Saturday, March 24, 2012

Safety Gear for the Win

I just saw a crash on the teevee. Two guys on dirt bikes made a jump and collided in midair and came down from what looked like maybe 25 feet, to the dirt track below in a jumbled heap with their motorcycles. One guy bailed and landed on his feet and he was able to ride away after half a minute. The other guy landed pretty much on his head and it looked like he had a 350lbs bike fall on him. He was able to scramble off the track and bawl out the other guy, then he collapsed, and after a minute or so he walked off the sidelines with medical personnel.

As he walked away from the camera I noticed he had what looked like a HANS device (or something very like it) on his back. That cat would be DEAD a few years ago. Paralyzed, at best. Now, he's spitting mad, spitting blood, and holding what are probably several broken ribs. He'll need a new helmet, maybe a new vest, but not a new gravestone, yet.

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