Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wait-and-See Method Strikes Again

My Darling Wife had about the worst mittelschmerz EVAR earlier. She got kicked by a toddler right in the wrong spot on the guts and bang she was hurting. She retired early, and I had to carry her to bed. Later, I carried her to the restroom and back as she obviously could not walk. Verrrr bad, mmmkay?

Kid fell on head? Wait and see.
Does this cut look infected? Wait and see.
Is it the flu? Wait and see.
Appendicitis? Wait and see.

Well, maybe not that for that last one, but there was no vomiting and just now after a couple of hours of sleep she got up again to make another restroom visit. I went to help when I heard the bed creak and she was walking unassisted. So. Thanks those of you who prayed.

For those who won't click the link: Mittelschmerz is German for "I feel as if I've been stabbed repeatedly in my guts in the vicinity of my inside-the-guts lady parts".

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