was busy being surprised that I couldn't throw him.

He popped up and I did too, then I told him (for the 20th time already) to let go of my baby helicpter. Finally he let go. Then I complained to LB that I couldn't flip IT Buddy because he was too heavy. He said "I know, I hurt my back picking him up." LB gives piggyback rides when IT Buddy jumps him from behind and LB just keeps walking. In 8 years of piggyback rides, LB says, IT Buddy has never been this heavy.

All in good fun. This is what we call "rasslin'". Ladies, this is what happens when you are not around to scold us. Teehee!

But, says LB, you should have seen what went on here before IT Buddy went on antidepressants and we were an even smaller, even funner company. On the other hand, I guess it's better to be a little bigger and slightly less free at work . . . the OLD IT Buddy (not this IT Buddy!) used to show up and watch porn all day on the company computer network. Sometimes he was even sober! *rimshot*

Now that I think of it, I guess that explains why we always lost internet access for about an hour pretty much every afternoon. Wow.

Small company, big fun . . . but . . . with in reason!

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