Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shameful lack of reportage

A muslim extremist is being sought as the suspect in a shooting at a school full of children. But they're Jewish children in France, so no big deal. I have yet to hear word one about this anywhere but the Michael Savage show. There has been some reporting in the US press, but it is thin and you have to go looking for it.

Savage, by the way, called B.S. on the same-gun theory (same gun as used in the shooting of some French soldiers not long ago) because they started saying it was the same gun minutes after the shooting, when it takes hours or days at a screaming-fast forensic analysis pace to come to a guess that it may be the same gun. He also called B.S. on the theory that it was white supremacists doing the shooting; sure enough, the white boys are free again and they are looking for a muslim. Oh, and Savage said they should be looking for a muslim in the first place.

It doesn't fit the narrative, so spin and/or ignore it. Shameful.

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